Jimi Hendrix Murdered?

My Italian and I recently visited the Handel House Museum in London.  The Handel House Museum is the 18th century house where the famous composer George Frideric Handel lived for 36 years until his death in 1759.  Later, however, the Handel House was home to another musical legend – the great Jimi Hendrix… In 1968 Jimi Hendrix moved into the top floor flat of 23 Brook Street with his English girlfriend Kathy Etchingham (Jimi’s old flat is now the administrative offices for the Handel House Museum).

Jimi Hendrix in London

Jimi Hendrix home in London

Below are two images of Jimi Hendrix at 23 Brook Street:

Jimi Hendrix at 23 Brook Street

At 23 Brook Street with Kathy Etchingham:

Kathy Etchingham and Jimi Hendrix


While we were exploring the Handel House Museum I overheard another visitor talking about Jimi Hendrix and the idea that he had been murdered. I’d never heard this before and was skeptical. However, the murder theorist also mentioned an article in the Times of London which did pique my interest.

Below is the piece in the Times of London by Dominic Wells… I don’t know how credible it is, but it is interesting.

Was Jimi Hendrix murdered?

“Michael Jackson’s untimely death will fuel biographies, album rereleases and conspiracy theories for years. But rewind nearly four decades and there’s another death, one that bears many similarities to Jackson’s, about which startling revelations are still coming to light.

Jimi Hendrix was also a black artist who crossed over to a white audience. He did for the guitar what Jackson did for the pop video, combining showmanship — playing the guitar with his teeth, behind his back, then setting it on fire — with a musicianship so peerless that on hearing him Eric Clapton considered packing it in.

And Hendrix, too, was afflicted by a fame that came too fast, too heavy; by the money-lubricated machinery of management; and by the drugs that helped him to cope. But there is one key difference.

James “Tappy” Wright, a former road manager, has come forward with an extraordinary claim about rock’s most gifted guitarist. At first it sounds absurd. But as the 65-year-old granddad lays out his tale while pouring a very un-rock’n’roll cup of tea, you begin to realise that there could be something to it.

In direct contrast to the violence and seeming anarchy of his music, Hendrix was a gentle, peaceful man

Hendrix, according to Wright, did not die accidentally in the early hours of September 18, 1970, from choking on his own vomit after a drugs overdose. Instead he was murdered by a ruthless gang who burst into the London hotel room of his girlfriend, Monika Dannemann, and forced sleeping pills and wine down his throat until he drowned. A horrific end, if true. But there’s more.

Wright says he knows the killers’ leader, in fact worked for him. It was the man whom Hendrix should have been able to trust above all others: his own manager, Mike Jeffery. Is that possible?

“Mike Jeffery was a dangerous man, no doubt about it,” says Wright, with a Whitley Bay “oo” in “no doot aboot it”. “He spent two years in the Army, in the Secret Service [it is known that Jeffery spoke Russian and was stationed in Egypt]. Shooting people was fun, he used to say to me, just like shooting ducks at the fairground. He’d have to creep into people’s tents with fixed bayonets, this was in the Suez days or whatever. The noise was horrible, he said: you could hear the metal scraping against the bones of their ribcage.”

In his memoir, Rock Roadie, published last week, Wright says that Jeffery confessed to the murder over a bottle of bourbon in 1973. The story has spread like wildfire on the internet, but until now no one has had the chance to quiz Wright in person. Why did he wait 36 years to tell the tale?

“I was scared,” he says simply. The man who once bedded 70 groupies in a month is potbellied now, with diabetes and dodgy knees, but Wright never drank or took drugs; his memory of the Sixties seems sharp. “Mike Jeffery was not a man you wanted to cross . . . I was scared of him. The day after he told me, I came in dead nervous, like, in case he’d had second thoughts. It was never mentioned again.”

Jeffery died in a mid-air plane collision a month later. Why did Wright not come forward then? Or, in 1993, why did he not give evidence when Hendrix’s former girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, asked police to re-investigate his death?

“They never asked,” Wright says. “The other men who helped Mike Jeffery kill Hendrix, they would have still been alive. And I was worried that the fact that I hadn’t come forward in the first place made me a — what do you call it? — an accessory. In the end, it was Rod Weinberg [a music impresario who co-wrote the memoir] who persuaded me I had a duty to come clean.”

Bob Levine, now in his eighties and living in Florida, is one of the few key players still alive. As the merchandising manager he worked closely with Jeffery, but even he had to take him to court to retrieve £30,000 lent to save Jeffery from a Mob enforcer.

Levine has sent Wright a letter. “I’m so glad you honoured the truth,” he wrote, “instead of all that regurgitated shit that comes out.”

The Sixties were Wild West times in the music industry. While the rock stars got high, their managers got rich. Wright’s book is more concerned with his own sexploits with groupies, but when pressed, he will recount how Jeffery got him to fly from New York to France, Germany, London and then back, picking up parcels along the way. “I knew it was money. From shady individuals, yes. Sometimes royalty cheques, but they were all made out to Yameta, the offshore account Mike Jeffery set up in the Bahamas.”

The Animals, whom Mike Jeffery managed before Hendrix, were once the UK’s biggest act after the Beatles. They split up in 1966 with just £500 to their name. Their lead singer, Eric Burdon, described that Bahamas account as a “Bermuda Triangle” for their money. Hendrix found the same.

“Mike Jeffery told them that Yameta would be a tax haven for all their money,” says Wright. “But no one got any of it. Jimi died a pauper. The Animals didn’t have a pot to piss in.”

Jeffery may have been more unscrupulous than most, but in any business that runs on cash, the Mob is never far behind. Tours in the US had to contend with Mafia control of trucking, baggage handling and stadium concessions. Managers had to be tough nuts to protect their clients. Jeffery was a short man, not given to overt violence. Yet in his dark glasses and overcoat he exuded menace. He flaunted his connections with organised crime and the FBI.

But murdering your own star act? Perhaps Jeffery was capable of the deed, but what could the motive possibly be? This is where it gets interesting.

Jeffery had crippling debts. There were huge expenses from building Hendrix’s Electric Lady studio in New York, including a $400,000 loan from Warners; Hendrix’s first manager had won a court case granting him the next album and a share of all profits; he owed $200,000 in back taxes; and he had recently paid £100,000 to buy out Hendrix’s co-manager Chas Chandler (Chandler, reveals Wright for the first time, was livid with Hendrix for bedding his wife).

Yet Hendrix’s contract with Jeffery was coming up for renewal. The two men had clashed over not just money but musical direction, too. In 1967 Jeffery had disastrously booked Hendrix as support to the Monkees; the year after that he tried to dissuade Hendrix from recording a double album (Electric Ladyland); and in 1969 he tried to make Hendrix go back to using white musicians in his band. According to several sources during his final weeks in London, Hendrix was determined to change management.

Jeffery would have been desperate. He couldn’t afford to lose his cash cow. But according to Wright, Jeffery had one last get-out-of-jail-free card. Jeffery had taken out a $2 million insurance policy on Hendrix’s life. That was standard practice for a manager, but right now it meant Hendrix was worth more to Jeffery dead than alive.

It wouldn’t have taken much imagination to come to this conclusion, either. As a young man Jeffery had profited from two mysteriously well-timed fires, one at a nightclub and another at a coffee bar he owned in Newcastle. The insurance payments allowed him to set up management of the Animals and open the Club A-Go- Go for them to play in.

After Hendrix’s death, Jeffery was able to pay off his back taxes, buy out Hendrix’s father’s share in the Electric Lady studios, and buy himself a house in Woodstock. And of course he continued to cash in on his client’s legacy. In 1973 he even sent a virtual Hendrix out on tour — showing a film of Hendrix in concert, with support acts appearing beforehand.

So Jeffery had motive and ability. Had he the opportunity? No one knows where Jeffery was that night. Days later, he was tracked down to Majorca, where he had a nightclub. He expressed surprise, claiming not even to have heard of Hendrix’s death.

As to the sequence of events that led up to Hendrix’s death, accounts are famously conflicting. The authority is Tony Brown, whose exhaustive book The Final Days of Jimi Hendrix, came out in 1997. The ambulancemen and police who found Hendrix are interviewed. All concur that they found the door to the flat open, which suggests a hasty exit. Hendrix was fully clothed, which doesn’t sound as if he deliberately took pills to sleep. And he was “covered in vomit, tons of it over the pillow, black and brown it was”.

The doctor who examined Hendrix discovered copious amounts of wine in Hendrix’s lungs, but strangely little had had time to be absorbed into his bloodstream — a powerful indication of foul play. Dr John Bannister told The Times in 1993 that by the time his body reached the hospital, “Hendrix had been dead for some time, without a doubt, hours rather than minutes.”

The version of events presented by Dannemann had been accepted by biographers as fact for 20 years. It is now universally discredited. A German figure-skater turned drug-taker and fantasist, she was with Hendrix the night he died. She claimed that he fell unconscious when she popped out for cigarettes, that he was alive when the ambulance arrived, that it was their blunders that led to his death. This is denied in every detail by all the authorities involved.

It is known, however, that she argued violently with Hendrix before he died; and it was her sleeping pills that found their way into Hendrix’s system. After his death she became reclusive and litigious. Was she involved in the death? Did Jeffery somehow get her out of the way? Or was it she who gave Hendrix nine of the extra-strength tablets? She committed suicide in 1996, so we will never know.

Wright doesn’t claim to have all the answers — in fact very little of the story pieced together above can be found in Rock Roadie. His ripping yarn of groupies, celebrity encounters and touring devotes just five pages to Hendrix’s death. He knew the man, of course. He was there when Hendrix burnt his guitar at Monterey; he went shopping with him for women’s clothes to brighten up his look. But he’s no historian.

So The Times contacted other experts who might shed some light. Roger Pomphrey made a documentary in 1997 about Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland album. A former musician, he interviewed all the key players still aliveand immersed himself in the Hendrix literature.

“If I thought there wasn’t some credibility to this story I wouldn’t begin to associate with it,” Pomphrey says. He will be moderating a series of public Q&A sessions with Wright at the Edinburgh Festival. “We all know that the whole world loves a conspiracy. What separates Hendrix’s death is that from the word go it was incredibly murky. Monika Dannemann’s story changed by the hour. When I made my documentary there were a couple of people who claimed, offcamera, that Monika was in New York two weeks after Jimi died, and who heard her in close conversation with Mike Jeffery.

“That said, of course I’m expecting a total backlash, people saying why have you waited so long to come out. Having got to know Tappy over the last few months, I suspect he’s an honest man.”

Joe Boyd made one of the first Hendrix documentaries, back in 1973. Asked about Wright’s revelation, he says, categorically, “I think it’s absurd.” He knew Jeffery a bit, having dated his secretary. There was a “sinister aspect” to the man, Boyd says, and he “certainly wasn’t the best manager in the world”, but he was intelligent and good to talk to; Boyd can’t believe murder. But then Boyd hadn’t read up on any of the medical revelations from the Nineties; after hearing the whole tale, he began to wonder if there was something to it.

Next, the Hendrix obsessive Yazid Manou, who befriended Dannemann. Initially, he had assumed that Wright was simply a desperate figure with a book to promote. On more considered reflection, he feels that “all the elements of [Wright’s] story could be true, but it’s difficult to check”. And he put us on to a vital witness.

Alan Douglas was Hendrix’s friend and producer during the Electric Lady sessions, and masterminded posthumous releases for 20-odd years. Numerous biographies state that Douglas was the man Hendrix wanted as his new manager.

“Absolutely not true,” Douglas says. Though in his late seventies, he’s still sharp. “I’m not a manager. We never once talked about it. I thought there wasn’t any problem between me and Mike Jeffery but obviously there was, because I kept hearing from people that Mike was worried I was going to steal Jimi.” Confronted about this later, “Tappy” Wright sticks to his story. “I just heard Mike Jeffery’s side of it, but I know what he said to me. Maybe he heard the wrong thing, maybe there’s more than what Alan Douglas is saying.”

Douglas cannot believe Jeffery had anything to do with the death. But he reveals a fascinating conversation with Jeffery a few days after Hendrix died. “Mike was bent double, his head at waist level, in terrible condition with his back. He was feeling a lot of guilt, and told me he wasn’t in retrospect treating Jimi the way he should, under pressure from all the loans. One thing he said to me I don’t think I’ve told anybody, but it’s something I’ll never forget: ‘Every time I was with a woman I thought I could love, I found she was only with me to get to Jimi’.”

So who do we believe? Who, after all this time, can reconstruct events with any certainty? It does not help Wright that his book is ghostwritten: dialogue does not ring true, and there is the odd detail — an “I Love New York” mug, when the slogan wasn’t invented until 1977, for instance — that Wright will admit was made up for colour. But it would be a bizarre fantasist who would fabricate such an appalling story, about people he was close to, just to sell a book.

This much we do know. The medical evidence is at least consistent with Hendrix having been murdered. Jeffery had ability and opportunity. He behaved oddly after the death. And if we believe, as many have attested, that Hendrix wanted to change management, then he also had motive.

Hendrix’s passing marked the end of the Sixties. His stupid, avoidable death from drugs — along with fellow 27-year-olds Brian Jones, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison — was long held as an indictment of the age, the ultimate discrediting of the pursuit of personal liberty over social conformity.

But instead, you may now choose to rewrite your paradigm of the Sixties like this: the Flower Generation’s rarest bloom was trampled by a ruthless, moneygrabbing, ex-army businessman who wore shades and took drugs, but never understood what Hendrix’s music was about.

Either way, what Hendrix’s death amply demonstrates, as Michael Jackson’s death will continue to do for the next 40 years, is the public’s boundless fascination with their too-mortal gods, and the music industry’s unerring ability to turn martyrdom into money.”


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  1. It does sound strange that the wine had not had time to be absorbed into Hendrix’s bloodstream but was found in his lungs. This suggests the wine was ingested very quickly – it’s easy to binge drink, say, lager, but who binge drinks red wine that rapidly? Possibly, it was forced on him. Intriguing.

    • RE-OPEN INVESTIGATION on Hendrix death. Start with BOB Levine. Jealous people exist today in cities in Orange County, CA. Several people feed off Cheryl Sweet, Anne Coyne, Daniel Lauver, Mary R. Delia, Theresa Anastasi and associates jealousy. The bible says; ” Where their is envy and jealousy, their is all sorts of evil,”

  2. Speculations about suicide and murder are too ridiculous to contemplate – most of them are probably concocted in order to dramatise and distract from the awful reality of such a genius dying in this way – but what does matter are Kathy Etchingham’s reflections. “Jimi died because the simple things got complicated. He was born to a father who was an alcoholic and a mother who died and he died because he was in that flat in Notting Hill with a complete stranger who gave him a load of sleeping pills without telling him how strong they were. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

  3. Have your say! I don’t know if Jimi Hendrix was murdered or not. Was Jimi Hendrix murdered? With Jimi, I hope the legacy will always be the music for this once in a life time artists because he advocated peace.

  4. Jesus. Were you guys just poised and waiting for me to publish this post on Jimi Hendrix? Haha. You all pounced on it as soon as I put it up.

  5. Jimi Hendrix was most likely killed by a CIA/COINTELPRO political assassination operation. If you follow the money, Jeffery kept the money he stole from Jimi in some offshore Bahamian banks that CIA also kept some very sensitive funds in. Read Michael Collins Piper’s book ‘Final Judgment’ to understand the connection between the CIA and mob in those banks and how they were used to channel mob proceeds into CIA black ops bank accounts. CIA had a deal with organized crime that if they helped control communism CIA would look the other way. CIA then took a cut which ended up in those same Bahamian offshore banks that Jeffery kept Hendrix’s stolen money in.

    I openly suspect Michael Jeffery was recruited straight out of MI-5 in order to participate in the British branch of this program. He ripped-off the Animals, before he ever heard of Hendrix, through the same banks. I suspect Jeffery was the go-between for this program and was tapping unsuspecting rock acts as a funding source for this CIA black ops program. That explains why Jeffery had no problem taking those acts over from the mob.

    Jimi was murdered while he was in the process of sending his lawyers to investigate those Bahamian bank accounts. They were literally CIA’s most sensitive bank accounts and were their main funding source for their worst black operations. CIA used offshore accounts in order to prevent having to explain what they did with the money or where they got it from. Those monies could then be used to fund some very wicked anti-communist operations. CIA was not interested in having lawyers snooping around those banks. Jimi was murdered by classic CIA alcoholic waterboarding in combination with barbiturates shortly after he initiated a tracing of his money. The main Bahamian BCCI Bank was shut down a decade later when it was determined it was mostly a dirty money laundry. Wikipedia BCCI Bank if you don’t believe me.

    Jeffery told Tappy Wright “I had to do it, I had no choice”. You bet your ass.

    Interesting that two months after confessing to Wright Jeffery was called to Majorca to help fix an electrical problem at his nightclub. On the flight back to Britain his Iberia Airlines DC-9 collided with another commercial aircraft and crashed. All 68 on board were killed. It is my suggestion that after killing Hendrix by covert means giving Jeffery a heart attack or some other covert death would be too obvious. No one, however, would question a mid-air plane collision.

    While Jeffery was drawn to Majorca French Air Traffic Controllers went on strike. They were then replaced with military controllers less familiar with the operation. It was during this time that Jeffery’s flight crashed. It is my direct suggestion that intel were the only ones capable of creating the nightclub electrical problem pretext, as well as getting the air traffic controllers to strike, and also steering two jets towards each other. If Jeffery died there would be no one to publicly connect him to those CIA banks or investigate his background once it was established the money was unaccountably gone. Perhaps this is why Jeffery confessed?

    Jeffery’s charred and mangled body was identified by a Hendrix road crew member – either Stickells or Barret, I can’t recall. He identified Jeffery through his unique jewelry. And although he never saw the remains themselves they were photographed.

    I’d also check out Monika Dannemann’s background because it is very possible she was used as an intel infiltrator. I suspect the super-strong sleeping tablets that ended up in Hendrix’s reach the night he died were swung in there by a subtle CIA black operation. And, ironically, very possibly one Jimi may have inadvertently funded himself.

  6. I’d like to add to Tim Haywards that the denial of the screaming evidence for murder in Hendrix’s case is a typical example of people wanting to believe their government doesn’t operate like an evil machiavellian cult and that all the obvious evidence like Monika Dannemann being caught in outrageous lies about that morning, or Michael Jeffery’s visible in plain daylight MI-5/mafia background and motives, or the forensic evidence, all don’t point towards murder. It’s pretty ridiculous to think the classic government psy-ops propaganda that people want to believe something greater must be involved would cover all the normally obvious intrigue involved in Hendrix’s death. That intrigue is easily shown and available in deep detail if one makes even the most simple effort to look into it – which Tim grants himself the privilege of not doing.

    When Jimi died a forensic clock started ticking. That clock froze a 3.9mg blood level of barbiturate in Jimi’s blood. It also froze a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content into place for the autopsy to register. The autopsist, Dr Teare, also found undigested rice remnants in Jimi’s stomach. These three items create a forensic “triangulation” that can’t be fudged or distorted.

    We know Jimi got back to the Samarkand Hotel with Monika shortly after 3am. We also know Eric Burdon admitted Monika Dannemann called him at around 5:30am. If we apply the forensic graph containing this triangulation to the time period between 3am and 5:30am we can show conclusive forensic proof of murder. This is something the British Inquest into Hendrix’s death never bothered to do.

    Doctor Bannister, the attending St Mary Abott’s Resuscitation Room physician, came forward in 1992 to say he had witnessed lungs and stomach full of wine in Hendrix like he had never seen in his medical career and that instead of choking on vomit Jimi Hendrix had died from being drowned in red wine. He estimated the amount of wine he witnessed in Jimi to be “bottles worth”. This is forensically incompatible with the 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content recorded at the autopsy. So much so as to be proof of murder in and of itself. Murder doubters deal with this by attacking Bannister, however the murder scene had spilled pure wine on the bed and clothes as well as a scarf around Jimi’s neck and what Bannister estimated to be “a half bottle of wine saturating his hair alone”. Since you can’t vomit out pure wine this wine is criminal forensic evidence of wine spilled during the act of waterboarding murder .

    A 3.9mg percent of blood barbiturate content is a knock-out dose, therefore Jimi was unconscious when he died. A forensic clock starting ticking backwards when Jimi died. This was the minimum time period for him to die with only a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. That time period is very short, especially when a doctor witnessed “bottles worth” of wine inside Jimi and his lungs. In fact, the period needed is so short that it isn’t long enough to allow Jimi to be conscious while the wine was introduced into him. And that is conclusive scientific forensic evidence of murder. It can’t be any other way. You are battling the clock ticking on the barbiturate dose absorption vs the alcohol absorption. It will show that Jimi would have been passed-out at the point of time on the forensic graph that would have allowed a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. And people who are passed-out can’t drink “bottles worth” of wine – nor can “bottles worth” of wine only register a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. The forensics clearly lock-in the fingerprint of a fast death after being drowned in wine.

    Stomach contents usually pass through the stomach in 4-5 hours. Since Jimi was witnessed eating that rice at a party at around midnight that means he died somewhere around 4-4:30am. The forensic evidence locks in that time. If you look at the circumstantial evidence, confession, forensic evidence, and lies used by Monika Dannemann to cover the real time of death you can’t escape the fact all evidence points towards Jimi being waterboarded with wine in combination with barbiturates, a classic intel method of covert murder.

    In my opinion it is rather preposterous to try to deny this with evasions that don’t even bother to examine the otherwise screamingly obvious evidence. The British Government is guilty of incompetence and failure to investigate evidence for murder.

      • Hi do you remember me
        My name is Joyce ..Tony Brown sister could you please contact me
        I have information for you
        Thank you Joyce

      • Joyce: I have been trying to contact you for several years…Your old telephone number is no good…I’ll PM you on Facebook…

      • Hi there
        Sorry not been in touch with you before
        I had a big heart operation last year valves and arteries
        I have found Paul only just a week ago my daughter saw him on face book that’s Tony’s Son
        Carol died 2014 with cancer Tony’s wife..
        So that’s why we haven’t been able to find her
        Can you remember I told you she married a guy name David Biggs
        She did marry him
        I got he’s Facebook account and he denied knowing her
        He’s on Paul’s Facebook friends. People why liar they always get found out in the end
        Any way Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year

        All the best
        Joyce xx

    • Jan: I have refined the forensics since then…I mistakenly applied the liver barbiturate level (3.9mg) instead of the correct .7mg blood barbiturate level to my forensic calculations above…Consider it a typo since the argument still stands no differently with the .7mg barbiturate level….7mg would still have caused unconsciousness before death and therefore the 5mg blood alcohol content was impossible with a large amount of wine witnessed in the lungs and stomach…This is slam dunk forensic evidence of homicide…

  7. This is stuff that any first year criminology student or detective would have seen right away. The reason it wasn’t investigated at the time is because Jimi Hendrix’s death was a political assassination. British tabloids did CIA’s COINTELPRO dirty work by announcing Jimi had died from a heroin overdose even though the coroner said there was ZERO trace of heroin in his system or any traces of heroin use on his body. To this day, even with this screaming evidence of Jimi’s murder being so obvious and so brazenly denied by the authorities, Jimi’s death is still announced by those fascist Nazi murderers as being a moral lesson and drug overdose.

    Some people need this interpreted to them. Jimi’s UPI reporter friend Sharon Lawrence heard about mess at Jimi’s death scene and spoke to Monika at the hotel Eric Burdon had her hiding out in the day after Jimi’s death. Monika was mainly interested in discussing her new career as a Hendrix painter, an opportunity Jimi’s death now provided. And this was 24 hours after Jimi died in her flat. Sharon Lawrence said this strange detachment was creepy. She then asked Monika about the wine that was spilled around Jimi at the death scene. Monika’s reaction was to moan, whine, and whimper in response to the question. For those who are slow on the uptake the reason Monika reacted that way to the question is because she was aware Jeffery had waterboarded Jimi to death with wine and was cornered by something she hadn’t expected to be asked.

    Again, for those who need this explained to them slowly, Monika’s response to Lawrence that she “washed ‘sick’ off Jimi’s face with wine” was the quick off-the-cuff excuse she thought-up at the moment and nothing else. Let me frame what is happening in this discussion between Sharon Lawrence and Monika Dannemann on September 19th 1970 in London. Sharon is curious about exactly how Jimi died. Monika is aware Michael Jeffery murdered Hendrix but is trying to lay low and play it off as an accident. Sharon sees all the clues but she doesn’t come to the correct conclusion and ultimately writes in her book ‘Jimi Hendrix Betrayed’ that Jimi may have committed suicide. Sharon wrote the book prior to all this Tappy Wright confession business. She, or anyone else, could have pursued this by asking: “Why then did you say Jimi only had a trickle of vomit on his chin? And that if he only had a small drool of vomit running down his chin then why would you need to wash’ sick’ off Jimi face with wine of all things? Especially when the small flat had warm water and a towel nearby and just as close as any wine would have been?” Nobody ever asked these basic questions until now.

    Again, for those who need this interpreted slowly Monika either committed suicide or was “suicided” right before being forced into court by Etchingham to answer these questions. It’s very obvious to anyone with any common sense why that happened. No one bothered to point-out to Monika that the ambulance men witnessed a Hendrix with a face full of vomit that hadn’t been “washed off”. Besides what person who isn’t retarded reacts to a choking dying person by washing their face with wine instead of trying to revive them by slapping the vomit out of their throat and getting them to breathe? Face it, everything we know tells us Monika and everyone else knew Jimi was dead and that he had been murdered by Jeffery. Devon knew this which is why she was found under the 8th floor window of the Chelsea Hotel 5 months later.

    The so-called “Hendrix Community” has taken a pass on this evidence. They have no credibility. They are basically spineless jellyfish who see it as easier to let Jimi flap in the wind murdered than disrupt their hedonistic sucking-off his music and talent. This is something that hasn’t changed since the day Jimi was murdered. I condemn them.

    What needs to be done here is either a mock trial needs to be filmed and presented showing the real evidence and how it was criminally-avoided by the British Government -or- a movie needs to be made showing the real story. As sinful as Jimi personally was himself, his story is very Christ-like. Christ’s story being the “Story of you and me”. Jimi knew he would be murdered by Jeffery for firing him.

  8. I argued these same points to Ceasar Gleebek on WPFW in November during the annual Jimi Hendrix Tribute.His responses were indictments of Jimi and were overtalking a skill then he was indeed it’s master.Unaware that his interviewers were both African-American men over 50, he asked whether or not we had ever possibly thought that racism could be involved instead of the recent revelations,new toxicology reports from Rufus Crompton,and an article in Classic Rock where Terry Slater reports for the first time anywhere that he and Monika actually witnessed the ambulance arrive from across the street.We all need to stay in touch,It is about to become very interesting…..

  9. Yes Cordell I can’t figure out what Caesar’s trip is. He should understand the implications of what he is doing and how it will reflect on him. Did you know he is coming out with an entire issue of his Univibes magazine dedicated to “debunking the murder nonsense”? I can’t believe he would do that to Jimi. I’ve already made efforts to talk to some people who specialize in taking apart articles or publications that commit such offenses and making sure their authors don’t get away with it. Caesar’s misguided efforts won’t go unopposed. I sent Caesar an e-mail listing the forensic reasons that prove Jimi was murdered. He responded “wait until the issue comes out”. I am going to make sure Caesar regrets doing that.

    If we cut right to the chase here Slater’s admitting he stood with Monika at the payphone destroys Monika’s story. Monika was either murdered or committed suicide because of her desperation to not admit this obvious lie, which was already proven anyway with the witnessings and phone records. Now this is the important part, because Monika’s story is now broken that means the official British cause of death verdict is also broken since it depended directly on Monika’s now disproven story to make its determination. The official verdict is now invalid because it has formally been proven to not be legally sound. All the decisions and judgments on Jimi Hendrix’s death were determined directly by the means of Monika Dannemann’s accounts of that morning. Since Slater’s testimony and the phone records corroborate the evidence that disproves Monika’s account, it means the British Inquest’s official verdict was not legally sound. Scotland Yard committed a crime when it internally reviewed the evidence and claimed it was sound. If you look at the details of what they did they lied and changed the real accounts of the witnesses in order to cover-up their knowing complicity. They covered-up their own knowledge and involvement.

    The murder that the British Government is now attempting to get away with is saying that they reviewed the evidence and came to the same conclusion as the official verdict. You have to be kidding right? But there you have it, you have Scotland Yard, which possesses some of the most sophisticated criminal detection practices in human history not afraid to insult the intelligence of the public by straight-facedly offering an investigation of themselves at their own word without producing any information to show how they did it. This, of course, defies all known definitions of civilized rule of law, and is something they themselves would laugh out of court if anyone else tried it, but there you have it and they are trying to stick with it no matter how much obvious evidence appears.

    What needs to be done here is someone with legal standing needs to sue the British Government for failing to uphold its own written definition of law. They need to press a case that forces the British Government to recognize their original verdict has now been legally proven to have been false. This means the British Government is now legally forced to publicly re-examine the evidence behind Jimi Hendrix’s death and be accountable for the process and its findings, something they’ve conspicuously avoided up to now.

    Cordell, I’d like to get in touch with you somehow. What needs to be done here is a ‘Justice For Jimi’ website where the issue is forced and people can see how provable the evidence is.

  10. It has been said by some that Michael Jeffery could not have been among Jimi’s murderers —if he was murdered—because Michael Jeffrey was in Spain at the time.

    But was Michael Jeffery really in Spain?

    In McDermott & Kramer’s HENDRIX: SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT Bob Levine is quoted with regard to Jeffery’s whereabouts.

    pp. 287-288:

    “Back in New York, the question of Jeffery’s whereabouts remained unanswered. ‘We tried calling all of Jeffery’s contacts – from [his club] Sgt. Pepper’s to the Hotel Victoria in Majorca – trying to reach him,’ remembers Bob Levine. ‘We were getting frustrated because Hendrix’s body was going to be held up in London for two weeks and we wanted Jeffery’s input on the funeral service. A full week after Hendrix’s death, he finally called. Hearing his voice, I immediately asked what his plans were and would he be going to Seattle. ‘What plans?’ he asked. I said, ‘The funeral.’ ‘What funeral?’ he replied. I was exasperated: ‘Jimi’s!’ The phone went quiet for a while and then he hung up. The whole office was staring at me, unable to believe that with all of the coverage on radio, print and television, Jeffery didn’t know that Jimi had died. He called back in five minutes and we talked quietly. He said, ‘Bob, I didn’t know,’ and was asking about what had happened. While I didn’t confront him, I knew he was lying because I had spoken to people who saw him at a party Track Records had staged in London the night before Hendrix died. I knew everybody who had attended, from Douglas’s pair – Stella and Colette– to Devon, as well as friends from Harold Davison’s office. It was impossible for him to have slipped incognito into Spain without hearing about Jimi’s death.”

    Alan Douglas, Stella Benabou Douglas and Colette Mimram are still alive, I believe. Someone should ask them if they remember seeing Michael Jeffery at the party at Track Records on the evening of Sept. 17, 1970.

    And if Michael Jeffery WAS in London then, how could Jim Marron have met & talked to Jeffrey in Spain, as Marron claims (quoted in SETTING RECORD STRAIGHT, 286-287)?

  11. Scott,

    There seems to be very few people interested in this even though it is a nuclear scandal laying right out in the open. Some researchers have interviewed those attending the party, which included many more than just Stella and Collette. It seems Jeffery wasn’t at Kameron’s party that night on the 17th/18th. Jeffery was at another Track Records party on the 13th where Jimi dodged him not wanting to confront him on the issues that led to his firing.

    As for Jim Marron, he spoke to Jeffery on the 18th and Jeffery canceled their dinner date because of Jimi’s death. So when Bob Levine called him a week later and Jeffery pretended not to know Jimi was dead there was something seriously wrong there. Jeffery was making sloppy mistakes due to his guilt over murdering Jimi. And don’t make the mistake of thinking Jimi wasn’t murdered. He most assuredly was, as this evidence and other strong forthcoming evidence proves – not to mention the forensic evidence which proves Jimi was murdered beyond a doubt.

    Bob Levine recently made a total retraction of everything he said, including your quotes above, for Caesar Glebbeek’s publication entitled ‘Until We Meet Again’. Caesar had the nerve to write a long magazine-length work trying to debunk the murder evidence. Levine exposes his guilt by suddenly denying everything he’s said for years, pointing suspicion at Jeffery, with a blanket denial. That’s the typical pattern of someone trying to hide something serious. Bob knew much more than he was letting on to. He made a mistake though. Levine said Jeffery told him during a call to Majorca on the 17th that he would not be available due to a boating outing the next day. This was MI-6 Jeffery making-up a pre-emptive alibi to make sure he was unavailable after the murder. Jeffery was suspiciously unavailable during Jimi’s drug bust and kidnapping the same way.

    In the long-run whether Jeffery was actually at the Samarkand or not doesn’t matter. He arranged the whole thing and probably told Tappy Wright he was there in order to cover for accomplices involved in a much deeper intel plot. Just look at all this openly available evidence and ask yourself why the authorities are so uninterested? It’s because Jimi was assassinated by the United States Government’s Central Intelligence Agency in a COINTELPRO political assassination using Michael Jeffery’s mundane business motives for plausible deniability. Jimi was wacked by the CIA and that’s why no government seems interested in investigating it. CIA kills with barbiturates and alcohol in order to appear as a drug overdose.

    There’s some highly unintelligent Hendrix fans out there on the internet who use Jeffery’s literal location to deny the whole murder, however more sophisticated investigators would see that the evidence is more than there no matter where Jeffery was located. If you look at the alibis there’s not a single person who says exactly where Jeffery was and what he was doing that established the alibi.

  12. Dear Buster,

    Thank you for this long, articulate response. Exactly when did Jimi actually fire Michael Jeffery? I am aware that Jimi had been kidnapped, that it appeared to be connected to Jeffery, that Jimi wanted to go with new management and had been talking with Alan Douglas about this, etc., but I did not know that Jimi had actually taken steps to fire Jeffery. Weren’t they still partners in Electric Lady Studio?

    Buster, I have read other comments of yours about Hendrix on other sites. All articulate and persuasive. Your argument is presented with more persuasiveness than that presented by Alex Constantine in his COVERT WAR ON ROCK, in which the chapter on Jimi Hendrix is filled with lots of factual errors.

    Tomorrow, November 24, 2011, I will be hosting a three-hour radio program “Jump Start” on station KPOO, 89.5 FM (San Francisco). I will be celebrating on air Jimi’s 69th birthday (Sunday, Nov. 27th). Should you receive this in time, and should you be awake then, please listen online at:

    Click on the old-fashioned radio icon to listen on Itunes.
    I would like to write to at length on this subect. You can contact me at:

  13. Scott,

    Try to get a copy of Monika Dannemann’s book ‘The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix’. In it she describes how Jimi deliberately sat her down next to the phone at the Cumberland Hotel and had her listen to him calling his New York Lawyer Henry Steingarten instructing him to sever his ties with Michael Jeffery no matter the contractual consequences. If you read Tony Brown’s ‘Jimi Hendrix: The Final Days’ you’ll see there was no doubt Jimi was spending the last week of his life in London preparing to fire Jeffery. Most Hendrix fans dismiss Monika’s witnessing by saying she is a known liar (which she is), however that has nothing to do with her witnessing of the phone call. After all, if you look at Monika’s lies they are made for a rational reason in order to cover something up. There is no rational reason for her to invent the phone call to Steingarten. Are those fans suggesting Monika decided to invent a totally random story about Jimi firing Jeffery? Smart people will realize Steingarten’s associates like Steve Weiss were still alive when Monika told this story. They never made any comment on it. That should tell you all you need to know. The call was real. Being a total crook Jeffery had arranged for Steingarten to be both his and Jimi’s lawyer. Following his duty as Jeffery’s lawyer Steingarten called Jeffery to warn him of Jimi’s action. Jimi fired Jeffery at around 5pm September 17. 11 hours later Jimi was dead. It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out why. The combination of Dr Bannister’s witnessing and the autopsy data shows Jimi was drowned in wine as Tappy Wright claimed. The British Inquest and Scotland Yard never bothered to address this because they knew Jimi was murdered by CIA. Welcome to the satanic fairyland of western governments and their intelligence agencies.

    Read ‘Final Days’ and you’ll understand that Jimi’s hours-long late night discussion with Alan Douglas; call to Kramer in NY to get his studio tapes; visit to Chas Chandler to ask him to produce again; and his general paranoia and stress, witnessed by many, were all evidence of his intention to fire Jeffery. Jeffery murdered him for it and Scotland Yard murdered him again by not investigating it. Michael Jeffery was a cheap two-bit scumbag manager. There’s no way Scotland Yard would cover for him. They would, however, forego a real investigation for their main ally’s Central Intelligence Agency using one of their MI-6 agents to murder a COINTELPRO target.

    • Great analysis Buster, I’m a huge Hendrix fan and for years I believed that he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. After researching a little I came to the same conclusion, that my hero was murdered. I was just wondering, since it is a strong possibility Hendrix was unconscious when the wine was poured down his throat, doesn’t that open the possibility that Monica did the pouring? I mean, if she slipped him the sleeping pills, and he was out cold, it wouldn’t take a gang of men to hold him down and pour the wine down his throat. I guess what I’m saying is I think there is a strong possibility that she was in cahoots with Jeffery, and may have actually killed Jimi.

  14. I say with dead seriousness that Monika may have been a CIA COINTELPRO covert operator otherwise known in espionage parlance as a “honey trap”. The forensic evidence I’ve developed does not preclude Monika doing it, however there’s reason to believe that Jimi was murdered as Michael Jeffery confessed to Tappy Wright. Most of the dummies on the internet don’t understand how real these covert programs were at the time. However, if you study Monika’s statements she shows a pattern that traumatized psychopaths sometimes show. She speaks of people pushing her out of the room at hospital – but this most likely happened at the Samarkand. She speaks of the ambulance men putting Jimi in a chair and tipping his head back when he tried to breathe – again this probably happened at the Samarkand. No, a good Sherlock would realize if Monika did it she would have waited longer and pretended she was sleeping and woke-up to find Jimi that way. The reason she called out for help to Eric Burdon was because Michael Jeffery was his manager and he would know what to do. I’ve just recently realized the calling for the doctor business is made-up. If Monika was really calling Burdon for the doctor’s phone number then why didn’t she call the doctor? She never called the doctor. Judy Wong said Monika called for the doctor’s number but she lied. She was told to say that. Monika never reached out to get the doctor’s phone number she reached-out to get Burdon because he would know what to do about Michael Jeffery murdering Jimi. I’ve just realized this recently after several years of studying this. This really is a dirty scandal of previously unrealized proportions. I think she was in cahoots with Jeffery but got fooled into waylaying Jimi with pills not knowing what the intention was. Now you see why she couldn’t talk. The key here, James, is Monika’s statement to Caesar Glebbeek in 1975 saying “there was evidence that could not be brought to the police and that the mafia killed Jimi for sure.” Think about what she was trying to say there…

    Stay tuned, you’ll see more on this soon.

    • “No, a good Sherlock would realize if Monika did it she would have waited longer and pretended she was sleeping and woke-up to find Jimi that way.”

      I disagree. I think Monika’s story, which we know is false, was her way of trying to insulate herself from any possible prosecution. In her mind she thought she’d be protecting herself.

      “hey, if I say I was out of the flat to go buy some cigarettes, and came back to find Jimi like this, I couldn’t be the one who did this, I wasn’t there”

      In her mind this was a kind of backup alibi in case the authorities did expect foul play and decided to investigate.

      I think she either was a plant by Jeffery from the beginning in order to have intel on Jimi and what he was doing and thinking, or was coerced by Jeffery at a later date to do his bidding.

      We know there was evidence that she was extremely jealous and possessive of Jimi around other women. It is possible she was just like Jeffery and thought “hey, Jimi’s gonna leave me, I better act now”. I think that her and Jeffery, or her and maybe one or two others who worked for Jeffrey carried out the events of that night.

      I would personally like to have Jeffery exhumed and a dna analysis done to make sure that that was even him who supposedly died in the air crash. Anyway, the whole series of events is rotten from the head down IMHO.

      • If you did your research properly Grassy Knollington you,d know that Jefferys body was not recovered from the crash. As to Busters claim that the rest of us “Internet Dummies” have no idea of the truth I suggest we all bow down to your obviously higher intellect and you go ahead and present your proof to the nearest British Police station where they will have to by law look into any evidence you present. I see your last post was in April and have heard nothingin the media .Maybe the “Dark Forces” have silenced you or you,ve just walked away from your computer to get a life.
        If you have nothing but here say then just go away and let Jimmi rest in peace . If you have any proof present it.
        But please please shut up no mark cos you were,nt there .

  15. ” I disagree. I think Monika’s story, which we know is false, was her way of trying to insulate herself from any possible prosecution. In her mind she thought she’d be protecting herself. ”

    A shrewd detective would see why that isn’t so. If you look at Monika’s behavior she was trying to keep Jimi, not kill him. A sharp eye will see that Monika had pretty safely gotten away with it by 1975 when she admitted to Caesar Glebbeek on his Dutch radio show that “there was evidence that could not be brought to the police and that the mafia murdered Jimi for sure”. Now if Monika had drowned Jimi why would she expose the possibility of foul play and only stand to bring attention to herself by admitting this? Monika was very cunning, as her actions over the ensuing 25 years showed. Calling Burdon at 5:45am wouldn’t “protect” her, as you say, but would do the opposite. It would be too short a time to explain Jimi overdosing and choking on his vomit. There’s things I can’t explain right now that will come out soon but Monika’s admitting the mafia killed Hendrix wasn’t what you would call concealing the issue. She did that because in 1975 Crawdaddy Magazine had put out an issue claiming Jimi was the target of some kind of death squad. She felt it was about to break so she confessed. What you fail to understand, James, is that the British Government was acting in cooperation with the US Government and would not seek evidence in the death of a “Security Index” listee, and that still holds true today. Monika never had any chance to be caught, which is why her flimsy stories held up so well despite their obvious flaws. Murder by brute drowning in wine is a Newcastle thug/Military Intelligence manner of murder. It isn’t the act of a young German girl groupie fighting to be Jimi’s fiancee.

  16. Craigy’s post doesn’t have a reply button. I’ve read that the French air crash morgue showed Gerry Stickells a photo of a charred and mangled corpse and then handed him a plastic bag of jewelry they said they took from that corpse. Stickells said he immediately recognized Jeffery’s wristwatch and pendant. So either Stickells is lying and is in on it or the French investigators are lying and are in on it. So either way the case is surrounded by incriminating intrigue because once you get to that level of corruption there’s something serious to hide. However I believe Jeffery perished in that crash. (Though it is perfectly in-line with his MI-6 depth that MI-6 would get French Intelligence to cover-up his not being on that flight. But just as equally it is possible the crash was a freak accident)

    I’m glad Craigy identifies himself as an internet dummy by being defensive because he’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Anyone could see that even with his shallow excuses there’s still plenty to be curious about. Jeffery seems like a personality who could not stay out of the action. But even if he went into hiding that in itself would show a level of intrigue that would necessitate cooperation by the same shadowy underground intelligence community I’m getting at. It would make Jeffery as deep as the things he’s being accused of. Craigy, typical of his kind, doesn’t seem to notice.

    Another thing Craigy stupidly doesn’t fathom is that Scotland Yard and the British Police have already been approached on this by Kathy Etchingham and her petition. They then did a fake investigation, intimidated witnesses into confusing their statements, and ignored the fact Monika’s story was easily refuted. At the time the detective who interviewed the main witnesses commented that they were all lying. Usually when a British detective finds that all the witnesses to the death of an important figure are lying they then respond by applying a interested investigation. In the case of Jimi Hendrix they did nothing. And when approached with further evidence they sought to deny it and deliberately ignored incriminating facts. Yet Craigy accuses me of not doing adequate research. Scotland Yard lied when it came back and said there was no new evidence. The whole time they had proof that Monika was lying and Dr Bannister had witnessed serious medical evidence. Scotland Yard has never once interviewed Dr Bannister, instead he lost his medical license for billing fraud.

    No sorry, you’ve already seen the proof. If you lack the personal facility to comprehend it is not my fault. Nor is saying “cos you weren’t there” very credible. As anyone could see the statements and forensic evidence were “there” enough to draw credible conclusions. Ones that Scotland Yard has no excuse for ignoring or lying around.

    Not good enough Craigy. Jimi can’t afford your ignorant complacency and indifference.

    Ever wonder why Stickells never elaborates on this?

    • Buster
      Glad to see the dark forces haven,t got to you and you are able to reply , although I notice that you still haven,t produced any evidence any one can take to the Police in this country . Are you a resident of the UK ?
      Have you ever dealt with the authorities in these Islands ?
      Yes their a long way from perfect but were they any worse than any other countries in the late sixties ? I,ll come to that soon but first my reply for its worth.
      Firstly I was going to apologize for the vitriol of my original post but on reflection reading your reply I feel I was correct in the first instance its just the quality of my reply that I apologize for but hey thats musicians for you !!

      My original gripe was with the way people on the inter net (usually young single men ) will pick a situation in life thats a mystery,or unexplained and because nature hates a vacuum they fill it with garbage and hear say conspiracy theory while telling any one who disagrees with them is nieve has a vacuim between their ears . Apart from always being suspicious of people who claim that the rest of the world is stupid and only they know the truth they are also rather stupidly adding to the very thing they protest against by muddying the waters of very serious situations they are commenting on there by helping the very “Dark Forces ” they claim they are protesting against.Publishing rumour and here say as fact just does there work for them with all of this disinformation.
      I imagine that every intelligence agency in the world has the “office boy” logged on to all the internet forums stirring this stuff up. Their laughing at you boy, and your just perpetuating this balloon juice for them while they get on with really running this world.
      Now with regards to the death of Jimi Hendrix I would be here all day answering all the nonsense posted on the net about his tragic passing so lets just go through your reply to me.

      1/ Mike Jefferies has no known grave site as far as I,m aware of, and if there was it would be desecrated by Hendrix fans.There was no proper identification of his body. Fact. So no DNA tests there, though I.m glad to see you don,t perpetuate the false hood that the controllers strike was a set up, takeing the conspiracey to ludicruss degrees.

      We had a Freach Air Traffic Controllers strike every summer in the early seventies during the busy holiday periods with the tragic results every year which is why they dont strike any more, though the still some times work to rule !

      2/ Quote ” Shallow Excuses ” a bit chippy , please explain where it was making excusses, it a very short post and I mentioned no particular points. Why the axe to grind ?

      3/ Claim I “don,t see the obvious ” that Jefferies was a very shady guy, we done Sherlock , gosh I never noticed. The music industry is full of shady characters doesn,t mean they killed their clients. Jefferies MI5 involvement is pure sepculation and any way not proof in its self. Please point out to me what I,m not seeing ?

      4/ Fake investgation ? that I stupidly fail to fathom.
      So youv,e accsess to the names of the Officers involved and there orders from above and their fake investigation notes ?
      Well done ,lets see them so I can see how stupid I,ve been unless your a fantasist as well as insulting and don,t know what your talking about.
      Please show me how this jnvestigation was faked, and I don,t mean random speculation.

      Oh yes and “typical of my kind “………….have we met ,what is my kind ?

      5/ Yes we all know Monika lied, of coures she did , thats plain to see from the way she lied at every turn……… more about her in a bit . As for the ambulance men ,police and medical staff all there statements tied up preatty much exactly years later. In fact one of the young officers was the land lord of a local pub just round the corner from a mate of mine in Aylesbury. He had nothing to hide, not the sort to be involved in any great plot. I mean hey you never know but there it is , no proof see.
      As for Jimis friends (so called) of coarse they lied , they didn,t want to get in trouble for removing narcotics from what was a potential crime scene and respectful midle age ment they wanted to deny that. Any way Jimi had been dead for hours by then, it was all a bit after the facts.

      6/ No new evidence ? Funny I thought they had finally disproved Ms Dannemanns lies. The reason they could not go any furthur, at first ,was because the original and very flawed inquest still stood and with the passage of time and lack of evidence , it would not be easy to hold a new one although I feel in time the original would be declared nul en void. What I believe was about happen was Crown Prosecutions were going to prosecute Ms Dannemann for lyinging at the original Inquest, then the way would have been open to charge her with man slaughter, maybe murder. But proceedure has to be followed evidence gathered , there were plenty of people in this country gunning for Dannemann at the time and private and official forces were closing in.
      And then after the Etchingham libel case, which was the new test of guilt, she kills her self. No theres no evidence she was murdered , maybe she just couldn,t face what was about to happen to her. She had lied so much , and the whole pack of cards had come down , and ugly birds were coming home to roost.

      A quick history lesson as I feel your alot younger than me and may be not from this country.
      The investigation into Jimi Hendrixs passing was obviously flawed and was very much of its time. In fact it was an exact rerun of the death of another rock star death just the year before and was all so very much a sign of the times.Brian Jones death was not investigated properly either and also left today a vacuum that people fill with nonsense and speculation.Today the lowest tramp found died in the street would quite rightly be afforded the respect of a better investigation into their passing.
      As the ambulance men said at the time it was an every day occurance in London at the time and Hendrix wasn,t treated any differently because he was black he was just another young person who had died after ingesting to much of something that had killed him. I am just old enough to remember what a stange place London was in 1969/70 ,awash with very hard drugs and many more drug addicts living on the street.The proceedures at the time were very lacks and steps were taken along with improved forensics in the seventies to make sure sloopy proceedure like the kind mentioned above didnt happen again.
      In the seventies we all believed Dannemanns stock story that Jimi hadn,t been looked after properly by the medical staff and I was shock but not surprised that it was all a pack of lies.
      Not surprised because in the years leading up to that investigation she had rather unwisely uped her profile, and what strange bird she was spouting spearitual rubbish at every oppertunity.
      At the time instead of keeping a low profile like any sane person in her position would have done she was sueing any one and every one who was contradicting her story, and loseing every case.
      Who was giving her legal advice and representing her ? They should be struck off for malpractise and misrepresentation.She was a habitual lier and not a very good one.Not some one you,d pick to cover your tracks in a murder.
      After Dannemannes death the police had no where to go, dead ends , only speculation. Unless of coarse you know better and can point them in the right direction. Yes ? No ? Stories ?

      7/ Dr Bannister was not spoken to because he did not perform the autopsy and had given his statement earlier.Why should what he said have changed. A mid ninties investigation was carried out on all the staff envolved in Jimis case and found to have followed good practise.
      Bar raising Jimi from the dead there was only so much they could do and they followed proceedure.Dr Bannister being struck off in Australia is not relivent to the old case .

      Of course Jimi wanted to get away from his manager , who wouldn,t , and his manager was p****d at that prospect , only natural. doesnt mean he killed him though.Obviously Jimi was hiding out at Dannemanns while being booked in at his own hotel so he went to her hotel of his own free will.There is no prior connection between her and Jefferies so isnt funny how the one girl out of dozens Jimi could have spent the night with was also in the employ of his killer . There is no connection just speculation.

      Monika Dannemann was a seriously ill women who had serious mental health problems.Thats the sort of bold statement I would not usually have made, Im not a mental health worker but you dont need to be a weather man to know its raining. If she had gone to court, which if she had lived she most certainly would have ,I feel her previous evidence would have been made inadmissible and she would plead not guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility.
      But now Im speculating ,see how easy it is to do, but what Im saying is there were only two people who knew for sure what happened that night at The Samarank(sp?) and their both now dead , with one killing them selfs before they were brought to book.

      Was Jimi killed by his manager ? I dont know , maybe,but theres no evidence

      Was Jimi killed by the CIA ? Maybe , but again theres no evidence.

      Im I complacent ? certainly not ? ?
      Im furious that Jimi was most properly murdered.

      Like most Brits Im proud that Hendrix came to the UK to make his music after being rejected in his own country. Im also ashamed that he wasnt served well by the powers that be when his death needed to be investigated and Jimi at least being given justice in death.
      What I wouldnt do is go on the inter net makeing wild claims about speculation on subjects I know nothing about and then claim them to be proof, thus muddying the already murky waters and actually makeing it even harder to get to what really happened. Im ignorent am I . You who only has insults and heresay and you call that a considered arguement when what I asked for was evidence.

      By the way Im still waiting for your “evidence”. If you live in the UK go to the nearest police station and present it. If you dont live here my e mail is availible on request , send it to me and I,ll present it for you . But I,m talking reality here not some stuff you read when old liers are trying to sell a book and get money for health care.
      Surely you dont believe every thing you read on the internet ?
      If so your as big a fantasist as Monlka Dannemann and likely to get yours self into trouble later in your own life.

      All the best Craig McTaggart

      ps oh and the next time you insult me Buster have the good manners to put your real name not hide behind Jimis Seatle nick name . You do him an injustice. Either shit or get off the pot.

  17. In my experiences in arguing this on the internet I’ve found that the British are viciously in denial that the great Jimi Hendrix was murdered in their country by a member of their Military Intelligence agencies and covered-up by their government. Craigy and his post is a good example. Most people are smart enough to see a person who is more interested in the excuses than the evidence.

    Craigy wrote: ” I’m furious that Jimi was most properly murdered. ”

    As anyone can see, Craigy writes in his own words what he really believes and what he just spent the last many paragraphs beating around the bush over. If anything Craigy’s post serves as a good example of how this matter is viewed in England and the prevailing obfuscating logic and mentality by which it is controlled. It’s a helpful post because I don’t think Craigy realizes he’s giving a perfect example of what I was talking about.

    1) What I posted still holds true. Stickells said he was shown a picture of a charred and mangled corpse and given a plastic bag full of jewelry that he recognized as Jeffery’s. The records of how Jeffery’s body was handled should be investigated.

    I don’t think Craigy has a sound grasp of the evil depth of intel and its practices. Those covert practices are shown in numerous books and Jeffery’ mid-air crash is well within their capabilities and methods. It is possible Jeffery died in a genuine freak mid-air crash, but its convenience to intel is too obvious to at least not be considered or investigated. This is not a matter to be considered from a bar stool. Once again, I don’t think Craigy realizes that he himself is showing the lack of clear information on Jeffery’s death only reinforces the credibility of the theories.

    2) Like your post here. This matter can be handled at much greater depth than you’re doing and that in itself shows why you don’t have a good grasp of the evidence.

    3) There’s tons of evidence to show Jeffery was intel. His friends and own father said so. His military record shows he passed the intel aptitude test during his national service. Russian was not taught to regular recruits. His father said all his mates came home on furlough in their uniforms while Jeffery wore civilian clothes. There’s zero doubt whatsoever Jeffery was intel. The stories he told were based on his true background and his need to express its sensational-ness. Jeffery told intel stories because of his bursting awareness of how incredible their doings were and how much they were able to get away with them without people knowing. It was hard for Jeffery to contain knowing how intriguing it was.

    4) Scotland Yard did not seek the truth during Kathy Etchingham’s 1993 petition. They honored Monika’s proven lies about that morning and made no effort to investigate the evidence that proved them. They also never bothered to interview Dr Bannister and ask him what he witnessed. This is criminal malfeasance and breech of public trust and duty plain and simple. You shouldn’t be questioning me you should be questioning them.

    5) Craigy, I don’t think you understand that by saying “Jimi was dead for hours,” as you do above, that you preclude the need for me to respond to everything before it. Your constable had a sworn duty to bring forth his witnessing if indeed he witnessed Jimi dead as you admit all the attendants did above. Common sense tells you it doesn’t take 5 hours to remove a personal use stash from a small flat. These people were cleaning-up murder evidence.

    6) Again, I don’t think you realize how keen a comparison Brian Jones is considering he was murdered by drowning as his groundskeeper Frank Thorogood admitted on his deathbed. Thank you. You offer a perfect example of how these rock figures who became liabilities were conveniently murdered without any protection from the British government while the establishment trumped-up their drug immorality. In the end all you are really saying is those lax practices helped cover-up Jimi’s murder.

    Monika is a typical patsy who’s eccentricities can be used to defame her credibility as Craigy shows. She actually won her libel cases as far as her accounts of that morning and succeeded in shutting-down any inquiries into the events of that morning. If you don’t see how her lawyers and Scotland Yard assisted her in that you’re blind to the evidence. Monika’s lies were protected by the authorities as their non-interest shows. If you think Scotland Yard had nowhere to go after Monika’s death you have a weak understanding of the evidence. And if you think Scotland Yard will cheerfully and honestly cooperate after what they’ve already done you’re the “fantasist”!

    7) You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about because Dr Bannister was the attending emergency room physician who removed wine that was not available to autopsist Dr Teare 3 days later. His witnessing was critical and Scotland Yard had no right ignoring it. Contrary to their being “no new evidence”, as Scotland Yard said, Dr Bannister’s witnessing was critically important. Dr Bannister had never entered any statement on record about the wine. The rest of the staff were not seriously approached or interviewed – ever. Your entries show a lack of grasp of the critical evidence and skip over important things in a superficial manner. However I totally agree with your last sentence in point # 7.

    You don’t know Monika’s relationship to Jeffery. She shows the pattern of an intel spook being worked-in to Jimi’s surroundings. Even if she was just an innocent groupie she could have been manipulated by Jeffery. Or maybe just straight threatened and intimidated. There’s plenty of evidence for this if you read Monika’s accounts of being threatened in her book. I also feel people exaggerate Monika’s mental state in order to avoid looking at her state of involvement. It is common practice for intel to destroy serious witnesses with mental illness defamation. Meanwhile Monika herself said on Caesar Glebbeek’s own 1975 radio show that “There was evidence that could not be brought to the police and that the mafia killed Jimi for sure.” Why, Craigy, would Scotland Yard be uninterested in such a comment during their “re-investigation”??? If you had a solid grasp of the evidence this event was witnessed by much more than just Jimi and Monika. But, really, Craigy, who would really need to go beyond what Monika said on Caesar’s radio show?

    I’m not worried Craigy. Anyone can see my arguments and evidence are pretty much there and haven’t been scratched by your pointless protests. Typical of brits, peer pressure obviously forces you into that transparent calling of obvious evidence “wild speculation” instead of giving it its due. There’s much more to this than you know. I’m sorry but I have little respect for people who see obvious evidence and their unconscious reaction to their awareness of it is to protest it isn’t proof. As my arguments show, I should not be the one answering the questions because it is indeed the other side that hasn’t provided the adequate “proof”.

    I think we all know Jimi was murdered.

    • My god how bad is your grammer, Ive just read your post and tried to pick the sense out of the nonsence Im just having my tea ( yes very british) and will answer your points tomorrow where regardless of what happened that night you’ve contradicted your self many times over.
      But before I pick the bones from your fantasy let me repeat your view point is biased and anti Brit which in its self is no argument at all.
      I dont even really need to look to closely at what youv’e said , all though I will in time but I will repeat what I said before and wait again for a proper reply.

      Of course James Marshall Hendrix was murdered you numb head , and if youv;e got evidence that any one other than M\s Dannemann was envolved I and alot of people here in the UK would like to hear it.
      The case is still open, if any one tells you otherwise then with freash evidence it HAS TO BE BY LAW reopened.

      Now my name is Craig McTaggart and I live here in the UK , Hatfield Hertfordshire and if I or any other person approached my local or any other Police Station in the UK with a complaint about the Jimi Hendrix murder , or any other unsolved case they would have to by UK law look into any evidence presented to them and put forward any outstanding evidence regarding the case.
      Now your argument is that over here we are all corrupt and nothing will be done .
      I notice that dispite asking where you are from you refuse to say weather you live in the UK or not and yet still make sweaping statments about how we do do things here.
      Believe me theres very much a serious blood letting going on here
      between the media and the powers thar be. MPs have been put in prison ,
      Police charged with corruption,news papers closed down.
      There has never been a better time to take evidence to a indepentent journalist here in the UK with a story of wrong doing .
      And if your still convinced that wer’e all totaly corrupt here in the UK our worsoning relationship with our European neighbers leaves open every chance of you taking evidence to a foriegn news paper or court, because the powers that be would like nothing better than to give this country a good moral kicking .
      So yes go ahead , as I said ,shit or get off the pot.

      Of course Jimi was murdered so I,ll tell you what I,ll do I,m gonna go in the loft, get down all the various books relating to this , ring the various office to see who are the officers that this “cold” case is now with and then you give me or them the names and evidence of the peoples who murdered James Hendrix.
      Its the 25 th Jan to day , lets wait till Monday 28 th to see what you got other than hear say , rumour and fantasy .

      • I think most smart people can see the internal conflict in what Craig writes. He said he would come back and reply but never did. If you read what Craig writes he seems to be expressing a challenge to my claims and openly calls them “fantasy” but then turns around and admits even he thinks Jimi was murdered. I think Craig is confused and doesn’t even know what point he is making himself. If you subtract the Fallstaffian buffoonery Craig enters and just get to the heart of the matter, yes, Jimi was murdered, as Craig admits, and it was the way I spelled out in the posts Craig challenges but then comes around and agrees with. The worst part of all this is Craig is a prime example of the British and how they’ve dealt with this since it happened, despite his protests.

      • If you read my posts correctly I quite clearly state that I think Jimi was mudered by his so called “girlfriend ” and was badly served by the police at the time.
        My point to you from the start was have you any evidence to the contrary you can present to the Cold Case Dept at New Scotland Yard London and yet all youv’e done since is say nothing real only insults. A difference of opinion with clear arguement I can take but the arguement of insults means nothing.

        Didnt you read a single thing I said because youv’e not attempted to answer a single question ?. Unlike JImis music or back story you are saying nothing.

        PLease show our posts to family,friends, and mentors then move on because youv’e still said nothing other than your racist views on the British.
        Jimi loved this country and I made a point of stating my name and address ,while you insult, then hide and more to the point say nothing.

        This is not any thing to do about James Marshell Hendrix and more to do with you .

        Now Ive said repeatedly say some thing that could be considered evidence in court or go away.

        Craig McTaggart Hertfordshire UK

  18. Eric Burden also had a motive to help Mike Jeffrey kill Jimi, not to mention the strength.
    With Jimi dead Burden’s failing career with the animals(managed by Jeffrey),his financial security could be helped by extra revenues from Jimi’s insurance policy, most likely promised by Jeffrey if he(Burden) helped restrain jimi.
    He(Burden) admitted to being with Monika earlier the fatal day and was jamming with Jimi at Ronnie Scots the night before, so he knew exactly where Jimi was.
    I also wondered why he wrote the song “Spill The Wine” when no real reference to its relevance appears in the song.Could it have been that he (Burden) had the vivid memory of Jimi’s murder on his mind,watching as much of the wine poured down Jimi’s throat ‘spilled’ in the murderous act.
    Burden has also changed his version of events and did have a motive.

    • “Spill The Wine” was one of the first things I checked-out. It was released in May 1970 so it couldn’t have been in reference to Jimi’s murder because Jimi died in September. No, as far as I know I don’t see Burdon having anything to do with it. He was asleep with Alvinia Bridges back at the Russell Hotel when Monika called there for help. Shoot, Jeffery ripped Eric off blind of millions with the Animals. There’s no way Jeffery was sharing anything with Burdon, or anyone for that matter. Also, I think the band War was doing fairly well at the time. Jimi had a borderline lethal dose of Vesparax sleeping tablets in him according to his autopsy, so I don’t think he needed to be restrained. His blood barbiturate level showed he was passed-out when the wine was poured in to him. I would be curious, however, of learning where you heard Burdon was with Monika earlier that day? I’ve never heard that.

  19. “Craigy” is obviously ignorant of this case. If he had a more intelligent researched understanding he would know that Scotland Yard has already had a go at this case and was clearly not interested in finding out the truth. What Craigy writes is foolish and is easily disproven by the simple fact that Scotland Yard is one of the foremost detective agencies on the planet with a world class reputation that gave birth to figures like Sherlock Holmes and many films. What Craigy is asking us to believe is that he, in his bar-room folksy manner, was able to fathom that Monika was somehow guilty of murdering Jimi but Scotland Yard, when given the chance to look in to it, wasn’t able to figure that out. Like I said before Craigy and his patent disingenuousness and cross-eyed stumbling upon his own logic is a classic representation of the very British people who murdered Jimi Hendrix and the false domain they call England along with its easily refuted, insincere reasoning and methods.

    Scotland Yard was asked to re-investigate this by Kathy Etchingham in 1992. They did a going-through-the-motions pretend investigation and then announced in 1993 that there was no new evidence and that the British taxpayers would not be asked to pay for any further inquiries. Mind you, this was at the same time that Monika’s story was proven to be false, yet Scotland Yard backed it and its veracity and said there was no new evidence. They lied. Also, Dr Bannister had come forward to say Jimi was drowned in wine. Scotland Yard’s reaction? They never even interviewed Dr Bannister. You would think the attending doctor’s coming forward to say he witnessed evidence of Jimi being drowned in wine would be something Scotland Yard might be interested in? No, instead they ignored it and said there was no new evidence. If Dr Bannister’s witnessing wasn’t “new evidence” I don’t know what else would be? Yet, despite this clear record of Scotland Yard duplicity Craigy insists we should dutifully go to them and ask them to look in to it. He never once breaks form to realize the reason Scotland Yard then, in 1992, as well as now, never honestly investigated it was because it was a covert political assassination done by one of their MI-6 members Michael Jeffery.

    • About Eric Burdon:

      In his 2nd autobiography DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD (2001), Burdon has seriously contradicted himself.

      Toward the end of Chapter 7 –his account of the death of Jimi Hendrix– Burdon says that he has read Tony Brown’s THE FINAL DAYS OF JIMI HENDRIX (1997) and has now been persuaded that Monika’s stories were less than truthful.

      In Brown’s book, the statements of two ambulance drivers Reg Jones and John Saua –neither of whom had worked together before or since — are cited on pp. 135-137.

      Reg Jones: “….nobody about, just the body on the bed.” (135)
      John Saua: “When we got down to the flat, there was nobody there. Just the body on the bed.”

      Yet, on the first page of chapter seven, Burdon tells us that the ambulance drivers told him that Jimi would be OK as they were carrying him up the stairs.

      Hard to believe.

      • But in the book,Burdon don’t say that the ambulance drivers told it to him. Just say “I was told Jimi was still alve”, so if no were the paramedics who said that, was Monika who said it to Burton, and she was liar.

      • Burdon knows a lot more than he’s saying. The comments in ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ were made in 2001, 5 years after Monika’s death when Eric could retreat into a permanent safe position. Trust me, Eric knew that Monika’s stories were less than truthful at the time. He just can’t admit it because it would incriminate him. They were afraid Jeffery would murder them too so they concocted a bs cover story and stuck to it. Now they can’t admit it. Monika killed herself over it, or was suicided by some very evil people.

        It is a very interesting English Court drama Eric lives indeed. They killed our magic prince…

    • My reply to you is if we are so corrupt here in the UK why is it we have just sent to prison a man who just a few years ago by just a few votes nearly became our Dupty PM but now after his own addmission of fraud is now serving hard time.
      All so other mps and members of our “FREE” press are doing hard time for wrong doing in clear site of the public and are being punished for wrong doing at public approval.
      If you look back in between your own ramblings I have repeatedly agreed that lies were told and things not done right regards Jimis case, but if hear say and fantasy are spouted as fact then no one would get to the truth, you are just muddying the waters, and you are very much helping the people you claim to be against.

      Who ever “THEY” are.

      Your own unashamed rasism against the UK serves no one but your own agender. Yes its easy to say I wont go to the British police their the bad guys.
      What are you going to do ?

      Ok, well done, you figured it out, the rest of us are stupid dolts.BRAVO!!

      Now what are you going to do ?
      Write a book?…………………………………. well done that will really show them.
      No seriously what are you going to do ? Apart from throwing insults at me peddling your bias against this country

      Jimi was an open person , properly to open , had no prejudice, but he wouldn’t have put up with you and your bigoted attitude for two seconds.

      So insult away but tell we what are you really going to do because if you went public with what youve said you’ll be laughed at.

      Monika a credible witness? Please ! You contratic your self at every turn and your only arguement is insults and bias. Thats not debate. Thats not fact. I can agree to defer but not trade insults.

      Hey BUSTER who really are you . Where are you. Do you even exist .

      You have no credibiity if you don,t come forward and just hide behind Jimis child hood nick name

      All the best Craig McTaggart

  20. I’m sorry Craigy but your input shows a complete ignorance of the Cold War practices of our Central Intelligence Agency. If I may, I believe a few good books would not hurt in your case. You fail to fathom that the answer to the conflicts you wonder over is the very information that I posted. That the British government had a unholy covert alliance with our CIA and cooperated in the cover-up of their political assassinations. If you ridicule the very notion of those assassinations I suggest you study some American history and the murder of Black Panthers by the American government’s COINTELPRO Program. Your input is quite passable if we were to limit this to offhand street talk, however we are much deeper into some very real things connected to some very real and proven government assassination programs that you have failed to live up to in your responses.

    No, your admission that lies were told and Jimi wasn’t done proper justice isn’t good enough I’m afraid and once again serves to show a pure example of the British treatment of this and how they are afraid to confront the Crown and its autocratic authority. Your answer isn’t good enough and doesn’t respond in a credible manner to the proof that Scotland Yard acted with intent in covering-up the evidence they were responsible, by their own self-definition, to follow-through on. No, instead of pressing Scotland Yard on its duplicity Craigy attacks those who are trying to do Jimi justice. This is typical of the brits and they don’t seem to know if they are attacking or defending with their vicious, thuggish approach. Craigy accuses me of muddying the waters, but I suspect Craigy is just parroting things he doesn’t quite understand the meaning of because a true sounding of the real reasons for Jimi’s death is just the opposite and is one of the most clarifying things you could possibly do.

    I think most people can see by now that Craigy is just a boorish blusterer who doesn’t quite know what he is saying himself but is quite sure of his conviction. He’s too ignorant to know the waters he’s entered or what truly lurks beneath them.

    • Paranoia < like all mental illness comes in many forms.

      As for why the British establishment would want to kill Hendrix is beyond me, not through any lack of understanding on my part but more because from growing up in this country I know there would be many more people way up the list before him. People who are still alive and in rude health in there old age.

      Also you refused to say where you live thus denying me the right of reply.

      Your view of this country is about face. The Crown has no power,our Parliment a little,our courts a little more.My country is, like I suspect yours is mainly run by big business. Im not happy about this as Im sure your not, but Im not naive enough to believe the Prime Minister runs the country. No body does, but thats another matter because that by proxy does not mean you arguement is corrct.

      As for bluster ! ! Shheeess Jesus H . Mine have been very small and direct compared to your own senseless and rather loooooooooonnnnggg ramlblings.

      I need to read more books? Well of coarse I do , we all do. I read many books while getting my History degree and with,time and god willing ,I'll read many more before I'm done.
      I'll also not believe everything I read in those books and come to my own conclusions.

      I was quite serious when stating you should show these posts to a neutral third party, they show some very worring signs of paranoia and manic depression. Thats not a cheap shot to discredit you , thats a genuine corncern for another
      human being who seems quite distubed.

      I hope you do though I doubt it , as youv'e refused to address directly a single piont I,ve made, just long rambling, repetitive posts and then and then accuseing me of bluster!! Bad spelling Yes, The length of my posts compared to yours no.

      So I wish you all the luck in the world , you might one day find that smoking gun.
      Im of to persue my busy , but .modest music career , and if Icome across anything to do with the Hendrix case I know where not to come.

      If you do find any proper evidence please try and contact me directly, I know of a number of indepedent people in the media who would love to take a swing at the so called "Establishment" in this country. I repeat this is the time.
      These posts now end All the best Craig McTaggart.

      Ps .Peace and best wishes to the people of Boston .USA. 12.04.2o13

  21. Again, I don’t think any sensible person would take Craigy seriously. I thank him for doing all the work to show us he doesn’t have a credible opinion on this. I actually thank Craigy for his input because he represents a good example of why Jimi Hendrix’s murder went unsolved for so many decades in the country where he was murdered. He can’t give any credible answer to why Scotland Yard failed to detect any of the evidence and that’s all you need to know about Craigy, his methods, or his credibility. Sorry Craigy, blather is no substitute for credible analysis. Get back to us when you can honestly answer the facts.

    • Hey Buster do you have a website or Further reading resources online? I am a Brit and have no hesitation in agreeing with you beliefs of how Jimi met his end.

      • I wish I did. I was banned by the morons who run Crosstown Torrents because I tried to show the evidence. I was permanently banned by a British coward who hides behind the handle “Fenders Fingers”. He’s a brave and powerful man when he can make truth-tellers disappear with the moderator censor button. That site is run by a puff who calls himself “Pat”. He allows bastard moderators to troll the site and rough-up serious posters. His view of defending Jimi against his murder was simply “You can’t do that here.” He shouldn’t be allowed to run the internet’s only major Hendrix site, he’s not qualified. None of those cowards show up outside of their bully pit to back their Hendrix death views in the real man’s world.

        Try reading Britisher Tony Brown’s book ‘Hendrix The Final Days’. Also read the murder parts in Henderson’s ‘Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky’ 2009 edition. Finally, though she gets the cause of death totally wrong, read Sharon Lawrence’s book ‘Jimi Hendrix: The Intimate Story Of A Betrayed Musical Legend’. It contains much valuable witnessing when viewed in the correct murder context.

  22. Buster, great points. So, Burdon’s claims that Jimi’s poem ” The Story of Jesus (sic)” being a suicide note was a feeble attempt at using an alibi ?

    What stands out most to me is that Jimi was found dead in bed fully clothed.

    The introduction to the last edition of David Henerson’s book, he makes a statement referencing Jeffeys, Burbon , AND Alan Douglas as people who were all connected to Jimi directly or indirectly (peripheral people) the night/morning of his death; Henderson’s not too cryptic way of saying the three worked in harmony or possibly independent towards Jimi’s demise .

    Where does Alan Douglas fit in all of this. I know Jimi was banging his wife ( as well a Eric Burdon’s wife) but I thought Douglas was not at issue with this fact.

    How do you interpret Hendereon’s triangle ?

  23. Bingo. It’s nice to see someone with an intelligent understanding respond for a change. That’s why I’m into this because this is a wicked scandal of monumental dimensions equal to that of Jimi himself. Persons with a good sense of this will see Jimi is a prophetic figure whose fate is in direct proportion to his being. If you look closely Eric’s going on BBC and saying Jimi committed suicide was his way to keep from being killed for what he knew. You see Eric had a healthy understanding of Michael Jeffery and his dimensions.

    If you read Monika’s book ‘The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix’ she said Jimi turned to her and told her he thought Devon had OD’d him. However in the same book Monika said Jimi was talking with her casually up until 7am when she fell asleep. Most Hendrix fan dummies don’t catch the conflict in that. You see Jimi last saw Devon at the Kameron party. If Devon had OD’d Jimi with a mickey then normal drug behavior would dictate that Jimi would feel it immediately upon getting to the Samarkand and pass-out shortly after – which would preclude the 4 hour gap Monika speaks of from 3 to 7. Unfortunately, if you have a good decoding of Monika and her statements this creates some ugly morbid possibilities. Jimi probably did tell Monika that but in reaction to the Vesparax he was overdosed with. I’ll leave it to your imagination how this scenario illustrates Monika’s involvement, however anyone can see she certainly can’t be innocent at this point and on the other end the possibilities are frightening. Jimi was obviously found fully-clothed because the 9 Vesparax hit him like a hammer. And that’s what he was trying to tell Monika.

    Thank God there’s other people who intelligently detect Henderson’s subtle suggestions. When I recently re-read Henderson that is the exact thing that came to my head, that he was trying to say something without saying it directly. I guess he was trying not to get sued. Douglas was probably just a hopeful producer who stepped back after Jimi’s murder because he realized the people involved were dangerous. I doubt he had any direct jealousy-based involvement in Jimi’s death. However I’m 100% certain he knows a lot more than he’s saying, so he’s one of many who got away with not telling what they really knew. That’s the real story of Jimi. How many people there were around him who betrayed him out of cowardice. Douglas is one of them. I think what Henderson is really getting at is the three persons mentioned all had some kind of focused pressure on Jimi that night. Burdon and Douglas in a cowardly way, and Jeffery in a murderous one. I assure you Burdon knows the real truth. You can tell just by looking at how he’s been dying to give hints in his books over the years. Douglas high-tailed it to France.

    You can’t tell me Scotland Yard couldn’t figure this stuff out. The reason they play dumb is because Jimi was murdered by one of their own Military Intelligence agents and they don’t want that black mark on England. They don’t want Jimi’s body so visibly crucified like the Story Of Jesus on Big Ben for all to see. For goodness sakes a first year criminology student could see through all this, why couldn’t Scotland Yard? The answer is because Jimi was wacked by CIA’s COINTELPRO program using Jeffery’s problems with him as plausible cover. That’s the story here and when you input it everything else, including the unaccountable disinterest by the authorities, all makes sense. Only a true prophet would have such an obviously tragic fate and only get an occassional person interested every year or so.

  24. Buster, I have been trying for decades to put the pieces together and I can say that your explanations are the only ones that give a logical, fact based closure to this.

    I was one of the group that believed the “Jeffery/insurance payout (bailout)” was the motive for Jimi’s murder but your simple statement of , “Why would Scotland Yard protect a two-bit scumbag manager lawyer like Jeffery?” was the epiphany I needed… even more so, why would they protect a DEAD Jeffery ? He was just one of the many pawns , albeit an important pawn, in this disgusting web of deceit.

    I am very well aware of the world of black ops. Unfortunately, the delusional and ignorant pass the reality of these operations off as being spoken of by “conspiracy theory kooks”, a tactic much like calling someone a racist, used to thwart a discussion by avoiding the facts. There are innumerable books on black ops. As you mentioned, 28 Black Panthers were murdered by these operations (some say Tupac was # 29). Jimi had a FBI file, for Goodness sake, with a bunch of names blacked out so the public will not know who was working on the inside (I wonder how many times Jeffery’s name is written/blacked out in that file).

    I guess the world becomes a pretty scary place when you discover that the Easter Bunny does not exist and instead of facing the reality , sticking your head under the covers and pretending all is well is the easiest solution.

    Buster, I would love to read some of your other “discussions” with the Internet Turds. Can you direct me to some other blogs that you have participated in ?

  25. There’s a dividing line between credibility and uncredibility. The morons on Crosstown Torrents fall on the wrong side of that line and practice the conspiracy theory dismissal you speak of. The storms of history will wash them into the gutters and away to the scummy pools they belong in. They’re ignorant cowards and knowing liars who censor people who defend Jimi. Smarter more knowledgeable persons will realize Jeffery’s use as a pawn is classic of powerful government agency assassinations. They’re too dumb to see that as a member of British Army Military Intelligence Jeffery was one of them and was made offers he couldn’t refuse. If we could bare Jimi’s redacted FBI files we would almost certainly see departments and names as well as code words for FBI entities associated with their CHAOS and COINTELPRO assassination programs. Read Phil Strongman’s book on Lennon and you’ll see experts at deciphering FBI files can see the red flags they are covering with black ink. Just membership on the FBI Security Index alone automatically put you in a dangerous statistical category. That includes Jeffery as well, by the way, who died in a freakish mid air plane crash that was very convenient to the people covering up Jimi’s murder.

    • Bless Eric. Like I said, he’s been giving the best hints he could out of guilt over the years. He’s either trying not to get arrested or killed – or both. I sympathize with him and almost certainly would have done the same thing considering the times and circumstances. It’s easy to judge Eric in hindsight but put yourself in his shoes and consider how easy it was to kill Jimi with impunity and you’ll start to understand why he looked the other way. Eric didn’t kill Jimi, Michael did. But isn’t it a bloody travesty that this stuff like Eric’s quote above is so fucking obvious yet persons like me are banned for pointing it out and there’s no follow-through. It’s simple common sense to see that when you think of who and what the “business” that killed Jimi was that Michael Jeffery is the one who embodied the business end of Jimi. Poor Eric is telling us Jimi was murdered by Jeffery. He just can’t say it directly. God bless him.

  26. Again, Buster, I wish to thank you for your spot on analysis of the events that surround this incredible situation.

    I am not British but please stay on the path and keep a stiff upper lip. The fact that you are pissing people off and getting banned tells me that you are doing something right. I am confident in saying that your detractors do not possess the insight, knowledge or intellect that you have exhibited in this arena and their feckless duplicitous manner should only act as a minor inconvenience as you move forward on the “mission”. To say that one has steel in their balls would probably be interpreted by that group as a vulgar insult…enough said.

    I will be checking this page periodically in hopes that you continue to post with the intent of keeping the throngs up to date with the events as they unfold.

    Bests to you …..

  27. My recent participation on the blog has stirred my to reread several Hendrix books and last night I read a part that I had previously not given proper notice to. It seems that a member of Vanilla Fudge , who happened to be managed by none other than Michael Jeffery, was killed in a suspicious car accident. Upon hearing the news, chills went down Jimi’s spine… he had no doubts who was responsible for the death of this musician.

    I tried to search for info on this but came up with ZERO. Is the Fudge guy another feather on Jeffery’s cap ?

  28. I found internet search information on that Vanilla Fudge member a while back but can’t find it now. I’m glad you noticed that. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people is that Tony Brown was on to a lot more than he said directly. You have to read Brown in the context that he’s putting these things out there with serious intent but letting the reader interpret its meaning. Whatever the exact name of the Vanilla Fudge member was it is very likely that information was gotten to Jimi as a purposeful message. Actually it is even worse than you imagine. The manager of Vanilla Fudge was Phil Basile, a member of the New York Lucchese crime family whom Jeffery associated with. The reason Jimi got scared upon hearing that news is because Basile and Jeffery had kidnapped him in order to send a message. Also, Jimi’s friend Bobby Woods ended up dead on his back on a Queens NY street with his arms crossed across his chest and several bullets in his head. Woods was a bartender at the mafia’s Salvation Club. The same club that Jeffery had taken mob thugs up to Jimi’s house in order to intimidate him into playing at. You can see how right out in the open all this stuff is.

    On September 17 Jimi decided all this stuff made Jeffery a bad deal. He called Jeffery’s lawyer Henry Steingarten and told him to sever his ties with Jeffery once and for all. 12 hours later Jimi was found dead under strange circumstances.

    • My brother Tony Brown also died in 1999 massive heart attack and a whiskey bottle by he’s side
      After he wrote he’s last book on Jimi Hendrix he did know loads more what he never put in he’s books but like all the rest it’s gone to he’s grave…someone got to Tony too! I think
      We were going to Lanzarote next thing I knew tony was dead…I’ve never wrote anything like this before but reading your blog I feel closer to tony and jimi

  29. @Buster… it was very obvious that Tony Brown knew much more than he published in his book. I’ve always wondered why he left so much open for interpretation (speculation?). Was libel a real and valid concern ? Some feel that Monika poured the wine down Jimi’s pipes but that does not add up. MJ and cohorts seems more likely.

    Do you feel that Tappy’s account is the most accurate rendering of the series of events ?

  30. You can tell from the way Tony Brown sets up the information that anyone who had as much knowledge of the case as himself would naturally have drawn further conclusions. That was my one criticism of the book, that Brown could have helped the reader by at least drawing some of those conclusions in public. I sort of did that for him in this thread. You have to understand Monika initiated a vicious libel battle with Kathy just a few years prior, so Brown was probably aware of the potential problems of going too far with his evidence. Plus people like Brown don’t want to appear too aggressive or they’ll lose future interviews. When pushed into a corner on the murder of a famous person people will sue. Unfortunately those people had a great partner in the British government and its non-investigation. Monika appears to have been thrown to the dogs as a scapegoat in order to shut her up. Her death was somewhat predictable considering what would have happened if she were still alive after Tappy’s claim.

    There are some serious insiders who feel Monika was the one who murdered Jimi by forcing wine down his throat. I disagree because criminal profiling shows that such a calculated death is not the modus operandi of a shy blond German artist. There was a methodology to that murder that precluded impulsive female reaction. The pills were planned. That kind of planning puts you squarely within the modus operandi of intel. You have to play Sherlock Holmes and look at the evidence. Monika called Burdon shortly after the event to get help. If Monika had murdered Jimi criminal behavior patterns would make it more likely that she would not have brought attention to herself so quickly. If Monika did such a thing she more likely would have let Jimi lie and pretended to find him after waking up herself. Plus, if you look at Monika’s relationship to Jimi she was looking to keep him, not murder him. Forcing wine down someone’s throat while unconscious is, however, the type of covert murder method someone like Michael Jeffery would be familiar with. Plus, if you are sharp you’ll notice Jimi’s body was found on the bed untouched and covered in vomit. This shows that the people who cleaned up the flat knew he was dead. If there was any question of life someone would have tried to save him. The reason Jimi was found that way is because the people who first got to him knew he was dead and there was no point in trying to aid him. Jeffery had a serious motive and means, Monika was the patsy. In the end, the forensic evidence perfectly dovetails with Tappy’s tale. However, if true, Jeffery was clever enough to leave out the fact he got Monika to dose Jimi. Probably in return for Hendrix-access favors. If Jeffery did say that to Tappy, the forensic evidence precludes the pills being shoved down Jimi’s throat by the murderers. Jimi’s barbiturate level showed that the pills had been inside him for about 2 hours.

    There is a very real wicked alternative possibility here that Monika was a CIA operative drafted as part of the COINTELPRO program to infiltrate Jimi. However I don’t think she was a directed killer because, if you are sharp, her pattern of giving hints over the years is not what such a person would do. Her pattern is more like a cooperator who was used and did not know the intention of her users. A Mata Hari who infiltrated Jimi and was then used to set him up for murder. CIA had some very bizarre capabilities with those programs I won’t go into here because they are above the heads of the average Crosstown Tyrants feces tossers and mugwumps. Yes, there is a possibility Monika was wicked as they come. That she murdered Jimi under covert orders and later framed Jeffery once he was dead. Jeffery’s business motives could be effectively used as a plausibly deniable reason. So instead of poor innocent Monika being played by Jeffery, it was Jeffery being played by world class Cold War intelligence wolves out for a big political target who threatened their covert banks. But once you realize Jeffery was MI-6 we are talking the same thing and it doesn’t make much difference since they were all part of the same intel cause. Do you see now the tenterhooks the British government hangs on here and why it ignores such obvious evidence?

  31. Patsy is a very interesting term. Do you think the herculean effort of cleaning the murder scene by Burdon, Terry Slater, et al was to keep Monika from becoming the ultimate patsy in the Oswald sense ? Damage control possibly ? Or perhaps Monika was told “Clean this shit up , Bitch, or you’ll be next… ” as MJ exited the Samarkind?

    And why do you think Eric, Slater, Wong , etc would help with the clean up and get placed in the middle of a murder ?

    And for those of you who disbelieve MK Ultra mind control and the wicked world of intel operatives take note of this video clip. Please remember that what you are about to see is the actual scenario and not a re-encatment

  32. It all depends on what the cleaners knew. They could have been told Jimi OD’ed and just wanted to clean the place of any drug evidence while they strategized a plan. So, once Monika involved them they were the ones who cooked-up the pretend you woke up and found him that way story.

    You can see how complex this is because there are so many levels of possibility. If the clean-up crew knew Jimi was murdered then their clean-up takes on more intent of removing evidence and allowing Jeffery to get away in order to relieve any consequences for themselves. Chances are they knew, simply because of their behavior and not speaking about it. After all, with all that’s come out in the last few years you would think there would at least be a comment from those people? Not a peep.

    It’s very possible the motivation for the clean-up was to avoid endangering themselves with Jeffery. At that point Monika’s role wasn’t significant. She just happened to be there at the time. Her job then became to stick with her story no matter what. And that’s basically what she did up until the issue finally coming to bear led to her death.

    Interesting that Monika said Stickells and Barret were only interested in phone messages and notes from Jeffery. Monika was a bit dizzy because she wrote in her book that only Jimi and her knew about the Samarkand in order to escape the office. So how could there be any phone messages from Jeffery?

    • The governments in question used 9-11 to install the self-serving intelligence agency rogue rule they had enjoyed previously by covert means at the formal level. Which, as you say, saved them the bother of going through the motions and making themselves look bad with corrupted methods and decisions. Now they can just officially ignore you and blow you off. Those rotten governments used the Cold War to install undemocratic military rule with the excuse it was justified by the extremes of potential nuclear war. As history shows, once those powers are taken they are not given back because those who benefit from them are not going to give up their conveniences, even if there is no longer any enemy to apply them towards.

      Jimi’s case is much more provable. At some point Scotland Yard must be made to answer for its obvious failures in the Hendrix murder.

    • Monika’s language difficulty may have made her say ‘shot’ when she meant ‘dosed’. The two people Jeffery murdered were likely Devon and maybe Bobby Woods. Or perhaps Monika meant Devon and Jimi?

      If you pay attention Monika slipped and told the real time she dropped Jimi at Kameron’s – midnight. She had told everyone else 1:30am. She also slipped and said 9am for her wake up time. This was one of the three times she had given over her various stories of 9 – 10:20 and 11.

      • If you’re a clever detective like I am you’ll notice Monika starts saying “They should have cut his…” and then abruptly stops and regathers her words. If you are sharp you’ll understand that when Monika was thinking about a tracheostomy she was about to say “They should have cut his throat”. Listen to the clip. The reason she abruptly stopped is because it was too close to the truth and gave her a nervous reaction that made her search for different words. Monika couldn’t bring herself to say “They should have cut his throat”.

    • Good question. No, I don’t think it is. I’ve heard the Caesar radio show recording and I’m pretty sure it’s different than this one. So I think this one is an unknown interview on a different show from the same time period because she basically tells the same story she told Caesar. To show how dirty the powers that be are and how much CIA controls things you can’t find the Caesar show recording on the internet any more even though it used to be available. And that pig Caesar is probably keeping it under wraps because it makes Monika look bad. You can contact the guy who posted it, Richard Anthony, but he’s mainly oriented towards his weird publication that promotes the theory Monika did it with poisoned wine.

      • “…And that pig Caesar…” Amen,a turd on the same level as Fender’s Finger. These people seem to dedicate their lives to the memory of Jimi but instead of searching for truth, clarification and justice they are determined to paint a picture of the events that led to Jimi’s demise in their preconceived vision(version) as opposed to logically interrupting the facts as they unfold.

        I can not understand Caesar’s motive nor how he gets away with his own special brand of Yellow Journalism.

        Totally reprehensible…

  33. …plus, was Billy’s dosing an intentional sabotage or just a byproduct of the times as backstage drink spiking was commonplace in that era?

    • Good question. I’m not sure because, like most things involved with this, there’s too little information and the people involved aren’t talking. But, Meromeri, remember that Jeffery was probably successful in breaking Buddy Miles away from Jimi with acid at the Madison Square Garden moratorium concert. Jeffery was trying to force Jimi back into the Experience with Noel on bass because that was his money maker he could control. So I would not be shocked if Jeffery played his usual tricks and dosed Billy. However, also remember Billy was around rehearsing at the Catskills house when Jeffery did his mafia intimidation and was a first hand witness to Jimi being spooked about it. If you think about it Billy was one of Jimi’s best friends so naturally Jimi probably voiced his fears to Billy. So even if it was a random spiking it hit Billy broadside right when he was already stressed about Jeffery and probably sparked a paranoia that was already brewing in Billy anyway. I’m pissed at Billy because he could help Jimi by clearing this up but he doesn’t talk about it. Hey, thanks for helping Jimi Billy. What I’ve come to figure out lately is that Jimi was also probably spiked that night as well but had a harder head for acid and rode it out. That bad acid could explain some of Jimi’s weird behavior during those final days. This whole thing fascinates me because there’s an epic opera here that needs to be figured out to do justice for Jimi. I’m just being figurative when I say opera because I consider this a serious cause for a real hero and brother of mine who is calling us from the grave like Hamlet. This discussion belongs on Crosstown Torrents but the cowardly British-oriented scumbags have censored it under that cowardly tyrant ‘Fender’s Fingers’.

      • Billy, Terry Slater, BuddyMiles (RIP), Judy Wong , etc can shed light on this but after almost 44 years are seeming scared of the forces to be.

  34. Sorry to inform you Judy Wong rip 2005 and Terry Slater rip 2008.

    I figure Caesar does it because his magazine depends on information from surviving Hendrix people. And as we have shown, most of them, unfortunately, are holding back on Jimi in order to cover their cowardly asses. That’s why I’m in this business because Jimi created a perfect storm of fame that was just big enough for all those involved to justify their betrayal. As far as Crosstown Tyrants, they are a weird mix of idiots, degenerate creeps, smug Hendrix aficionados, and an obvious core of British-based members who control their bias in a British-type of censoring way on an American website. This is because the owner “Pat”, whose, as far as I can tell, main qualification is being a Hawks fan, is a numbnuts whose main interest is probably Hendrix computer geekery. He has no intellectual integrity whatsoever that would qualify him as the overseer of the internet’s main Hendrix site. So those British bastards get away with censoring the murder topic on his site. The result is the remaining content is moronic and only serves the cowardly needs of fans wanting to grab free Hendrix souvenirs. Eventually we’ll have to form a free site to counter it I guess. What gets me the most is some of those Crosstown creeps know what I posted is true but still troll it. Or the fools who pose their stupidity as being the best course for Jimi. That’s good because that’s the evil sector I wanted to handle personally. As far as Caesar, in traditional fables those who betray the object of their interest so badly usually suffer some kind of befitting fate.

  35. Rolling Stone Magazine’s headline for Jimi’s stamp, “Going Postal”, is derogatory. The best way to describe what is wrong with Jimi’s stamp is that it is a cartoon. Jimi wasn’t a cartoon, man. Part of the reason Jimi’s murder isn’t being investigated is because of this weird indirect political/racist bias against Jimi where he isn’t quite taken seriously or given the mainstream attention, like with the evidence for his murder, that rock stars of his stature would be given. All society has proven, and even major rock publications, is that you can praise Jimi while murdering him at the same time. That in itself is what Jimi stood for and why he is special and important. Dig? That’s what you need staring back at you from a Hendrix stamp, not some piss yellow-toned psychedelic mush.

  36. I just got a couple of sheets today. The only this uglier than the stamp is the picture of Jimi on the back side of the stamp sheet … or maybe the Band of Gypsys cover.

    • rsIam very surprised that an earlier entry of mine on this subject was somehow omitted over a period of years.It dealt with the fact that the British government shut down it’s Forensic Science Division citing funding.At that time the Director of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (Dr.Buono) was extremely critical of this decision.Meanwhile all conscious individuals should continue their efforts to produce justice in this matter.

  37. Over on Crosstown Tyrants the poster Ezy Ryder opened a thread asking what would be your biggest regret regarding Jimi? The responses started off by mentioning songs people wished Jimi had done live. The poster Pali Gap then wrote: “Well apart from the obvious, I wish he hadn’t taken that fatal overdose in Sept 1970.” Pali Gap’s profile shows he’s from London. You have to understand that English fans are generally in denial that Jimi was murdered and don’t want to admit their hero was subjected to a wicked death by Englishmen. As all the real evidence shows, Jimi did not take a fatal dose. He took a borderline lethal dose, according to the manufacturer, and didn’t have enough time to overdose. Nor would his famous tolerance for barbiturates allow him to overdose from such a borderline dose.

    The poster Purplehazechild them chimes-in that he wished Jimi had never met Monika Dannemann. If Purplehazechild is trying to say Jimi was murdered he doesn’t give enough detail. But rest assured Purplehazechild holds back because the site is hostile towards people who speak the truth and attacks them. Crosstown Tyrants has no problem allowing people to suggest Jimi died a way that he provably did not. It’s only when you can intelligently argue the evidence that they take action. Anyone who defends Jimi will be banned.

    Mourningstar then chimes-in with one of his ass-kissing inanities. He’s a suck-up of the worst sort and will enter the cowardly evasion he does in order to serve the site bulls. His input is obviously guided by his cowardice over telling the truth. He doesn’t care if these people are in cowardly denial of Jimi’s murder as long as he can post.

    Uncle Cami then adds the best example of the site’s duplicitous orientation. He says: “Wouldn’t have mattered. He would have died anyway, I believe. He was reckless.” This is the popular Caesar Glebbeek blaming-the-victim canard. It’s a cowardly, condescending attempt to pose Jimi as some kind of ignorant colored man who didn’t know what he was doing and killed himself. Uncle Cami and Caesar are people who will allow Jimi to be the subject of their great fanhood but pity him at the same time. No intelligent discussion of how Jimi’s problems were directly attributable to Michael Jeffery will ever come from them. This is a completely acceptable opinion on Crosstown Tyrants that gets not one peep of protest from the ignoratti who attend it.

    Poster deek57 chimes-in blaming Monika. These people know there’s something wrong, but they blame Monika. The evidence I showed proving Jeffery did it isn’t even registered by these dumb-asses. It bounces off their thick heads.

    The poster karsten then blames Jimi, saying his death was a repeat of other similar reckless barbiturate use Jimi did in that last month. Karsten is yet another poster who ignores the evidence for murder in the autopsy data that disproves accidental overdose. These preferred Crosstown members can literally be shown the evidence yet they ignore it and proffer their idiotic, dumbed-down version. These people are in denial Michael Jeffery murdered Jimi. They are saying Jimi himself and the Vesparax did it, even though it is provably untrue if you practice a level of analysis above the moronic one they practice.

    Pali Gap then adds that he doesn’t think Monika did it, that it was an accident. Sure, an accident with lungs bursting with wine. These people just ignore Michael Jeffery’s motives and incriminating behavior.

    Mourningstar asks if Monika wasn’t to blame why would she kill herself?

    Purple Jim responds with the wholly disingenuous answer that Monika killed herself over depression from losing the court case against Kathy. These Crosstown deniers always seek the quickest, easiest excuse and don’t involve any of the incriminating evidence that shows otherwise. You must keep to the moronic dumbed-down script on Crosstown. Nothing else is allowed.

    Purple Jim is a notorious gatekeeper and liar on the subject. He has a dishonest web page where he mocked me as being a crazy conspiracy theorist. Of course he never honestly discussed any of my evidence nor does his page allow comments. That is a typical Crosstown playing field. Mocking denial with no ability to respond. Caesar practices the same thing. You don’t see those lying cowards show up here where they would have to defend their ignorance and stupidity. The British coward Fender’s Fingers, with his attack dog avatar, makes sure the site is cleansed of anyone who can factually argue the murder evidence. The owner Pat Peterson prefers it that way. I don’t know who Peterson is or his background but how he came to be the controller of this subject needs to be reviewed. I think most of the posters on Crosstown are either cowardly or stupid. However I suspect there’s a small percentage of them who know Jimi was murdered and post disinformation for political reasons. Peterson is their welcoming host.

    How did those assholes ever get in control of the prevailing Hendrix community opinion on Jimi’s death? What kind of cowards does Jimi have as fans?

  38. It is rather bizarre how they stubbornly refuse to even consider new scientifically based evidence. The Herd Mentality is a signature trait of the WASP culture.

    I am very disappointed in the non-action of Gerry Stickells, Tony Slater, Mitch and Billy Cox. Billy’s mental and physical state at the time of the tragedy could be a valid excuse though. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually mentally blocked the entire episode.

    And the other three, being English, might possibly be(been) in the same crosshairs as Jimi. So, their silence may possibly be out of self preservation rather than indifference towards Jimi.

    Janie’s indifference is really the most troubling. She has the time , money and connections to find out the truth … she may possibly know the truth. I guess the ringing of the cash register inspires her to leave well enough alone.

  39. The Crosstown site’s members are basically computer nerds of the MP-3 culture and probably Hendrix collectors who have been around long enough to be the names in the business. They’ve learned to get along you don’t get hung up on things like Jimi’s murder because it will draw heat to their purpose, which isn’t doing justice for Jimi as his fans but is instead sucking as much as you can get out of him for their own benefit. The theme of that site is internet piracy, not responsibility for Jimi’s murder. It’s a weird mix and Jimi tends to attract a lesser educated peer group of pot smokers who won’t wreck their high hurting their dull brains with things like evidence. Some of them are moronic enough to scold people like me that investigating Jimi’s death is something that does disservice to his memory when the obvious reason they are doing it is because it is easier for them. Pretty dumb. The other group are the professionals to whom the dummies look when they need an opinion on things like this. Those professionals are smart enough to know Jimi was murdered. Some of them even knew it then. They qualify for a particular level of weaseldom because they just lay low and either repeat the official story or avoid the issue all together. These people are afraid because they know they won’t last long in the industry if they speak the truth. I know what you mean about WASP culture but this sort of thing goes beyond ethnicity, though I will say the worst deniers of Jimi’s murder are brits. They obviously don’t want to admit the unavoidable British consequences of this.

    The people you mentioned bought time from the fact Monika made a plausible story of a drug overdose and seeing how that was at least possible people accepted it. Some of them knew Jeffery murdered Jimi. Being of a powerless counter-culture they simply stayed quiet seeing how the authorities were not interested and would probably not help anyway. Most of Jimi’s peers were partying and staying away from the cops, so there wasn’t much they were going to do either. Rock was a rogue culture. It was on its own. It was taken advantage of by all those concerned. Jeffery was alive and a dangerous bastard. He had just neutralized a Security Index target so intel was going to cover him. Yes, those other 3 had things to worry about seeing what happened to Jimi. And with Jimi’s fans being so dumb, like the idiots on Crosstown, who was going to listen? By the way, there’s a good chance some of those attackers of the evidence are intelligence agents.

    Yeah, Janie is probably a person whose personality isn’t prone to proactive pursuit of evidence and legal justice. Though she doesn’t seem to hesitate when it comes to lawyering-up to protect her Hendrix interests. Being a business minded person she probably knows when she’s taking on a system that isn’t going to let her win. When you prove the British Government consciously covered-up Jimi’s murder the liability aspects are huge, so they aren’t going to be trapped by their own law. By the way, I think she already made a public statement saying the way Jimi died and the official story are two different things.

  40. Buster, please excuse me if you have already spoken on this but how does the Bobby Woods’ hit play into all of this , if at all?

    And on a completely different topic, I highly doubt Eric Clapton’s tale of seeing Jimi at the Sly Stone concert the night of his death. As far as I know, Jimi was scheduled to jam with Sly but Clapton is the only person that states that Jimi attended the Family Stone concert.
    Probably mistaken identity.

    Agreed ?

  41. Your guess is as good as mine on Bobby Wood, however I strongly suspect his knowledge of Jeffery’s relationship to his mob bosses at the Salvation had something to do with it. Figure it out. Wood was Jimi’s best friend at the Salvation, was a loose cannon, and had a reputation for having loose lips (not a good trait to have in the mob).

    Why Clapton said that has yet to be figured out. All the known accounts never mention Jimi stopping by the Lyceum to see the Sly concert.

  42. The owner of Crosstown Torrents is Pat Peterson. If you look at his Facebook page he’s a hockey jock and ex-Navy. An interesting thing to note on his Facebook page are the images of NRA and gun-rights links. He’s a right-winger and gun nut. If you could choose a person whom you would not want in charge of the internet’s only major Hendrix site it would be him. He smells spooky and could be a intel agent or person under their control (or politically oriented), which explains the lack of tolerance of discussion of Jimi’s murder on that site. That guy should never be allowed to run the internet’s only Hendrix site. His background fully explains the totally un-Hendrix bully manner in which that site is run.

    Robbie Radio posted Joe Viglione’s article on Buzzy Linhart’s witnessing of Devon Wilson’s saying Jimi was murdered. Typical of the trolls that dominate Crosstown Torrents “Ezy Rider” came on and gave a one-line answer saying it wasn’t credible. Viglione’s article is actually very credible and shows good evidence towards Jimi’s murder. Ezy Rider is just following the enforced line of stupidity on Crosstown where ALL murder discussion is shunned and not credible. The extreme travesty of this is the fact that Ezy Rider, while assuming a position of credibility, is actually the one who isn’t credible. There’s a lot of discussion that should follow in that thread that won’t because of the level of fascist intimidation imposed by the gun nut site owner Pat Peterson and his capo moderators. If you post intelligent information showing that posters like Ezy Rider are just moronic shills knee-jerking dislike you’ll be descended upon quickly by the degenerate thugs who run that site. And run it in favor of those who would cover-up and conceal Jimi’s murder for their own purposes.

    That site should be boycotted out of existence. The Jimi treasures it offers should be given back and the owner should be told what to do with them if it comes at the poisonous price of backing Jimi’s murderers. It disgusts me to see the cowards who embody that site giving in to the deal that they’ll get their Hendrix goodies as long as they consent to the right-wing agenda Crosstown enforces. No poster dares answer that thread honestly because they know what will happen to them under Mr Peterson’s draconian rule. It disgusts me to see the membership consists of cowardly creeps who are willing to sell out Jimi in order to be members.

    • You present a very compelling argument mate. I’ve been playing guitars for 30 years and like all metal heads, I cut my teeth on old school blues like Jimi before moving onto Black Sabbath etc. I’ve never been pro-guns, in fact quite the opposite as in the former Yugoslavia where my parents came from, Serbia ranks second to the USA for “gun nuts” per capita (58% – the USA a whopping 97%!) and has a lot to do with the multi-factorial reasons that destroyed the old Yugoslavia. That site is boycotted. You’ve convinced me. F that site forever. Maybe I’ll create an account there just to troll it in my spare time, haha ;)

    • There’s an evil oppression on that site over discussing Jimi’s murder. That’s why there’s only one stupid response where the poster Ezy Rider pretends to have credibility, entering a negative comment while dismissing the subject. The real truth is the site is occupied by some incredible dumb-asses herd-driven by some dark people in control who intimidate and ban anyone who tries to enter into intelligent discussion of the evidence. Any smart person can see Ezy Rider is just a creep who is only capable of scoffing “not credible” while being totally unable to discuss the finer, more subtle things Buzzy’s witnessing entails:

  43. There’s a shiny brand new user called ‘Electric Lady’ on crosstown and VoodooChild starts off with a good post for ‘Ted Nugent – Like I Needed Another Reason To Not Like This Guy’ (actually I like some of his music, Stranglehold is a good rolly polly bluesy track for instance, but VoodooChild is right about The Nuge when it comes to opinions) and then Renemies chimes in with “I don’t see anything wrong with what he’s saying. Jimi’s drug use is why he died”. Looks like ElectricLady is going to have to wise him up about Mike Jeffery and what really happened. We’ll see what comes of this when “her” account is approved, and I’m finished travelling to Kiev and central Ukraine over the next week…

    The thread’s not that old, so it’s 1st troll on the list :)

  44. If you want to understand the evil nature of that site and how it is run by enemies of Jimi (possibly intel) just sign-up and try to tell the truth about the evidence behind Jimi’s murder and watch what happens to you.

  45. Regret to inform that Arthur Allen – one of the Allen Twins and Jimi Hendrix’s Harlem friend from the Ghetto-Fighters has died of fibrotic lung disease. He changed his name to Tunde Ra Aleem years ago.

  46. In their new book ‘Ghetto Fighters In Harlem World’ the Allen Twins made a startling revelation about a witnessing Albert Allen had at Electric Lady Studios. It was Albert Allen who was napping on the couch at Electric Lady when he overheard a conversation between Monika Dannemann and Michael Jeffery. When he jumped-up to announce his presence he saw the famous Samarkand garden photos of Jimi from September 17th laid out on Jeffery’s desk. Included in those photos were two photos of Jimi Hendrix laying on the bed at the Samarkand Hotel obviously dead. Dannemann became the center of a nasty controversy that involved her suing Hendrix bass guitar player Noel Redding for questioning her doings the morning Jimi died. Dannemann had insisted to the authorities that Jimi was alive when he was taken away in the ambulance at 11:30am. When the ambulance men were finally located and questioned in 1992 they came up with a different story saying no one as present at the Hotel and Jimi was obviously dead. What Albert Allen witnessed was proof of that.

    • I can confirm what Buster is saying to be 100% correct. And there has been buzz about Albert’s witnessing for many years. Also, in 1996 Albert confronted Monika via phone about the pictures and Monika did not deny it and within a week, Monika kissed her own arse goodbye from the world.

    • Buster,

      This part of the article above, specifically the quote by Roger Pomphrey, provides intrigue:

      “When I made my documentary there were a couple of people who claimed, offcamera, that Monika was in New York two weeks after Jimi died, and who heard her in close conversation with Mike Jeffery.”

      I think you know what I’m getting at here.

  47. It could just be the original mistaken memory being repeated to Pomphrey. I know Monika was in New York in February 1971. In any case the precise date matters not. It makes sense to me that this new date of 2 weeks later attests to bad memories since it now varies with the “day of Jimi’s death” version told of in the book. Safe to say it was probably Feb ’71.

  48. Hey Buster,

    Stop me if I’m wrong on this one. I’m going back to this quote:

    ” Dr Bannister had never entered any statement on record about the wine.”

    That’s understandable, since he was the ‘Surgical Registrar’ on duty that day, Sept. 18, 1970 at the St. Mary Abbotts Hospital. Which leads to the obvious question. Would it not be the job of the ‘Medical Registrar’ to enter that information on record about the wine? And wasn’t the ‘Medical Registrar’ the same guy (Dr. Seifert) that gave two different stories about Jimi’s medical condition?

    Think maybe Seifert may have been gotten to and blatantly omitted the wine from his report at that time? We know he lied about it later and said he didn’t see any signs of alcohol. And how do we know that? Because there was a 3rd doctor named Bob Brown and he states Jimi had “too much to drink” and that can be seen in this article right here:

    And just what would make Bob Brown think Jimi had too much to drink? But of course, the very same red wine Dr. Bannister witnessed.

  49. Yet the dumb-asses on Crosstown Torrents back Seifert and trash Bannister. Unfortunately Brown said that in 2012 so the deniers will just say that he read that later and just repeated it. This whole problem originates from Seifert and Bannister thinking it was just an unfortunate case of drug and alcohol misadventure and never considering foul play. By the time Dr Teare got Jimi for autopsy the critical forensic element of the wine was gone and not represented in the forensic figuring. The covert murder method had worked perfectly, up until people started asking questions years later.

    • But, as we know, UPI reporter Jack Meehan spoke with Gavin Thurston (the coroner) on Sept. 29, 1970, one day after the Inquest concluded, and Thurston told Meehan that Jimi was “imbibed by red wine” — totally backing Bannister and Brown’s statements. Crosstown can deny all they want, but it don’t change reality and all they’re doing is urinating on their own heads and telling themselves it is raining.

  50. That of course is a checkmate that destroys the human scum Crosstown poster stplsd and all the other morons who said there was no proof of the wine. That is proof, if Monika’s admission of the wine wasn’t. What the cowards at Crosstown do is pull the chessboard out from underneath you and ban you when you prove the evidence they are in denial of.

    • That’s right. I’ve seen the the poster stplsd’s ridiculous posts over there and he clearly comes across as a dog with rabies, chasing it’s own tail, as do the others.

  51. Some of the statements regarding Jimi’s condition (on September 18th 1970) are described graphically, so be prepared…

    John Saua was one of the ambulance crew (2 men) who answered the call to 22 Landsdowne Crescent, London on the 18th September 1970. The call came in at 11:18 A.M. They arrived at 11:27 AM. John had only worked with Reg Jones for one month, as Reg Jones’ regular partner was in the hospital. John left that position shortly afterword and had no contact with Reg Jones since, nor were they particularly good mates at the time, being of different age groups. John still is an ambulance man.

    John Saua’s Statement:

    Well, I remember we had a hell of a time trying to suck him out, I mean the vomit was dry and there was a hell of a lot of it. The aspirators in those days were all right, but not like you have today. They couldn’t shift that lot.

    We knew it was hopeless. There was no pulse, no respiration. We got down to the flat and there was nobody but the body on the bed, we had to radio for the police from the van, and we couldn’t touch anything in the flat. As I say we knew he was gone, he was on top of the bed dressed, but I didn’t recognize him. I don’t know if any anybody would’ve recognized him. His own mother wouldn’t have recognized him. He was in a pool of vomit, it was everywhere.

    But we are not doctors and it’s our job to keep trying till we get them to the hospital. We can’t proclaim anyone dead…so as soon as the police arrived we were off. I was in the back with Jimi, Reg Jones drove. When we moved him the gasses were gurgling. You get that when someone has died, it wasn’t too pleasant. The vomit was all the way down. We couldn’t have got an airway down. He was flat on his back when we got there. It’s a shame he wasn’t on his side because he might have pulled through.

    Questions for John Saua:


    Q: Did you sit Jimi up in the ambulance?

    A: Of course not, but I really kept on trying to do what I could for him even though we knew it was useless. I was really sorry there was nothing we could do to help.

    Q: Why have you never talked to the press or come forward?

    A: What do you mean come forward? I would never talk to the press, well you can’t in our job. We sign a conditions of service agreement. If we go into a building of national security, or a member of the royal family or a celebrity, we can’t talk about it, and quite right too. No one has ever asked me about it before anyway.

    {John was then shown the account in the bio “Electric Gypsy” regarding Jimi’s death.}

    A: Well that’s fiction isn’t it? What a load of old cobblers!

    Q: Don’t you remember this girl (Monika Dannemann)?

    A: No.

    Q: Surely you remember this girl. Blond hair and a German accent.

    A: Sorry, doesn’t jar anything or ring any bells with me.

    Q: Did you speak to anyone on your way to the hospital?

    A: Just the police before we left. A small crowd may have gathered. I can’t remember if some one asked what was happening, but you always get a crowd round an ambulance. It’s an unfortunate fact.

    Q: Did anyone ride along to the hospital with you?

    A: No, of course not, like who?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Reg Jones was the other member of the ambulance crew who responded to a “possible O.D.” call at the 22 Landsowne crescent basement flat on the 18th of September 1970. He had worked for over 20 years as an ambulance man and has the highest reputation among his colleagues.

    Reg Jones’ Statement:

    Well it was horrific. We arrived at the flat and the door was flung wide open. Nobody about, just the body on the bed. He was covered in vomit. There was tons of it all over the pillow, black and brown it was. His airways was completely blocked all the way down. His tongue had fallen back you see. The room at first was dark…we had to pull the curtains.

    Well we had to get the police. We only had an empty flat, so John Saua ran up and radioed and got the aspirator too. We felt for any pulse between his shoulders, pinched his earlobes and nose, showed a light in his eyes, but there was no response at all. I knew he was dead as soon as I walked in the room. You get a feel for it, I can’t explain, but you do and I knew he was dead.

    Once the police arrived, which seemed like no time at all, we got him off to the hospital as quick as we could. We just kept trying. My shirt was wringing wet. The ambulances in them days, they wasn’t equipped like they are now. We had them crazy wadhams (a type of ambulance) in them days, awful they was.

    We took him to St. Mary Abbotts, they don’t have a casualty ward now, but in them days they did. That was our designated hospital for the day. There was a “bed state”* at St. Charles. You found out at the beginning of your shift what your designated hospital was – St. Mary’s was the designated that day.

    [*NOTE: A “bed state” meant that the casualty ward for a particular hospital was not open on a particular day – either through staffing or lack of beds, the designated hospital was the place the injured, or ill, would receive the fastest and most comprehensive care. Just to make sure the emergency services remembered, large highly visible colored disks were placed at the casualty entrance. Red was for closed and green meant open. St. Charles was marginally closer, but there was a “bed state” and, as Reg Jones said, St. Mary’s was the designated casualty ward that day.]

    Questions for Reg Jones:

    Q: Did any one come along in the Ambulance with you?

    A: No. John Saua was with Jimi, I didn’t know he was Jimi Hendrix, bit out of my age group, luv. When we got him to the hospital, full lights and sirens, we had to clean the ambulance out, it was really a mess, his bowels and bladder, all that goes when you’re dead. That flat must have needed a good cleaning too.

    Q: Did you sit him up in the ambulance?

    A: Sit him up! No luv, you don’t sit people up when they’ve choked. Them steps up the flat was steep, and you had a natural incline on the way up, but no, he wasn’t sat up.

    Q: Did you see or talk to anyone in the flat or on the way?

    A: Just the police and the hospital staff.

    Q: What about the German girl?

    A: What German Girl? We didn’t talk to no one but the police, and then at the hospital.

    Q: This is a bit confusing – look at this (shown the account in the “Electric Gypsy” bio:

    A: Well that’s just crazy that is. I wouldn’t know that girl if she was living next door to me. I’ve never seen her before. That’s wicked that is. I’ve lived long enough to know silly tongues will wag, but that is wicked. She wasn’t there, there was no one there.

    Q: Have you ever had a situation like this before or since?

    A: Well no, that’s why I can remember it quite well, just the body and no one around

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    • Good on you Scott. Now after absorbing what you wrote consider that the main European Hendrix archivist Caesar Glebbeek put out a publication in 2011 saying all this testimony is nonsense and that he had gathered the real facts. Glebbeek then offered some very clumsily put together retractions and reversals of these statements without any dates or verifying information to support them. It is very likely Glebbeek either fabricated those retractions or unquestioningly printed the retractions of people trying to cover up. It just goes to show what dunderheads the general Hendrix community are that they would not only fail to react to such treason from such a notable Hendrix source, but then go along with it in order to justify their indifference. I’ve never seen such a popular figure as Jimi with such cowardly idiotic fans. The epitome of this is the website Crosstown Torrents run by ex-Navy gun enthusiast Pat Peterson. The reason these people openly discourage the murder topic is because they are a bunch of degenerate scum who only seek to grab Jimi’s treasure by the easiest means while kicking Jimi himself out into the snow. It’s easy to detect scumbags who are only seeking that which confuses and makes uncertain for self-serving purposes of not caring, rather than seeking the just as easily-findable murder evidence. These people have succeeded in dominating the Hendrix community. You would be surprised who they are. Some of them are main names in the Hendrix world.

      This is a war, man. One that Jimi was fighting for the children of the world and you. If you come up on the wrong side of this beware because I’m going to come after you with a blade of truth and I promise you if you took sides against Jimi as a Hendrix person you are not going to fare well. To allow this farce of Hendrix fan stupidity and betrayal to exist unchallenged is a rogue insult to Jimi that must have justice done against it. Jimi never intended for his fans to be feckless morons who turned against himself and those defended him. Caesar has to pay for lying about the evidence and saying Jimi was stupid, as do those who accepted his betrayal and looked the other way. Anyone who looks at that testimony and doesn’t conclude Jimi was murdered is going after Jimi for his murderers and they have to be treated as such.

      • Quite correct. I’ve never seen a casualty in the last century smeared as badly as Jimi Hendrix. And a great majority of the people around him didn’t care.

  52. OK, here we go, Buster. Now’s the time for us to take the conversation to a new level for the new year.

    What I posted before was from Tony Brown’s book JIMI HENDRIX: THE FINAL DAYS (1997), and I copied it from Michael Fairchild’s rockprophecy site because my own photocopy of the book is at a drummer friend’s house. Everybody on this conversational thread needs to read Brown’s book and Kathy Etchingham’s THROUGH GYPSY EYES: MY LIFE, THE 60s, AND JIMI HENDRIX (1999).

    Today, however, we go to the heart of the matter.

    Most people in this conversation know that Monika Dannemann’s various stories about the last 24 hours of Jimi Hendrix are full of lies, untruths, and lots of misinformation. That said, I believe that she has slipped in some important facts in the book she wrote just before she supposed committed suicide, THE INNER WORLD OF JIMI HENDRIX (St. Martin’s Press, 1995). I not only read her book, but also photocopied large portions of it. It was Buster who directed me back to pp. 164-165, where we find the following passage:

    “Jimi had made up his mind that he was definitely going to break up with his manager. It was a difficult decision for him, especially as he knew that a lot of his unreleased music could fall into Mike Jeffery’s hands, which was exactly what he feared the most – that someone else would meddle with his music. So this decision was a real sacrifice for Jimi, as he was sure that Jeffery would alter some of his music to make it more commercial and marketable. However, having gone through such a long and difficult period with his manager – he had suffered threats, blocking of his new albums, and the creation of a false image through being told what to do and how to appear in public – Jimi felt this was the only way out of a disastrous situation. […] Jimi picked up the telephone and asked me to listen carefully to what he had to say to his lawyer, Henry Steingarten. He came straight to the point, telling his lawyer that he wanted to leave Jeffery for good, no mater what the cost might be. Steingarten, who was in partnership with Jeffery’s lawyer, asked Jimi if he had thought about the consequences, without making clear exactly what he meant by this. Jimi answered firmly that he had, and told his lawyer to proceed with his instruction.”

    If this is indeed true, as I intuitively believe it is, then we have a clear reason why Jefferey would have wanted to take vengeance.

    In their book HENDRIX: SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT (1992), Kramer and McDermott quote Bob Levine (pp. 287-288, quoted in one of my earlier posts above) saying”I had spoken to people who saw him at a party Track Records had staged in London the night before Hendrix died.”

    We also have the allegation revealed by James ‘Tappy’ Wright in his ROCK ROADIE (2010) that Jeffery told Wright he had had Hendrix killed, which Bob Levine and others vehemently deny.

    So now, let’s look at just these pieces of the puzzle:

    1. The statements of the ambulance drivers quoted by both Brown and Etchingham.

    2. The recent statements of both Tappy Wright (albeit made within the context of a jokey book full of purposely amusing anecdotes) about Jeffery’s confession, and Bannister’s recent statements regarding the amount of red wine found in Jimi’s lungs.

    3. Monika Dannemann’s narrative regarding Jimi firing Mike Jeffery as Manager.

    4. Bob Levine’s statements that Jeffery had been seen in London just before Jimi ‘died’, and that Jeffery had lied about not knowing that Jimi was dead (see my prior post quoting from the Kramer & McDermott book).

    These pieces of a puzzling situation indicate – at least to me – that we are not just dealing here with a wild conspiracy theory. Hendrix did have an FBI file, and that file is now public property and online. Jeffery was involved in the intelligence world. Eric Burdon, who obviously knows more than he has revealed, has told us plenty about Jeffery in his two autobiographies.

    I myself interviewed Buzzy Linhart (who plays vibes on “Drifting” and was a dear friend of Jimi) back in 2011, and Buzzy told me the same story about a person (whom Linhart would not name) who had overhead a conversation between Jeffery and Dannemann in the Electric Ladyland studio. I didn’t really know what to make of the story, and now I see from these posts that it may indeed have been Albert Allen who was sleeping on the couch.

    My intuition tells me that this is true, but that is all I can say.

    Buster, you and I have communicated on this material before, and you mentioned that you interview Wright and were disappointed. What is the status of the feud between Wright and Levine?


    These points may or may not prove conclusively that Jimi Hendrix was murdered, but they are strong enough circumstantial evidence to make opening this investigation AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

    Happy New Year all of you.
    And don’t forget to listen to Jimi Hendrix. His Spirit cannot die. It is here in his music, and it is here in the midst of those who are searching for the truth about why he was taken from us.

  53. I mean it’s pretty obvious already. If this evidence wasn’t proof enough alone the unaccountable lack of any reaction to it by the main witnesses should be.

    You need to read ‘Ghetto Fighters In Harlem World’ where Albert Allen recounts overhearing Monika and Jeffery at Electric Lady.

    Bob Levine is currently in a nursing home and should be left alone accordingly. There was never any real feud between Levine and Wright. They were amicable friends throughout that whole business. Just two sunshine boys covering their asses and protecting their Hendrix status. Smart researchers will figure out how they relate to the truth rather than trying to determine how their foolishness relates to the real story.

    I believe Jimi was assassinated by CIA under their COINTELPRO Program using Jeffery’s problems with Jimi to conceal the real motive. These are real pros. Don’t underestimate them.

  54. Can you surmise what part Eric Barrett and Gerry Stickells played in this ? Monika stated that they came to the apartment and immediately absconded all of Jimi’s telephone messages … hmmmm. Rather suspicious considering what just occurred , wouldn’t you say? Why would the phone messages interest them ? Perhaps they received orders from someone to remove the messages…

    • I must admit, I’m lost on that one regarding telephone messages. What kind of messages? One’s that were written down? Somehow recorded (I’m not sure how that basement flat telephone would have the capability).

      • Written on paper, sitting on a desk by the telephone. Being the busybody that she was, I’m sure that Monika “snooped” those messages but alas, that, as well as many other “intrigues ” have been buried with her.

    • Monika wrote in her book that Jimi told her to get the Samarkand hotel room in order to escape the office and that it was a secret hideaway designed to keep people from knowing where Jimi was. Typical of Monika she then wrote that Stickells and Barrett were looking for phone messages from the office in their clean-up. A good detective would notice right away that the clean-up at the Samarkand and its time period conformed to cleaning up a murder scene rather than a simple drug overdose.

      • “Typical of Monika she then wrote that Stickells and Barrett were looking for phone messages from the office in their clean-up”.

        She certainly blew her own cover out her butt with that one there. No doubt, Monika’s tongue has many of her own footprints on it — meaning she stepped on her own tongue repeatedly.

  55. You’re asking the right questions. A sharp observer would then ask why didn’t Scotland Yard since that is their business that they are trained in?

    • Buster, I have been researching Jimi’s death quite heavily in the past month or two, having been a Hendrix fanatic for years but always hesitantly accepting the Official Story that he overdosed and choked on his vomit accidentally, etc. I believe I have come across you in many different forums and comments sections and reviews across the net in my research (either that or it’s someone who talks and thinks exactly like you), and I first of all just want to say I really appreciate the research YOU have done into this tragedy and the passion and logic you apply when detailing what likely happened on that September night. It may seem strange that I have found so many of your posts just like that, but that points to one of the sad things about this all, which is that hardly anyone seems to be talking about it! Hardly anyone, even the biggest supposed fans of Jimi, will even grant the possibility that he may have been murdered. So in searching the net for some actual analysis and discussion I have invariably come across your insights, and I want to thank you for igniting my own passion in perhaps finding the truth in this mysterious labyrinth of propaganda, well-meaning fluff, half-lies, full-on lies, ignorance, dismissal, ad hominems and generally, silence. The silence is the saddest part.

      Having said that, I do not 100% believe he was murdered, or murdered by Jeffrey; rather, I very strongly suspect it. I keep my mind open to the possibility it was an overdose or accident of some sort or even possibly suicide (though I hate when people argue for this, as it defames a dead man)… but the more I read, the more likely it seems that Jimi was murdered. The more I read, the more sinister the whole last year of his life (or more) seems. As if there was a black cloud hovering above him wherever he went, except this fanciful metaphor had some very real, very human and very dangerous faces to it. And the more I read, the more ominous and overwhelmingly tragic and poignant Jimi’s final recordings seem; Cry of Love in particular is dripping with sadness.

      Anyway, one thing I’ve been pondering is the whole MSG incident on 1/28/70. There is full audio of the performance and it’s dispiriting and almost scary the way everything goes wrong, the way Jimi offends the audience with a surreal insult about blood-stained panties, the way both songs the band attempt playing seem to be slipping away from them, from Jimi, as they play, as if he couldn’t keep up with it. He seems very much on a bad trip. But is Buddy Miles’s suggestion that Jeffrey dosed Hendrix purposefully credible? Or, if that’s true, how would Jeffrey know the acid was “bad” or would have a negative effect? It certainly was an easy way to break up the BOG, of course, if that’s what happened.

      “That’s what happens when Earth fucks with space — never forget that,” Jimi said before he left the stage. Now, this may sound like just some meaningless acid insight, but I don’t think it is. I feel there is meaning here; he sounds angry or disappointed beyond just being frazzled because of some overpowering LSD giving him bad vibes. It sounds like there’s one thing or person in particular (Earth?) that’s fuckin’ with him (space?) and, like oil and water, the combination just won’t do. The alchemical magic he needed to produce that extraterrestrial galactic sky church music was missing, but was Jimi referring to the music itself — to Buddy Miles’s earthy locked-in drumming and increasingly intrusive singing/role in the band — or to Jeffrey, or possible others? I believe there is meaning in that elusive statement and I believe that fateful night is related to the last show he ever did, the ironically titled Love & Peace Festival in Fehmarn, Germany, where poor Billy Cox himself was spiked with acid. In both cases, someone was pulling strings, trying to stop the show, Earth fuckin’ with space again. If we can say with any certainty who that person was (and it seems fairly likely it was Jeffrey) then we’ll be one very small step closer to justice for Jimi. Either that or I’m up one of many blind alleys. But I felt like writing something to release the giant weight that’s built up on me since researching and reading of the true details of Jimi’s death — this incredible person, whom I basically idolized as a teen, and still hold in the highest regard, did not die a tragic but predictable death due to his own human folly, but had his life cut short due to the malicious intent of some other(s). This realization opened my eyes and broke my heart, and I hope we will get more answers in our lifetimes as to who may have been involved.

      • Oh, and I just want to add: It’s rather obvious (to some people anyway), but the amount of premature deaths of people close to Hendrix at the time of his death is suspicious and damning in and of itself. Devon Wilson, Michael Jeffrey, Chas Chandler, Monika Danneman… (Am I forgetting somebody?) Those three alone are very telling, especially the circumstances of their deaths.

        I also find it unusual that Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Miles have all passed away too, at unusually young ages (the latter two even dying in the same year, which was a real blow). I won’t say I suspect there was foul play or anything (though neither would I *completely* rule it out), but I just find it unusual that almost all of the people closest to Jimi have died far before their time. Sadly, one of the Aleem brothers who were so close to Jimi, Tunde Ra, died last year. Even Larry Lee of the Gypsy Sun & Rainbows passed in his sixties in 2007. Billy Cox is almost the “last man standing,” especially musically. It’s almost easier to name the people close to Jimi who ARE alive than those who aren’t. Eric Burdon, Kathy Etchingham (god bless her), Juma Sultan, Jerry Velez, Taharqa Aleem, etc.

        Anyway, just idle rambling on my part. By the way, I sat right next to Mitch Mitchell at a little restaurant in France sometime in 2005 or 2006 and I’m still kicking myself for not trying to talk to him…

      • Hello Night Bird,

        I’ve also been studying this case for nearly seven years. In my judgement, especially after reading the Aleem Twins book “Ghetto Fighters in Harlem World”, there just isn’t any other possible deduction other than homicide in the Jimi Hendrix death case.

        TaharQa Aleem (Albert Allen) caught both Mike Jeffery & Monika Dannemann red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar in Jeffery’s office shortly after Jimi died.

        Too many people have incriminatingly shut-up or lied about that morning/day when Jimi died.

        Dr. Bannister is telling the truth. In over 40 years, nobody has provided any substantial proof to overturn his testimonial witnessing. Bannister spent nearly a half hour suctioning fluid that was mostly red wine from Hendrix’s stomach and lungs.

        You cannot have large quantities of red wine in the stomach and lungs and a blood alcohol content of 0.005%, while having enough barbitural content to sedate African big game at the same time. It just isn’t possible for that to be anything other than homicide.

        The coroner, Gavin Thurston, told UPI representative, Jack Meehan on Sept. 29, 1970, regarding Jimi’s stomach contents, that “a fair amount of red wine had been imbibed” (this is in Sharon Lawrence book ‘Betrayal’). So you see, the Inquest did know about the red wine, but kept it hush-hush, because they knew it signified foul play.

  56. Thanks Night Bird. Truthfully I have been questioning God and reality over this since the dead silent lack of reaction to this is somewhat disturbing and shakes my previous concept of reality. When the Jews were viciously persecuted by the Nazis at least they were liberated. This cause is like the Nazis being allowed to finish the job with full consent. If you want to understand what the recent black protesters are protesting against just consider that Jimi’s blackness is most likely what keeps this obvious horrendous case from being acted upon. It’s crazy but Jimi proves that no matter how famous you are if you are black you are as good as any lynched N***** and better accept that. That’s an evil that needs to be broken. It’s hard enough to expose CIA murders to begin with. Jimi had the unfortunate stars to be holding all aces. But that sort of defines Jimi’s magic doesn’t it?

    Yeah, I get zero response to my reviews. I’m treated like a neighbor who comes to the party and tries to convince everyone of the wonders of communism and to sign up. Nothing but vacant stares in return from the Philistines. This is the playing field Jimi and his advocates face against cold stone-walled governments and their corrupted justice systems. What gets to me the most is some of these pompous phonies who are the main Hendrix voices of today who don’t even have this on their radar. I could name names but I won’t. In any case some of those phonies obviously actively avoid the murder subject as if it were taboo. That just goes to show how little respect they have for Jimi. Some of them are dumb enough to say their ignoring Jimi’s murder is showing respect for him. I was kicked off the main Hendrix website Crosstown Torrents by an 18 year old British coward named “Fender’s Fingers” for defending Jimi. That site welcomes and protects some very evil scum who attack the murder evidence with the full approval of obnoxious moderators who bombastically cite site rules they make up as they go along while trolling serious posts about Jimi’s murder. After using the cowardly method of banning they then safely pronounce themselves the best of the Hendrix world.

    Night Bird, Jimi was definitely, undoubtably murdered. If you read my writings you’ll see that we’ve disproven any accidental death on a forensic basis. If you are still considering other causes you haven’t researched enough. There’s no accidental death scenario anyone can present that I can’t disprove with the real facts. That leaves the only other option, which is murder. I suggest you study up on the US government’s COINTELPRO Program to understand the true context of Jimi’s death and, more importantly, the scofflaw refusal of the British government to honestly recognize the evidence or assert the due process they are sworn to.

    You show a good understanding of Jimi in your sensitivity to his sound in those final months. Jimi was in effect playing his own funeral music in a haunting way that fit his supernatural awareness,

    What people don’t understand is Jeffery was an intel agent. Such a person is like a mafia member. They never leave the outfit and are always prone to service without any choice. Jimi was given a LSD mickey for the Viet Nam War Memorial Concert because that was exactly what CIA was worried about with their anti-messiah program. Jeffery wanted Jimi to remain a non-political musician he could control and profit off of. Jimi launching an all-black band in an anti war concert is something that was CIA’s worst nightmare. This stuff isn’t rocket science and it puts into proper context the rest of what happened to Jimi. The pompous Hendrix experts who ignore this are just pathetic cowards. History will record their abandonment of Jimi and leaving him to the wolves. And, yes, this pattern was repeated with Billy. It is as obvious as it looks. You are seeing the dirty fingerprint of intel there. The same bastards that weren’t afraid to violate Billy like that were the same bastards who weren’t afraid to murder Jimi. COINTELPRO.

    Jimi’s death is quite Christian because he, like Jesus, suffered a complete betrayal by all those who were close to him and still does even today. This moral magnetism defines Jimi and his central mystery. The system had to murder what he stood for.

    I’m lucky to have met Mitch and Noel at the same time and had a private chat with them. You should have introduced yourself to Mitch. He was a good bloke. Unfortunately it is my theory that Mitch, Noel, and Chas all shortened their lives through bad habits that were partly motivated by their guilt over what they knew really happened to Jimi. If that was helped along by the same evil bastards that killed Jimi I don’t know. But it would fit a known pattern of their killing of witnesses.

    Night Bird. The CIA murdered Jimi Hendrix. If you do the right research like I have you’ll come to that same unavoidable conclusion. It’s even possible they murdered Jeffery too. Americans sell themselves as a brave people who fight hard for democracy but the truth is what they really are is a people who can be depended upon to stand by and do nothing while their heroes are slaughtered by the real Nazis who run our government. America is a lie. A bright shining stinking lie.

    • Thanks, Buster and Flyswatter, for the insightful responses.

      I have this thing I do sometimes, it’s kind of wrongheaded, but it’s that I keep my mind open to the possibility that the sky is green even when all evidence suggests blue. So, what I mean is, ultimately I do agree that Jimi was murdered. The other factor in my hesitancy, especially initially, is how crushingly sad and heartbreaking Jimi and his life becomes when one realizes the sinister overtones of those last couple years with Jeffrey, as well as Chalpin, Danneman, countless “hangers-on,” uh, the US government, and even his own money-grubbing father surrounding him like hungry vultures over a still-living person. When I read enough evidence to realize that Hendrix did not die accidentally or of his own accord, it fucking Killed me, man. I suspect that’s why there’s so many Hendrix fans who have this knee-jerk dismissal of the possibility of his murder — it’s simply too sad, too “heavy,” too much reality, for them to bear, and they’d rather just retreat back into their safe little fan-worship cocoons, unaware that REAL “fans” or supporters of Jimi would cry for justice or at least a deeper look into the happenings of that night instead of accepting the usual Danneman lies and rock-star-burnout/27-club lies and cliches.

      Of course, a lot of these Hendrix fans are not well-meaning, as you know, Buster, and they may never accept the truth simply because they dismiss anything diverging from the propaganda ingrained in them as “conspiracy theory nonsense” or whatever (from what I’ve read on the CTT forum, the so-called discussion of Jimi’s death points this way most of the time, and is just incredibly close-minded and fascist in the most repulsive way). But some fans are good people who have a heart and soul and will accept the truth eventually, it’s just that they have a strong emotional reaction to this idea, which seems so alien and wrong to them after years of conditioning to believe in his overdose or suicide. I’ve seen at least a few people like this actually turn around and accept the murder scenario with just a few paragraphs of well-researched insight. (And by the way, I was re-reading the article posted in italics that we’re all commenting on, and I think it may be the best single piece to show to the skeptics and the overdose/suicide believers; not that it’s better than a few of the best books on the subject, but because it condenses almost all the truth of the matter into a relatively short passage, and so is good for convincing in these ADD-riddled times when one can’t always except people to seek out Tony Brown’s book or whatever).

      Speaking of books, I’ve just ordered Ghetto Fighters in Harlem World and look forward to reading. I also have Danneman’s Inner World book on the way, but I as much look forward to as dread and fear that thing. She exudes some kind of evil that I can’t explain in words precisely; but for example, just watching the interview with her in the “Mugshots” doc from the 90s on Hendrix’s death creeped me out, the drugged, hypnotic way she speaks and the fussed-over, faux-elegant sheen of her dress, some purple or blue velvet thing with a giant crucifix affixed to it. Her interview with Sharon Lawrence when they first met right after Jimi’s death is enough to make one cry and scream at the same time… all the evasions, the phony-crying at a key point yet complete lack of emotion shown in the rest of the interview, the way she seems so happy about her paintings and how Jimi loved them and her and how totally undisturbed she seems about what just happened hours before. Creepy, eerie stuff.

      Buster, again I just want to say how much I applaud your tenaciousness and quest for justice and truth, and I honestly think that I’m not being too optimistic in saying that sometime in the next decade this whole thing will explode and reach a wider audience, and we all won’t be on the fringes anymore. These things take time and hard-won acceptance of some very dispiriting facts, but this is one of those cases where the facts are so obvious to anyone looking that the liars (like Cross, Danneman, Glebeek, etc) are looking increasingly suspect even to the simplest layman. That’s what helps me sleep at night, anyway.

  57. It’s not as innocent as that Night Bird. The Hendrix community at this point is dominated by egos who have been in the business long enough to stake a place on the internet. The motive of those people might be partly what you say, but for anyone in the game long enough as they’ve been there’s no excuse for not catching on to these obvious facts. What gives them away is they are smart enough to become the main archivists and purveyors of Hendrix information and websites. Some of the posts of those Crosstown members show serious ability and intelligence. I assure you those members are not innocently shocked and in denial. They are persons who are very much aware Jimi was murdered. They have just found whatever reason compels them to not discuss it. For some it will be their personal background where they consider it dangerous to make themselves vulnerable by discussing it. Some are just of the personality that they aren’t capable of detecting or admitting covert intrigue. Some have right-wing leanings and don’t allow for government wrongdoing by predetermined mentality. Some, that I’m sure you’re aware of, are just too plain fucking stupid to understand. The simplest way to put it is the main motivation of those scum is that Jimi is dead, he’s left a rich treasure that can be plucked and traded by those who appreciate it, and risking your neck, or being made uncomfortable by recognizing the evidence, is something those scum don’t have to do. Think of them as pirates not wanting to draw heat on their MP-3 grabbing and you’ll be close to understanding them. They are like spiders who suck the talent and music out of their object of interest Jimi Hendrix but then cast his desiccated shell out to the curb when it comes to taking responsibility for Jimi himself. Those people are scum. There’s no excuse for them. May they be damned. May they be the ones to choke on Hendrix.

    My particular interest are those members who are government agents. I suspect Charles Cross is one of those people. Like some of the Crosstown members, he has too much knowledge and ability to be so dumb about the murder evidence. He also inserts a suggestion that gives his devious purpose away. He wrote that Monika may have taken a Vesparax at 4am and slept through the whole choking on vomit event. When I read that I realized that was a deliberate device Cross used in order to avoid detailing what actually did happen after 4am. This is evidence of deliberate deceit in my mind, which means Cross purposely misled the public in his book about how Jimi died. So did reporter Sharon Lawrence. If you read about CIA in the 1960’s they openly admitted infiltrating the US media in order to spin events their way. Of the two reporters who wrote about Jimi’s death both of them gave provably false information leading the readers away from any murder conclusion. To me this confirms CIA involvement in Jimi’s murder. They wouldn’t be trying to cover it up so badly 40 years later if that weren’t so. However smart people will see the murder method was strictly an intel black bag job. No doubt about it. Covert murder using drugs and alcohol to mimic a reckless drug abuse death.

    I don’t give credit to the London Times for anything, including this article. I couldn’t find it on Google but when Kathy Etchingham’s petition came out the Times did a nasty mocking article asking why would Kathy be doing this? Was she bored or seeking attention because her one claim to fame was receding into the past? The Times ripped her as being a Miss Marple going over her head with some kind of crazy publicity stunt. This Times article by Dominic Wells should be viewed for what it is. It is the cowardly, indirect confession of an institution that helped cover this up with its original non-interest, and, therefore, complicity. It is the false priests of the high media giving faux recognition by means of pretend analysis when the truth is they knew the whole time. In short, the Philistine press pawing its prey with half admissions and phony pondering. The public gets conditioned by this false press into not realizing that they are the institutions that were supposed to discover and investigate all this business back then. When they snuggle up to you with half hearted efforts like this they should be strongly reminded of that. Even this article doesn’t offer all it could. But that’s understandable because the more they offered the more obvious it would become that they didn’t investigate originally.

    As for Monika, read what I wrote here and figure out how she fits in to all this and see if that white witch in elegant dress doesn’t perfectly match. Monika is a very complex person forced to stay in character in the middle of a brightly lit stage for the rest of her life. She exited when the real plot was about to be exposed.

  58. I am 30 years oId and i recently I began playing guitar and I was looking at different players for inspiration david gilmore, richie blackmore and of course Jimi Hendrix. i knew his more well known songs but was never a real follower of his music. Then the more I began watching and listening to him the more I became a fan of his music. I then started to want find anything I could on jimi especially any interviews on him because I felt he had this kind of magnetic effect that would draw you in to anything he would say. In any interview he had a real vulnerability about him huge shyness even childlike persona as in the video of him playing 12 string blues impossible to think that could be the same man capable of what he was doing with a piece of wood and some strings. Then you watch him play an there was no shyness no weakness or vulnerability, he was centre of the universe he was in total control he was all powerful.
    This all added to the intrigue and interest to learn more and at the time made his death seem to only add to his mystique and fame and of course he had to die in real rock and roll style.
    Then I came across a documentary on his last 24 hours. At times I wish I never had.
    At the end of that documentary I felt sick, I wanted to vomit and now unfortunately my attention has gone from listening to him play, admiring his skill and ability to now finding out anything I can on his murder and after months of searching I have found “buster” his knowledge and comprehension on all events surrounding his murder is unrivalled. I’ve read this page from top to bottom a dozen times now.
    Buster you dont need to say anymore. Energy should be focused now on how something can be done to bring justice and peace to jimi and re-write the history books to show the truth.

  59. Thanks Daniel. Only the best Hendrix fans end up at this watering hole. It’s the wellhead spring of Jimi’s cosmic oracle. The litmus test for a true Hendrix fan is how he treats his murder. Only those who fully appreciate what Jimi was see the pressing moral imperative and biblical dilemma involved in putting the true definition of his life and mission right. If you understand Jimi it’s no exaggeration to speak in those terms.

    The reason it is biblical is because Jimi embodied and aimed towards that level with his talent and mission. When you get as close to the tone and vibe of that radiating ball of light at the center of the universe it doesn’t really need to be spelled-out in detail does it? Jimi cracks me up because he has a gentlemanly tolerance for people who don’t get this in interviews. It’s really why we are talking about him. Sure enough the same pathetic people show up and deny this aspect just like Judas in the bible. The level of ignorance, stupidity, and cowardice it attracts is disgusting and pathetic just like the bible. Some of Jimi’s friends also fail to see this and do their best not to help. They are only failing Jimi, whatever their justification. Then you have the evil main Judas Caesar Glebbeek who after making his living selling Jimi for decades turned around and campaigned for his murderers by attacking the murder evidence. The scum who follow him enforce silence on the topic on their websites. Those people sell themselves as the best Hendrix fans but they are actually the worst. They are fools who Jimi would be disgusted by and reject. They blindly miss this most important aspect of Jimi while hoarding his treasure and persecuting people who recognize and respond to it. A good toilet-flushing of the Crosstown Torrents website would probably hermetically excise this abomination from the Hendrix universe leaving the credible side intact. They are the world. Jimi was the sky.

    Anyway, thanks. I was beginning to think it was just me. That of course would be no problem because you’ll find me a deft swordsman in defense of Jimi who has already left an oracle midden of defeated fools who were dumb enough to take me on on this. The bogus Hendrix world is now focused towards enforcing silence and coordinating an ignoring of the subject, but it won’t save them. In any case, as you say, the task is now a government big game safari with me being a world class Serengeti hunter who is very enthusiastic about being given the privilege to defend rock’s fallen prince. I’ve pulled a sword out of a rock that was meant for me. I fully intend to apply it as was its purpose. Cowards beware…

  60. It’s not you Buster, you’re about as switched on as it comes with regards to this matter. Seems like Crosstowntorrents is having major hassles, I tried to login last night to troll the site and it seems they are having some “server side” problems, and today, it’s totally not available at all, page does not exist, and probably, rightfully so should forever. A quick check of their FB page confirms it was not just my problem (tried several browsers)…

    Paul Metcalfe why has my account been suspende, can`t understand why
    May 31 at 3:37pm

    David Fairweather I don’t think its you. I think CTT has been “suspended” by its ISP.
    1 · May 31 at 4:15pm

    Tom Gomprecht This is sad news. Hopefully just a temporary situation.
    June 1 at 5:26am

    Paul Metcalfe tried to download but got the message illegal string off set in path line 6570 header already sent, anyone know what this means
    June 1 at 12:52pm

    Paul Metcalfe wish to hell someone would fix this site
    See Translation
    11 Июнь в 15:48

    Paul Metcalfe cant understand why there advertising this site when you cant get on crosstown torrents stupid

    Good riddance forever….(hopefully)
    They’ll probably be back though.

  61. Crosstown regulars can post. That site is an inclusive club of friends with a narrow aggressive agenda to be the best experts and collectors. What it really is is a toxic insider’s private site that can’t allow the public because it would become clear that they have a dark agenda. It’s a travesty because Jimi would never approve of such a site, let alone it being the only major Hendrix website on the internet. It seems Jimi has a curse on him that whoever runs him ends up committing these offenses.

    Anyhow, the site is run by mid-westerner and ex-Navy man Pat Peterson who doesn’t feel any need to account for all this. I don’t know if he censors the murder topic in loyalty to the military authorities he once served or if he is just an incompetent administrator who really doesn’t give a flying f about Jimi himself. Those Crosstown people obviously don’t care about Jimi and put themselves and their scummy group above Jimi himself as long as they are in control. Its purpose is trading MP-3 files of Jimi’s music. So its first motive is piracy and not reverent respect for Jimi and his fate. He’s basically traded like a commodity (a slave) and standing up for him only interferes with that. The site is run by cowards and really shouldn’t be allowed to exist. It also harbors a majority of brits who get away with imposing the denialist British viewpoint on Jimi’s murder as well as the accepted form of outright censorship commonly accepted in Britain on an American site.

    Pat Peterson is a real hero. His Facebook page lists gun nut websites as some of his favorite links. Should this person be running the internet’s only Hendrix website?

    • A resounding no to that question. With you all the way on the gun nut thing, no wonder the US has 30,000 gun murders a year, where-as in my old home country, Australia, we have about 300 gun murders a year, that means it takes Australia 100 years to rack up the same number of gun deaths America racks up in ONE year!!! (even if you factor in the population difference, it would take Oz roughly 10 years to rack up one year’s worth of gun murders in the USA).

      I’m sure PP is very proud of himself, like the late Charlton Heston was. A bunch of school kids get shot up at school, what do these fools do ? They go and buy MORE GUNS!!! That’s the answer!

      That’s a pretty f’d up society, on that aspect alone. Throw WASPs into the mix with the gun nuts and you have something akin to insanity.

      These people should not be running anything, let alone the internets premier site for JH…

    • When trying to register a new account today on CTT…

      “Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.”

      Bunch of sycophants, bowing to PP, secure in their contrived insular world!

  62. They don’t give a damn about Jimi they just want to loot his treasure. The moderators openly troll serious efforts to show the evidence for Jimi’s murder and promote lying scum like STPLSD, Purple Jim, and many others in order to enforce the moronic level Crosstown Torrents prefers. Smelling their own smell they have now backed in to a private site mode not offering any membership to the public. It’s easier to protect their Judas-like betrayal of Jimi and actively fighting for his murderers that way. Purple Jim, Fender’s Fingers, and STPLSD are all brits. They don’t want to admit Jimi was murdered in their own country by one of their own intelligence agents and covered up by their own government so they troll instead while openly ignoring the evidence. The consensus on that site was Caesar was the final word and did a good job.

  63. Buster , proof positive of what you have been saying….the British are in denial that Jimi was murder on her land. This thread from Facebook shows , again, what you have been saying about the British refusing to acknowledge forensic evidence. Read Limey Rob Moss’ comments from the the post made by “Brian Jones” under the Jimi/Jeffery

  64. Dear Buster / guys

    I’ve been familiar with Hendrix and his music for many years but only comparatively recently with the murder theories. At first I confess that I was sceptica, but having researched the key documentary and forensic evidence it’s obvious that the guy was murdered. I am actually a professional trained historian and therefore used to analysing political events through evidence and intuition, and for me there is little doubt what happened on 18th September 1970 at the Hotel Samarkand or who was responsible. I would like to see this case reopened and properly investigated by the authorities. How do we achieve this? How can I help?

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  66. I recently spoke with Bob Levine in person in his nursing home. He’s in reasonably good shape for an 87 year old man. He was glad to see me and I am probably his most active friend right now. Bob excoriated Caesar Glebbeek and said he never met him, spoke to him, or was interviewed by him. I informed Bob that Caesar had brought his summation, in his disinformation work ‘Until We Meet Again’, to the highlighted quote: “If you don’t believe me listen to Jimi Hendrix manager Bob Levine” and he followed with some cherry-picked quotes from Bob saying the murder theories were all bullshit and Jimi wasn’t murdered. Bob responded by emphasizing he never consented for Caesar to quote him that way and that “Caesar was a well-known bullshit-artist who was known to do that to other people too.”

    This interview was the culmination of my phoning Bob and visiting him several times at his house since Caesar’s 2011 publication. I even slept over and helped him with his meds since his vision problems made knowing which meds were which important. In these visits and calls I had explained the evidence to Bob and informed him of things he wasn’t aware of. He had come around and told me he thought that actually maybe Jimi was murdered and I should take my evidence to the FBI. I had to tell Bob FBI wasn’t such a good idea since they were probably involved.

    But I’ve got Bob Levine on video saying he didn’t give Caesar permission to quote him that way and Caesar was known for that kind of dirty trick. He then added, in order to set the record straight, that he now believes Jimi could have been murdered. I also have him saying Michael Jeffery got karma when he crashed. As in karma for murdering Jimi.

    So much for Caesar being the final say as the morons on Crosstown proclaimed as they banned me. Though I do agree with Caesar – listen to Bob Levine…

    • Yes indeed, the truth is going to overtake these liar-deniars like Glebbeek, just like it did Monika Dannemann. Some dummies don’t learn from history & Glebbeek is obviously one of those people.

      • Caesar is an arrogant ass. He thinks his Hendrix expertise gives him the right to pronounce lies over the top of others trying to tell the truth. He simply thinks his Hendrix information background gives him the credibility to lie in public and deliberately sell distorted information and deceptive avoidance of the truth in his Hendrix death publication ‘Until We Meet Again’. And the Hendrix public doesn’t raise a peep and credits him for it. Caesar is a vicious betrayer of Jimi Hendrix who made money from his Hendrix-centered UniVibes magazine for decades and then turned around and sold Jimi to the devil and his murderers in ‘Until We Meet Again. Caesar has committed an act equal to Judas Iscariot and must be made to pay an appropriate price by those few decent fans of intelligent moral integrity who still defend and care about Jimi instead of fecklessly making it easier for themselves to enjoy his treasure while leaving Jimi in the gutter as far as his murder. May those fans share the same fate as Caesar and may I be the one who makes that happen. The reason you don’t see Caesar out defending ‘Until We Meet Again’ is because that pig knows he got caught selling a pack of lies against Jimi.

      • In a nutshell, all that “Until We Meet Again” trashheap publication is really telling anyone is that Monika Dannamann pissed on Caesar’s head and told him it was raining, and Caesar to this day still wants to believe it is raining because it was Monika that was doing the urinating.

  67. Here is the final nail in the coffin for Caesar Glebbeek’s disinformation work ‘Until We Meet Again’. Glebbeek wrote the work in a way that led up to the quote: “If you don’t believe me listen to Jimi’s manager Bob Levine”. Caesar then quoted Bob saying the murder theories were all bs. Here is what Bob really thinks:

  68. The liars at Crosstown Torrents are over there safely protected by their cowardly banning and censorship ignoring what is being said in this video. Instead they re-posted Bob’s saying Tappy’s book was bullshit in the Daily News. However if they are going to hold Bob to his prior quotes they should re-post his earliest words in McDermott’s 1992 book ‘Setting The Record Straight’ where he listed numerous incriminating incidents that drew his suspicion over Jeffery’s involvement in Jimi’s death. It is obvious that the moderator Fenders Fingers is posting Bob’s Daily News quote because he literally can’t address the unavoidable significance of what this video undoubtedly shows. There’s no doubt that it shows, contrary to what Glebbeek was saying, that Bob actually does believe Jimi was murdered and that Caesar took liberties and misreported the truth. Crosstown is desperate to avoid what Bob is saying here because they heavily banked on Caesar’s disinformation work ‘Until We Meet Again’ and any concession that it isn’t credible will lead directly to Crosstown not being credible itself, so they have to avoid it at all costs.

    The poster “STPLSD” (a crass denier and troll) even has the balls to suggest Bob wasn’t exactly enthusiastically endorsing the murder claim in this video. This is typical of the backwards deceit Crosstown practices. It is more than obvious from watching this video that the real issue here is Bob doesn’t exactly enthusiastically endorse the “murder claims are all bs” quote that Caesar so dishonestly presented against what Bob really thinks, as it is shown in this video. What part of “I have suspicion, I don’t have proof, but I have suspicion” do STPLSD and the punkish deniers at Crosstown fail to understand or how that diametrically conflicts with Caesar’s misleading “If you don’t believe me listen to Jimi’s manager Bob Levine”? Apparently, for Crosstown and Caesar, Bob is worth quoting up to the point that he says the opposite of what they want to believe. Then they pull their usual dirty tricks, just like they do with all the other evidence. I think that’s what Bob is really saying here…

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  70. My good friend and Hendrix manager Bob Levine passed away sometime during the summer of 2016. The nursing home would not release any details so I’m working on finding the date. Bob reveals in the video above that he believed Jimi was murdered. Bless you Bob…

  71. Buster, have you read the book “Drugs As a Weapon Against Us ” by John Potash ? It delves into the intelligence ops’ involvement in the murders of Jimi, Brian Jones, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain , etc. Also the attempted assassination of Mick Jagger. Also, how the Grateful Dead were used as ops to spread the drug culture to the youth for the purpose of mind control.Also it discusses in depth the unusually high number of musicians that achieved fame that happened to be children of high ranking military parents.

  72. I spoke to Potash on the phone a couple of years ago…He’s on the right track, however his research and thesis spreads in to the broader subject of Intel social control…Mae Brussel also pushed that track heavily…It is hard to figure out where Intel influence ends and kids just being in to the incredible mesmerizing drug LSD begins some times…Books like Constantine’s and Potash’s are good but they tend to be too broad and miss the more precise reasons for Jimi’s murder…We finally beat Crosstown Torrents in a debate on Facebook…Their reaction was to have their head bully STPLSD stand up and order people to ignore our evidence…And the idiots on that site obeyed…This is all OK with the owner Pat Peterson who told us to pay for our own website if we wanted to talk about Jimi’s murder (Pat never answered how kicking the people in best possession of the facts behind Jimi’s death off his website worked for Jimi and his interests)…Crosstown isn’t interested in the truth…

  73. “Fender’s Fingers” – the bastard moderator on Crosstown Torrents who bans anyone who posts the facts about Jimi’s murder is a British man named Gordon Johnson…He’s a brit connected to the British Hendrix publication ‘Jimpress’…He boots anyone who posts the truth on Jimi’s murder off Crosstown Torrents because the British don’t want to admit Jimi was killed by one of their own intelligence agents and it was covered-up by their government…The curmudgeon murder denier “STPLSD” on the same site is another Britisher named “Renwick McNeil”…The Crosstown Torrents owner Pat Peterson is an ex Navy neo-con from Illinois who allows this sick situation to rule on the internet’s only Hendrix website…

  74. Hi Everybody.. I Am a Life Long Jimi Fan And a Music Artist..Guitrist(And Other Instruments)Singer/Songwriter in My Own Right. I Am Not Going to Write a Chapter Here..But What I Am Going to Do is Point Out The 5 Irrefutable Facts That Very Strongly Point to Mike’s Guilt and Monica’s Guilt and/or Knowledge Thereof of Mike’s Guilt and Her Complicity…And They are 1.(Which is Very Unbelievably Being Overlooked) Approx.a Year Before Jimi’s Death on Sept 18th 1970 Mike Had Jimi Kidnapped (Most Likely to Scare Jimi into Doing Things His Way or Else (Something Much More Drastic Would Happen To Him if Didn’t) and as We All Know History Has Proven That Something Did Indeed Happen To Him. 2. Mike’s Devulging of The Fact That Jimi In Fact was Drowned with Red Wine (Something That Was Never Surmised or Made Public Until Decades Later and Only The Killer or Someone With First Hand Knowledge From The Killer Could Have Known) 3.The Fact That Jimi in Fact Did Plan on Severing Ties With Mike as His Management and There was a 2 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy on Jimi’s Life and All of The Studio Recordings Jimi Had Finished (Or Partly Finished) in Various Vaults Around The World Made Jimi By No Stretch of The Imagination Worth More To Mike Desd Then Alive 4. That Monica Basically Dedicated Her Life to Jimi in The Form of Painted Art Works (That I Must Say are Damm Good and Very Impressive) Which to Me (IMO) Symbolizes a Strange Type of Martyrdom Probably Out of Guilt. And Lastly Number 5.Monica’s Eventual Suicide (Again Out of Guilt That Obviously Overtook Her By That Time in Her Life) .. And There as They Say Folks You Have it. So Yess..Mike Jeffries Did Murder or Was Responsible for The Murder Of Jimi Hendrix Beyond The Shadow of All Doubt. And R.I.P. Jimi My Most Amazing Musical Brotha for Now The Horrible Truth of The Facts Pretaining to Your Most Unfortunate Death Have Finally Been Unmasked and Revealed.

    • It is sad that the rate of agreement on this subject is one poster every 4 years or so…Most of what you write is the commonly assumed evidence…Doubters would say there is no proof that Jeffery told Tappy about the wine, but as a personal close friend of Tappy’s who called him regularly for the 5 years before his death, I can say if Jeffery didn’t tell him directly someone else who he couldn’t mention did…Your most keen observation is Monika’s weird profile because of her painting and monk-like dedication to Jimi…Only the most observant realize this shows serious psychological profile evidence toward Monika’s true role…What I have concluded is that Monika was dragged in to the plot because she was an active CIA asset who was somehow induced to do it but then had sympathy with her victim afterwards…If you can grasp this and its significance, Monika may not have committed suicide…Either way, suicide or not, it was directly related to her role in Jimi’s death and is equally incriminating either way…One of the biggest give-aways is Scotland Yard not being interested in this glaring evidence – which, for more aware observers, tells you who really did it and why…I also believe Jeffery’s death was not an accident and then we are through the looking glass on the level of involvement and motives, aren’t we?

  75. ..And Just To Twist The Knife Here… Isn’t it Strangely Profound That After Mike Revealing The Truth to Someone (Anyone) On This Planet With His Own Lips Did He Myseriously Die in The Plane Crash Very Sortly After The Disclosure as If The Creator Said….And Now I Can Take His Evilass Out of This World…..Which Brings to Mind The Good Ole Adage…Karma’s a Bitch… (It Certainly Is…Isn’t It ??? )

      • Where is the Karma for the majority of Hendrix fan a-holes who attack people for posting this evidence and ban them? Again, only the most observant realize Jeffery was most likely murdered for his role and the convenience his death would have for those who really murdered Jimi…If you think of the way Jeffery died then you are at the right place for who really did it and why…

  76. What I do not understand is how someone like Monika could write an entire book on Jimi and his spiritual beliefs after spending only a few days with him. I think she tried to exaggerate her importance to Jimi as his soulmate. Monika was about promoting herself and her importance to Jimi. When Kathy dispelled this myth it all got a bit too much for Monika and I think that is why she committed suicide.

    • One reply about every 3 years is the pathetic response rate for this epic subject…Ivana – the reason Monika knew so much about Jimi is because she was a CIA operative who studied her target in order to get Jimi to warm up to her as part of her infiltration…I think there are signs that Intelligence mind control hypnosis may also have been employed in this process…It took me years to figure out the meaning of the frustration you are experiencing…I also had the same puzzlement until I deciphered it and figured out its true interpretation…Monika is a complex person and she was an Intel infiltrator who ended up getting impressed and mesmerized by the mystical figure Jimi Hendrix because of her proximity to him…What happened was Monika realized the stuff she studied about Jimi was real once she experienced it in person and she basically became a follower of the person she was spooking…All this is over Kathy’s head…She is a person who is blind to these subtleties and sees everything in a left brain sense…Monika had heavy right brain intuition like Jimi and that is why she was so good at describing it…Which in turn attracted Jimi and was then used to further infiltrate him…The bottom line is just because you’re a spook infiltrating Jimi doesn’t mean you can’t be a follower of the target’s deepest inner world…Monika was consumed and tortured by this for the rest of her life before she was also assassinated by Intel…Monika did not commit suicide…She was “suicided” by the best abilities of the dark forces that killed Jimi…I’m angry at Kathy because she refuses to see the obvious bigger picture here (or at least talk about it in public)…

  77. Thanks for your comments. I think Kathy had the practicality of mind to bring about the re-investigation into the death of Jimi. The court case between Kathy and Monika was brought about because Monika called Kathy an inveterate liar in regards to her relationship with Jimi when it was Monika who had the fictional relationship to Jimi. I am sorry Jimi went back to the Samarkand with Monika and I am equally as sorry that Monika ended up the way she did. As l see it the only winner in this saga is Kathy. I think she has done more than anyone to keep Jimi’s memory alive.

    • Of course I totally agree and remain dedicated to and appreciative of the Joan Of Ark effort Kathy made…We owe an unpayable debt to Kathy because she was the only friend of Jimi’s who did what needed to be done and it was because of her good practical sense and forthrightness…Hear hear…However, that said, there is a second necessary follow-through anyone who truly stands up for Jimi as Kathy claims needs to do…What Kathy did was the first part…Now the second part needs to be done as a follow-through because the complete job wasn’t done…I don’t mean to be critical of Kathy but she might not have been the best person to front the effort because she failed to execute on a legal basis and seemed to be mostly interested in getting Monika rather than pursuing the full evidence in the case…By failing to assert a sound legal attack against the serious opening the British Government left her she allowed them to fail to account for some pretty wide open evidence that would have led to the full legal outcome the evidence demanded…As much as we owe Kathy she only did half a job and is not helping those who are trying to carry this forward and do what her effort made possible…For God’s sake Kathy scoffs at the suggestion Jeffery killed Jimi on the Montalvo show and indirectly defends him saying, “If they had evidence why didn’t they bring it forward then?”…Anyone with common sense would know there are many reasons why people don’t come forward and, as much as I hate to say, Kathy is one of those persons…She knows a lot more than she’s telling and her telling Montalvo that she has more to say in a future book isn’t really a “practical” approach to getting justice when it counts is it? Sorry Kathy but this is an open playing field under God’s sunlight…If you are holding back then you are working directly against Jimi and his interests…Jimi waits for you to do the right thing for him sooner rather than later…If I was on Kathy’s team there would have been a different outcome and the British Government would not have gotten away with the legal murder they did…

  78. I wonder if Eric Burdon, Gerry Stickells and/or Eric Barrett are planning on speaking from the grave. Have some avenue to release info post mordem ?

    • Jimi is rock’s skeleton in the closet…No one is going to own up to holding back on him and being in cowardly complicity…The whole power order of the world is based on not owning up to this dastardly crucifixion…It is both an honor to Jimi and what he was and defining unspoken mark of shame to those who betrayed him – which was just about everybody…

  79. This of course is all hear say evidence and would never hold up in any court, some of you swear that the CIA or MJ was responsible for Murder, that’s a brave talk from people who go buy books that could very well be untrue, none of those people pushed for a trial, only just to make money. What if M.D’s accounts were true if the CIA was involved like some of you swear by, they would have the whole thing covered up from the ambulance drivers and Doctors testimony. M.D was proven a liar…not so sure she was, he could of been alive when they arrived, Who knows? Hendrix was worth more alive by todays standards, always had been…any idiot would know that…but what was done with his guitars, I know only a few have been recovered. Its a money game anymore…Dweezil has one his family probably a few, tappy;s went back to the Hendrix family…, the mojo about those axes are mesmerizing, a lot of people think he was a black guitarist, untrue he was half Cherokee Indian, which I believe his spiritualness in his music comes from that mix. I first heard about Jimi when I heard Purple Haze at my friends house, we agreed he was gay, lol…we thought he said xcuse me while I kiss this guy…lol…my first album was the B.O.G I love them changes Buddy was great on that track. I have all of them now, but the BOG had its own kind of mojo for sure…Machine Gun is why is and will be the G.O.A.T. in any event there’s not one person today that can confirm or deny he was offed…so what is the point, unless they dig up his body for DNA samples…no one can really say what happened for sure. its like a normal police scene when they bust druggies, they have to wade thru 99% lies and probably never get to the truth….RIP J.H family fans and friends. Just my 2 cents

    • For 10 years I’ve been dealing with internet experts like yourself who think your internet-gotten opinion is just as good as persons who have deeply researched the subject and gotten close to some of the people involved…Internet experts follow the psychological pattern of getting defensive and then seeking the denials that back their ignorant opinion…What you write is dead wrong and Kathy Etchingham did push for a new investigation…The British government lied and shut it down with a false statement by the British Attorney General saying there was no new evidence when in fact there was highly important new evidence Kathy had discovered…If you bothered to study the evidence Kathy got hold of Britain’s best forensic pathologist Dr Rufus Crompton and he said Jimi died no later than 5:30am due to the undigested rice in his stomach at autopsy…You say maybe Monika was telling the truth but it is well-known that she lied about the time of death by about as much as 6 hours and the ambulance attendant confirmed this by saying the vomit was too dry and hard for the ventilation equipment to penetrate…Mitch Mitchell also indirectly confirmed this in his book when he said he got a call around 7am where he was told Jimi was dead…

      As far as I know Steve Roby looked in to Jimi’s genealogy and he had no Cherokee blood…People who had white blood mixed in to their African blood were sometimes said to have Cherokee blood back then so the white background could not be admitted…Africans mixed in with Indians due to racism and then started to claim Indian blood when they actually didn’t have any…

      You obviously have no idea what you are talking about so we can chalk your entry up to another worthless opinion that works directly against Jimi and his interests….I myself have researched this for 10 years and argued it on the internet…There is no doubt Jimi was murdered and people seeking shallow excuses instead of intelligently addressing the facts don’t help…I have proven Jimi was murdered in the forensics…You can’t have 5 bottles of wine witnessed in your body by a medical doctor and only have the 5mg blood alcohol content Jimi registered at his autopsy…It is proof of murder and you won’t find any other innocent drug/alcohol choking on vomit death with those forensic particulars…

  80. My personal opinion is his death was accidental…with all the events changing from time to time promotes books to be sold. I don’t believe his management had anything to do with what happened, quite the contrary I think they afforded JIMI every luxury until the money dried up, that last gig when the money boxes where stolen was probably by some debtors. Warner had the rights to his master tapes, JIMI was a perfectionist. its common stance when the money dries up who can maintain that lifestyle, Brian Jones went through that, The Beatles, (because John wouldn’t sign off) The Stones getting ripped from A.K and gag orders in place. In the end everyone just grabbed what they could steal…if you can picture a vulture scene here. that’s more than likely the way it was. M.J had big bills to pay the offshore account was for tax evasion., running the JHEx would cost a lot, the gear, the transpo, the studio, he was about the only real big live gig going at the time, The Stones where just getting started again, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple, The Who, etc there weren’t many super acts back then didn’t Hendrix jam with Dave Mason? and there were a lot of tapes with other musicians as well, Maybe JH got tired burned out and just wanted a break, but the massive bills he couldn’t stop. I really don’t think there was foul play, everyone pretty much loved JH…R.I.P

    • You obviously have no idea what you are talking about…You are actually saying in public that the money dried up when you are referring to rock’s most famous superstar at the time who could simply schedule a show and get $100,000 for it in a finger snap…The money that was stolen at Fehmarn was stolen by violent biker gangs that may have been influenced by Intelligence as part of a program to shut down the 60’s…The money never dried up since Jeffery had stolen up to 5 million…Rumors like the money drying up or Jimi burning out up were perpetuated by those who covered-up Jimi’s murder in order to make it look like he withered away to a miserable end…But if you pay attention to what people close to Jimi were saying they said that was rubbish and Jimi was planning a big future without Jeffery…

      If you think the evidence that was shown by Tony Brown and Kathy Etchingham in their books was simply a crass ploy to make money then you are ignorant of those persons and their motives…Kathy described in her book that the only reason she got in to it was to help her friend Noel Redding whom Monika sent lawyers after because Noel wrote in his book that Monika’s failure to call the ambulance aided in Jimi’s death…Monika was of course correct…Her failure to call the ambulance had nothing to do with Jimi’s death since he was murdered and calling an ambulance would have done no good…You slander good people and good motives since those books made little money…

      Whoever you are you’re a fool who foolishly doesn’t realize how much evidence there is out there…Your entries are mostly shallow, vaporous, falsely-based speculation that miss most of the main evidence…You seem naively unaware that there are persons who interviewed those closest to the evidence and that there is serious evidence of Michael Jeffery being fired by Jimi 12 hours before Jimi’s mysterious death with everyone involved lying…The covert murder method of being deliberately incapacitated with pills and drowned in wine to make it appear as a reckless drug and alcohol death is right out of Jeffery’s Military Intelligence training and only a fool would ignore it or dismiss it in such a shallowly cavalier manner as you do…

      Jeffery was never made to pay those off-shore tax bills after Jimi died nor were the true circumstances of Jimi’s death ever investigated while MI-6 Jeffery was alive…

      No, if you bothered to study the real facts, Jimi finally made the move to fire Jeffery after realizing he was not working in his interests and was no good…You are just another idiot who seeks to blame the victim instead of honestly seeking the real cause that is quite easy to find with very little effort…Jimi fired Jeffery at 5pm on the 17th and 12 hours later he was dead…The two were not unrelated and anyone who doesn’t seek the facts in that direction is wildly derelict in their reasoning and obviously only seeking to prove their own denial…

  81. its just my opinion m8, it sounds like you were at the scene when all this went down. maybe you were there when Barrabas was set free by the people instead of Jesus….lol…Whatever…its not hard to fathom J.H was an easy mark for outsiders to ride on his tails, even Clapton said something to that effect, he was not very careful who he hung out with. what would noel redding have to do with any of this?, Hendrix didn’t even like him, he had been fired in Denver….whatever I think he was just depressed and did not want to go on anymore. maybe your trying to sell a new movie, I don’t know but your facts seem hearsay to me and totally after the fact…by the with trolling people out is totally uncool, I don’t troll you because your op is diff I just don’t buy into the FBI;s war on rock and roll. The Who are still around right, and so are the Stones, Mac EC and others too…so…….Cheers JH RIP

    • You’re obviously ignorant…Noel was tightly involved with those in the know who trusted him because he was a band insider…Like I already said, if you bothered to educate yourself on the subject you would find that Noel wrote in his book that Monika contributed to Jimi’s death by failing to call the ambulance…Monika sent lawyers after Noel and threatened to take his house so Noel called Kathy Etchingham and she was the first person to talk to the police and ambulance attendants from that morning and found out Monika was lying about what happened and was covering-up a 5 hour clean up of the flat before calling the ambulance…It is in Kathy’s book ‘Through Gypsy Eyes’ and Tony Brown’s book ‘Hendrix The Final Days’…No, I wasn’t there but a lot of other people who Monika failed to mention were and you might find their accounts interesting if you ever bother to credibly look in to this…So far you haven’t…Plus the forensics we “there” so to speak and don’t change…

      Since you obviously haven’t studied this at all and obviously don’t know anything about it I’m not sure why you think people would be interested in your un-informed opinion?…It is obvious to me that you are trying to hide behind calling all the evidence hearsay and think that is adequate to cover-up the pure evidence of murder that your posts haven’t managed to address…For instance you ignored my citation of Dr Crompton’s estimation of a 5:30am time of death based on the undigested rice in Jimi’s stomach…That’s just the opposite of hearsay and once inputted in to the real forensics from that morning that the British government never considered it proves homicide on a medical basis…It shows Jimi had the pills in him for no more than 2 hours and maybe as little as one hour…So there wasn’t either enough time or barbiturate to overdose, especially with Jimi who had a notorious tolerance for drugs…You didn’t answer the point…You can’t have 5 bottles of wine inside you with only a trace blood alcohol content, like Jimi had, innocently…You won’t be able to find any other case with those forensic particulars…It’s proof of murder…Jimi was physically drowned with wine…He did not die from the pills…

      I don’t know what you mean by trolling…I post straight and serious and can back up what I write…

      The bottom line is any accidental death scenario you post I can disprove with the real forensics…The British government never did this because they bought Monika’s lies and miscalculated the time of death by over 5 hours, which is a life time in forensics and invalidates the original cause of death finding at the Inquest…The British government is in contempt of its own law that forces a re-opening of the case when the original finding has been disproven…

  82. Whatever, I mean lots of people were interviewed and all agree JIMI was not well, I guess ater 64 gigs in 65 days I don’t know how he did it. a lot o famous people testified he was worn out and tired of it all. besides that B.O.G was produced by AD at the record plant after Woodstock. So it wasn’t the JHEx alter Denver. A lot o peeps wanted to get together with JIMI then Ginger B.. However there’s something Eric B. said that bothers me, when he said Jimi was thrown around like a basketball….Hmmmm…
    I mean its possible, but as a musician myself people get burntout.Whatever went on that sad morning im not sure if it can be legally dealt with Maybe one day …Anythings possible…Cheers

    • Thanks for your useless rumination that shows depraved indifference towards Jimi’s fate…You are probably British where it is a national policy to deny Jimi’s murder…Yes Jimi was burnt out…But only because he had been stressed to his limits by trying to battle with Jeffery in a secret cold war that was ongoing and explained both their actions during that time…If you want to quote Eric show the quote where he said “All I can say is the business killed Jimi”…Jeffery was the business…It isn’t hard to figure out…The reason there has been so much resistance to solving it is because the British government helped cover it up and they don’t want to admit it…Figure it out man…Monika said Jimi wore a crucifix to bed that night…And if you read the final ‘Story Of Life’ poem it is highly fatalistic and references Christ and his fate…

  83. Jm’s Album Devotion was released in September 1970 im guessing the mixdown was a month or two beforehand. Brian Auger: In 1970, I was in New York and I got a call from John McLaughlin and he said, “You should come down and listen to the mix of my album, I know you’re going to really dig it”. So I went along. Then the door opens and who should come in but Jimi and his girlfriend. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time.
    But the thing that bothered me was that his skin tone, and that of his girlfriend, it was kind of a pallid grey colour. And I thought, “Whoa, he doesn’t look too good here”. We were talking and he asked me, “Listen, Bri, can you stay and make an album with me?”. And I said, “I’d love to, man, but I have all these contracts that I have to fulfil, I just can’t do it”.
    And then Jimi pulls out of his pocket this silver paper, opens it up, and there’s this brown heroin in there, and he takes a snort of that, gives it to his girlfriend, and then says, “Oh, sorry, Bri”, and tries to hand it to me. This is one of those moments I’ll never forget. I said to Jimi, “Hey Jim, I’m telling you, man, you’d better quit doing that stuff, as soon as you can, because it’s gonna kill you”. And he said this to me – I’ll never forget it – he said, “You know what, Bri, I need a lot more people around me like you”. That really touched me.

    • Some people insist on protecting Jimi’s reputation by denying he ever did heroin…As this story makes clear he did it recreationally because he had a lot of people pushing it around him including Devon and AD…I found a witness whose bass player walked by the dressing room and saw Jimi nodded with a needle still in his arm…That bass player woke Jimi up and fixed the situation and then lectured him on not doing heroin…Yeah, like many people in the 60’s Jimi flirted with it…However by the time of his death he kicked it and was probably witnessed withdrawing from it cold turkey by Kathy Etchingham at the Londonderry Hotel in London in late August 1970…In any case his autopsy made a special notation saying there was zero trace of heroin in the body and no sign of heroin use (needle tracks)…

  84. the headlines stated Eric B was at the hospital when JH died…so did M.D…and BTW im not British. try reading the Original Headlines for once. “He was tossed around like a football’ was a direct quote from Eric B.

  85. what people fail to realize that J.H is was and always be the G.O.A.T he set the trends and played like was a real electric church music, he was far beyond the blues. where he went is probably a better place, like he said, They don’t know, what i know, do you know? I dont know! and then laughs Timeless. many songs about him directly/ indirectly. even his songs tell a story about his life. every one that died that way all cry murder. I mean you can collect jars of earth where he stood or get a splinter of his guitar if it helps you to understand what he wanted people to know. all the books and movies are cool but to me never quite reach the mark as he could. people are gifted enough to play like him are the same as the aforementioned. everyone chases a legend. but he can never be caught. RIP JH

    • I don’t know what your agenda is but if you say Jimi went to a better place in front of the fact the world’s most magical guitarist had the rest of his life and career cut off by some of the worst concentrated evil forces all coming against him and what he stood for, there’s something seriously wrong with you…I don’t need to be told to read the headlines, I’ve already read them…I’m not the one who just a few posts ago was saying Monika might have been telling the truth when she said Jimi was still alive…Monika was lying in order to cover-up the fact Jimi died before she even called Burdon and they all knew it…What Monika was doing was covering-up the fact all the Hendrix office personnel who were there that morning knew Jimi was murdered and were covering up evidence in order to allow their lethally dangerous mob-connected, MI-6 boss, who now served as threat to them, time to get away and therefore be less of a threat to themselves…How quickly those mf-er’s turned on Jimi when it came to saving their own cowardly lilly-white English skin…I don’t know what point you think you are making and I personally find it sickening that some feckless Hendrix fans try to use Jimi’s magic to get around the Tough Reality of his murder…What those fools fail to realize is us who do justice for Jimi by getting the truth out about his fate are the ones who serve that magic the best and do righteous by it and how getting the record straight on his murder is in fact putting the final correct interpretation to that magic by allowing its final context…There’s too many fools out there trying to ride on Jimi’s magic in order to use Jimi to slide by with some personal agenda…I think those who truly understand Jimi and what he was will see how the action of this justice sets all that right…And how it was in tune to what Jimi was and what he magically hinted at was his predetermined fate…You can’t kill Jimi and what he stood for with murder…And you can’t deny it with foolishness…I think we’ve proven that by what we are doing if you really have ears for Jimi Hendrix…

      • “However by the time of his death he kicked it and was probably witnessed withdrawing from it cold turkey by Kathy Etchingham at the Londonderry Hotel in London in late August 1970″…you said this? anyone to cobberate this? i say this because some of the footage of JH didn’t strike me that way towards those time periods, like i have experienced that myself its easy to see. and secondly heroin in those days and his circle of friends would have been a near impossibility to kick, these days they have methadone to get you off. and it takes a while to get clean go ask any medical professional about it. as a month or 2 before in NYC you know what he was doing. its well documented. Also the newspaper said JH was talking with that Sarah Lawrence. “Im done in” September 5th 1970. and that’s what the papers reported it was heroin, then it was sleeping tablets, a restaurant bar still has that on the wall. But to me that’s what made him the greatest the ability to perform as a near perfectionist. im not condoning it by any means, American Indians use this manner to connect to the spirit world, have been for centuries… Peace

  86. Iin the slight chance you are r, heard from the fam what your doing, i must say bro very very cool…dont get this, but..we go back a long way, and dont fault a bro who believes what he reads, lol…peace

    • Jimi had an almost supernatural power within him that explained his tolerance to drugs etc…If he snorted heroin recreationally he was probably titrating it or “chipping”…This would be easier to kick…Alan Douglas and Devon were over there so Jimi was probably dragged in to participating a few times…But the bottom line is Jimi’s autopsy made a special notation saying there was no heroin or signs of heroin use on the body…Heroin had nothing to do with Jimi’s death…

      Jimi’s meeting with Sharon Lawrence was on the 16th…It might have been heroin that he was obviously high on…But it makes no difference because all that counts is the forensic period of the last 12 hours and his doings…

      Please stop posting that Jimi died by accident…He was obviously murdered and you’re not helping Jimi by posting the false information his murderers got away with for decades…

      No, I’m not RH…

  87. I guess I’ve had a big disconnect regarding Jimi’s heroin use and I have naively dismissed it regardless of the fact that I have read accounts by people with first hand knowledge of his smack usage , i.e., Buddy Miles, Noel, Alan Douglas… heck two night’s before his death, Eric Burden and War refused to let him sit in because he appeard “smacked out”.

    That being said, it brings a different light to the infamous Toronto bust and Jimi’s proclaimed innocence of posessing the H.

    Do you guys believe that Jefferies did indeed set Jimi up for the Toronto bust by planting heroin in his flight bag or was it just another example of Jimi’s legendary absentmindedness ? ( remember how Jimi left the tape reels of the final mixes Axis in a taxi ?)

    • Don’t swing the pendulum too far in the other direction…Jimi was far too productive to be any heroin junkie…No way, no how…Jimi was literally the most productive 60’s rock figure who in 4 short years made enough music to fill a lifetime for other musicians…Look at the videos of him at the time…In no way was he strung-out or addicted and in no way does his recreational use change anything about him or the things that happened to him…

      If you look at the Toronto bust the little pill bottle of heroin was sitting right on top of Jimi’s clothes when Canadian customs opened the suitcase…In other words it was planted there on purpose in order to be found…If you read the books Jimi said the word was out on the airplane prior to landing to check themselves for drugs and make sure they didn’t forget anything because a tip-off came in that they were going to be searched at customs…Afterwards Jimi said he thought Michael had something to do with it…Michael had a habit of not being around when he did something dirty and Jimi said Michael was no where to be found and was in Hawaii when he was busted…

      The most probable explanation for Jimi’s heroin bust was Jimi was in the midst of trying to fire Jeffery and was making moves even back in May 1969…Bob Levine said “Jeffery handled Jimi like a CIA operation”…For some reason forcing Jimi in to total obligation to Jeffery to get him out of a possible 7 year jail sentence was in Jeffery’s interest and was in line with other such messages Jeffery sent to Jimi…Plus Jeffery’s control of Jimi that way was also in the interest of US Intel that would be quite happy seeing Jimi tainted with a heroin bust…Jimi broke up the Experience the following month in June…Figure out why people and don’t be thick…

  88. The jury acquitted Jimi so I am inclined to believe Jimi’s version of events where he said someone has thrown the drug into his bag. If I remember correctly from my reading I think Jimi said it was a woman.

  89. Although he does not completely dismiss the “Jeffrey Motive” , Michael Fairchild seems to lean towards Hendrix’ roadies, Stickells and Barrett as being the most actively involved players at Monica’s flat. Fairchild also mentions the possibilty of the spouse of one of Jimi’s bedmates being a prime suspect. This caught my attention as author, David Henderson, also mentioned this scenario as a possible motive.

    I am not too familiar with Fairchild and I am wondering about his credibility. Any thoughts regaridng him ?

    • I think Fairchild did dismiss any possibility Jeffery murdered Jimi…You have to be careful when saying things like “most actively involved players at Jimi’s flat”…The detail in that is important and necessitates answering exactly when were they active? …I’m not sure how much credible evidence Fairchild has behind either accusation outside the very inventive speculation he tends towards on his website…Let’s not forget Michael was fired 12 hours before Jimi’s death and had much more motive than anybody…And let’s not completely dismiss Tappy either…Michael also had a psychological profile of burning business interests that were failing…The most incriminating evidence all points to Jeffery and I think it’s a safe bet…Fairchild is probably the victim of his own biases…

  90. Tappy admitted in an interview he made the whole thing up implicating Jeffrey in Jimi’s death in order to sell more books.

    • Not exactly…I was friends with Tappy for the last 5 years of his life…Apparently he told Bob Levine that he made the story up to sell his book…Sounds pretty damning except the evidence that Jimi was murdered doesn’t rely on Tappy…It exists outside of Tappy on its own and proves Jimi was murdered without Tappy…Plus there’s a lot more to Tappy than people realize and he might have heard about Jimi being murdered from other people than Jeffery but couldn’t say…I confronted Tappy on that once and he said nobody has ever said that to my face and if they did I would sue them…

  91. Offhand remarks like this latest comment by Ivana Selvatino are especially irritating when they offer no substantiation. So Tappy, you say, made it up. You say he admitted doing so in an interview. Which interview was that, Madam? I want a day, a time, a place, an interviewer. Or else you are talking through your anal sphincter. Admittedly, Tappy did insert his claim at the end of a book totally peppered and spiced from beginning to end with jokey anecdotes, so it would be easy for someone to assume that this claim about Jeffrey was just another joke, but I have heard interviews with Tappy, and he claimed precisely the opposite.

    It is entirely annoying to anyone who has read the literature on Jimi Hendrix to hear so many people chiming in with their heads totally up their asses, completely oblivious to what has been written about this for decades.

    Page 165 of Monika Dannemann’s INNER WORLD OF JIMI HENDRIX:
    “Jimi picked up the telephone and asked me to listen carefully to what he had to say to his lawyer, Henry Steingarten. He came straight to the point, telling his lawyer that he wanted to leave Jeffrey for good, no matter what the cost might be. Steingarten, who was in partnership with Jeffrey’s lawyer, asked Jimi if he had thought about the consequences, without making clear exactly what he meant by this. Jimi answered firmly that he had, and told his lawyer to proceed with his instructions.”

    “I believe the circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious and I think he was murdered.”—Ed Chalpin, Proprietor of Studio 76

    “I feel he was murdered, frankly. Somebody have him something. Somebody gave him something they shouldn’t have.”—John McLaughlin, Guitarist

    David Henderson’s biography of Jimi Hendrix, ‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky, which has been continually updated since it was first written decades ago, begins with suspicions regarding Jimi’s death, implying murder from page one to the end.

    Of all the people commenting on this website, BUSTER is the ONLY ONE doing any credible investigation of the sources and the evidence, and he has actively and relentlessly interviewed the people still living who were then in a position to see what was happening.

    Kathy Etchingham’s book THROUGH GYPSY EYES (a little paperback of which is today on Amazon for $148.99!) includes interviews with the two ambulence drivers who transported Jimi to the hospital. Neither had before or after that day ever worked together. They were interviewed separately, both said that nobody was in the apartment when they were there. Only the corpse of Jimi Hendrix, and neither of them had any idea who Jimi Hendrix was. There was no Eric Burdon, despite his own claims (and Burdon contradicts his account in his second autobiography DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD). There was no Monika Dannemann. Therefore, both Burdon and Dannemann have been less than forthright, to say the least.

    John McDermott’s book on Jimi, SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT, also quotes a guest at a Track Records party the night of Sept. 16. Someone saw Mike Jeffrey there. Whether that’s true, I have no idea.

    Bob Levine said Jeffrey’s ‘surprise’ that Jimi was dead did not at all seem genuine; rather, he felt it was highly suspicious.

    The evidence, both factual and circumstantial, goes on and on, and BUSTER has done an excellent job in gathering and presenting it to those with the wherewithal, i.e. intelligence and open minds, to listen to it.

    Fortunately, BUSTER’s views are getting out there, and it has been good to hear him articulate the evidence on radio stations from coast to coast.

    Scott J. Thompson

  92. Thank you for replying so quickly. I just want to say that I have been a fan of Jimi for a number of years. I have no personal connection with any Hendrix personnel and I mainly get my information from books. I found that some accounts seem more plausible than others. As I understand it Michael and Kathy got together to discuss the events of the morning Jimi died and found some incriminating evidence. I also do not find anything unusual in Barrett and Stickells collecting Jimi’s belongings as this would have been their duty. Monika panicked that morning and instead of calling for the ambulance called others first for help. This delay may have caused Jimi’s death or either he had been dead for a while. According to Monika the Samarkand hotel was meant to have been a refuge for Jimi but it seems that a number of people knew about it. I recall Slater saying that there was no food in the flat meaning that Jimi was not living there and Jimi had few belongings there; they were at the Cumberland hotel. I like to believe that Jimi returned to the Samarkand with Monika only in order to retrieve his guitar. It was not the cosy love nest Monika had us believe. As Mitch Mitchell stated Monika was not the great love of Jimi’s life and I remember Stickells mentioning that Monika exaggerated her affair with Jimi.

    • Michael Fairchild did a lot to put in to articulate writing the conflicts that emphasized the serious problems with the accounts of how Jimi died…He got together with Kathy Etchingham and was the first person to give form to the scary reality that was coming together from Kathy’s findings…This was an offshoot of Kathy backing Monika off her legal attack on Noel Redding for saying Monika delayed calling the ambulance…The reason Monika mentioned Barrett and Stickells only being interested in collecting notes and phone messages from the office is because Monika knew Barrett and Stickells were removing any possible evidence that connected Jeffery to the scene…They were working for Jeffery at that point and their sole duty was to remove any evidence that would connect Jeffery to the scene because they knew exactly what happened…Monika told them…Monika did not panic at all that morning…She’s one of the coolest customers I’ve ever seen under pressure…She was a good German spook and skilled at her craft…She tried to call Alvenia, not Burdon…She was going to try to deal with it with only Alvenia but was forced to deal with Burdon because Alvenia was sleeping over at his hotel…The reason Monika did not call for an ambulance is because she did not want to get trapped alone dealing with the authorities…She wanted to figure out how to get out of that situation which is why she involved others…It is important to realize this was calculated and not the result of any confusion or panic…She knew exactly what she was doing…Ivana – It is very important you clear the stories you are using to determine the facts from your mind…Those stories are all contrived lies…It took me many years to finally realize that and stop trying to figure things out by means of their lies…When Monika called Burdon she told him Jimi was dead…And I’m pretty sure she told him by whom…You need to read more on this than you evidently have because Kathy Etchingham consulted with the famous pathologist Dr Rufus Crompton who told her the undigested rice in Jimi’s stomach precluded any time of death later than 5:30am…That forensic determination was very accurate and proved that Monika called out not because Jimi was in trouble but because he was dead…If you then run the scenarios you know about through your mind with the understanding Jimi was dead when Monika called their behaviors make sense in that light and the rest is academic…I assure you the Samarkand Hotel was a death trap Jimi failed to detect and there is good reason to believe Monika was working with Jeffery at minimum and was possibly an agent (or pawn) of the Central Intelligence Agency…

  93. Dear Scott. You are obviously very passionate about this subject. In no way did I mean to discredit Buster’s opinions. This website is meant to be a forum for people to give their interpretations. Accounts of Jimi’s death have changed and evolved over time mainly due to the work of Kathy Etchingham, and others. Please do not use vulgar language.

    • I did not use vulgar language. The words I used are used by doctors. My comment wasn’t published anyway. Moreover, I have many comments already on this site, and I have posted things on it for almost 10 years. I am fully aware of every single comment on it, and most of them are imbecilic. I hosted a radio program with Buster here in San Francisco.

      On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 8:25 PM The Velvet Rocket wrote:

      > Ivana Selvatino commented: “Dear Scott. You are obviously very passionate > about this subject. In no way did I mean to discredit Buster’s opinions. > This website is meant to be a forum for people to give their > interpretations. Accounts of Jimi’s death have changed and evolved over tim” >

      • I didn’t block any comments from you, Scott. I am not sure why something you posted did not appear, but I didn’t block or delete anything and I don’t have anything from you pending review (which is something that WordPress does, not me).

      • Hello Justin Ames, your photography is unbelievably amazing, and it was through you that I first became aware of this site. There should be an entire wing in SF MOMA dedicated to your photos alone. Scott

    • I can vouch for Scott’s credibility and professionalism…We did a radio show on Jimi’s murder in San Francisco live in the studio in summer 2016 at KPOO…It is just that so much stupidity has been aimed at those who try to educate people about the truth in this matter that patience wears thin…There’s a high good evidence vs corruption and indifference ratio that creates a lot of potential energy…

  94. Buster and/or Scott please help me with piecing together the Monica timeline. She met Jimi in 1969 and if she was , indeed, a spook being infiltrated into Jimi’s inter sanctum , who then was her puppet master ? It seems that the Agency would be the more likely candidate than Jeffrey. MJ ,being Jimi’s manager, had unlimited and immediate access to him and it would seem redundant that Jeffrey would have to work someone in Jimi’s circle especially so far in advance of Hendrix’ death. So, if Monika was an Agency asset as opposed to a Jeffrey’s asset, wouldn’t Jeffrey be exonerated as the culprit ? It just seems to me that as the sequence of events unfolded, Jeffrey and the Agency would not be working in tandem. Monika’s involvement is undeniable but it seems like she would be an Agency asset rather than a MJ asset.

    • We’re obviously through the veil or looking glass when we get to this level…Shadows appear as real and ghosts interchange forms…Keep in mind Hendrix friends and office members said Jeffery was constantly trying to recruit them to spy on Jimi…In a way it doesn’t matter if it was Jeffery or CIA who controlled Monika, she was operating under their instruction and for their purposes and it played out directly the night Jimi died…The deeper you get in to this the more the level of covert practices involved with Monika suggests CIA sponsorship…The better you understand the evidence the more you realize that after Jimi fired Jeffery on the 17th CIA’s and Jeffery’s interests merged and became the same…However Jeffery had the immediate motive for murder – which, if you understand how CIA operates, would also be a sign of their classic manipulation and plausible deniability…It would not be in error to lay Jimi’s murder squarely on CIA’s doorstep…Jimi’s FBI file clearly shows an attempt to classify him for special handling..

  95. It is my understanding that author Tony Brown had a significant amount of information regarding Jimi’s death that was not released in his book, “Final Days”. Was he planning to write a new book which would have contained this information or perhaps update and re-release “Final Days ” ? Regardless, is anybody privy to this info ?

    • I tried to contact Tony’s wife Carol…My source told me some other Hendrix information managers tried to get Tony’s archives from Carol but she told them no…That she intended to place it in a dumpster because she considered Tony’s Hendrix interests responsible for their marriage problems…I guess someone should have tried to get a court injunction to keep her from doing that but apparently she succeeded…The woman was a criminal…Carol is since dead…You have to understand that in Britain there’s always the possibility that Carol was acting for other interests…I don’t know anything about any other information Brown intended to release, however from reading his book ‘Final Days’ I would assume he would have been the one to release the next book that would have covered Jimi’s murder…Especially after Tappy’s public admission…I believe the likelihood Tony Brown was murdered to be high because he existed in British jurisdiction and was a clear and present danger to those who killed Jimi because of his ability to force a case…These people had killed before…

      • Hi Buster
        I haven’t seen you on here for ages and I got a email the other day ..I am on the same email address j.brown96 if this is you buster can you send me a email
        Thank you

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