The Mexico Series…

Interpol reports that drug traffickers are the largest single group of investors on the Mexican stock exchange.

The Arellano-Felix or Tijuana Cartel is now one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world. Ramon, Benjamin and Javier Arellano-Felix are second-generation narcotraficantes, sophisticated billionaire yuppies with their own jets and state-of-the-art surveillance and communications systems. They have squads of lawyers, CPAs and consultants. They have long been operating at large, turning up in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Miami.

Although modern, the Arellanos stick to the basics when it comes to growing the family business, employing “plomo o plata” (lead or silver – i.e., bullets or bribes) to advance their interests.

Below is a family photo of the Arellano-Felix clan:


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