Photos Of The Day: Some Of The Characters Of The Horn Of Africa

There is a lot going on right now in the Horn of Africa, and in Somalia in particular. I thought this would be an opportune time to visually review some of the components in this drama…

The Actors:

Somali pirates:

somali pirates

A pirate stands on a rocky outcrop on the coast in Hobyo, central Somalia, on Aug. 20, 2010. A hijacked Korean supertanker is anchored on the horizon.

Ethiopia’s Ogaden rebels:

ethiopian rebels

ogaden national liberation front rebels onlf

Fighters working for various Somali warlords:

somali insurgents


somalia clan-based guerilla group

somalia militia

The African Union:

AU peacekeepers from uganda in mogadishu

ethiopian troops in somalia

The Kenyan military:

soldiers kenya somalia

kenya military somalia

kenya soldiers military somalia

TFG Militia:

government militiaman sits on a pickup truck-mounted anti-aircraft gun in mogadishus Bakara market

The Ethiopian military:

ethiopia military

ethiopian military

Al Shabab Islamic militants:




al-shabab fighter

Deus Ex Machina:


One Of The Theaters:

Mogadishu, Somalia:

mogadishu somalia

It’s an interesting part of the world… And a dangerous part of the world no matter who you are, as the late terrorist leader Fazul Abdullah Mohammed demonstrated:

Men looked at the body of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, front right, and another unidentified man in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Wednesday.


As I’ve said before, we keep a huge file of photographs related to various research projects. The origins of many of the photos we know well. But many sources provided others over a period of years, and many of the sources did not know exactly who made which frame. Some were made by the government, others by families, others by journalists — foreign and domestic. If the photographers’ names are made known to us, we will update and credit them in this post.

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