Is This What America Has Become?


In spite of decades of knowledge that science has brought forth about basic cause and effect of our actions, we are still seeing more rather than less specimens like this.

POSTSCRIPT: Not that it’s relevant, but here is a description of the American consumer pictured that was included with the email from my American source…

“I was afraid that if she saw me taking pictures of her with my iphone, she’d attack me. Her belly hung down to mid thigh. Her chin rested on her chest. She had tattoos on her arms and her mouth. Every other word was an obscenity. Then she screeched at her mother (another fine specimen) to get down there and pack her own groceries because she wasn’t going to do it for her. Of course, Mother was paying for all four carts of groceries.

The “Karma” tattoo on her lower back means she’d let you slam on the first date.”

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