Burning Man Pictures – 3

Part 2

I loved random shit like this… This guy plugged in and just started rocking out.

Art Car.

This is your dear editor playing with a flame thrower.

burning man flame thrower

Note the other two individuals in the picture recoiling from the blast.

Part of a camp on the edge of the playa.

Playa art projects.

burning man art

One can’t just leave an art installation such as this one alone though:

It must be blown up and burned.

This was an awesome party bus.

One of the art installations on the playa.

Thunderdome – Yeah, just like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome… Part of the Death Guild.

Combatants inside Thunderdome.

burning man combat thunderdome

The Teeter-Totter of Death.

Fire performers.

The water truck.  This daily ritual is one of the few only chances you will get to bathe.

burning man water

Excessive Burning Man. Remember the pretty girl from earlier? Here she is vomiting all over herself while a medical volunteer tries to assist her. Interesting show to have right in front of one’s monkey hut.

What a dust storm looks like when it’s starting…

Taking refuge inside the monkey hut during the dust storm.

One of Ian’s friends braved the dust storm to come and visit us.

The dust storm really starts to kick off.

Dust blotting out the sun.

burning man storm

One of our neighbors, Ernie, had the foresight to write his name on his bag of marijuana.  So, when it blew into our camp during the dust storm, we were able to return the baggie to its rightful owner.  Pretty funny.  Aside from marijuana, the most popular drugs at Burning Man seemed to be Nitrous, GCB, MDMA, LSD,  and Mushrooms (I did not sample any of these myself).

The Hot Love Brigade making the most of the dust storm.

burning man dust storm

burning man women

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