A Vision Of The Future (Deus Ex Machina)

People don’t work, robots work. People sell, distribute, wheel and deal. Free agents perform. Entertainment combines keep everybody busy, either producing or watching exciting simulated realities. No big deal, really, just an intensification of today’s vidiot TV culture. Scientists and engineers are big. Since they are free agents they sign up with commercial teams or, in some cases, are enslaved via neurological implants. Knowledge technicians and high-tech wizards are hot. So are cosmetic medicos, rejuvenation clinicians, DNA experts. The multinational corporations control the big stuff, like the research, design, manufacture of technology. But there’s an enormous free market of entrepreneurs, imagineers, entertainers, athletes, hustlers, middlemen, service suppliers, creators, mercenaries, pirates, professionals and independents who live by their technological wits. Cyberpunks.

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