Royal Academy of Arts (London)

My Italian interpreter and I went to the Royal Academy of Arts today. They had a special exhibition on Japanese woodblock prints, but there are enough Japanese woodblock originals in the Ames family for me not to consider the fee to enter the cramped rooms (stuffed with tourists) to be worth it.

We explored the more neglected areas of the museum – evidenced by this docent with so much free time on his hands that he had fallen asleep and was snoring away.


I discovered that I like the painter Briton Rivière (1840 – 1920) and particularly the painting below:

The King Drinks, 1881
Oil on canvas, 625 X 930 mm


A couple of other works by Briton Rivière that I like (not in the Royal Academy).

The Lonely Life


Beyond Man’s Footsteps



2 thoughts on “Royal Academy of Arts (London)

  1. the “Lonely life” painting is really great. so expressive, so much told in this way,
    ….and what an art of naming the works! Nice discovery!

  2. Hahahaha… I have to admit that the snoring docent was the most interesting “thing” to visit… great attraction!

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