Burning Man Pictures – Part 2


With no trees or permanent structures for many, many miles in any direction, shade is at quite a premium in Black Rock City. Here Hans is recuperating in the meager amount of shade provided by Ian’s truck and my bike.

Hanging out with the Hot Love Brigade.

burning man girls

Hans and his sister, Uli. I really liked Uli.

Community bicycles at our camp.

burning man bicycles

Keeping us entertained during the day.

Typical street scene at Burning Man.

Twilight. Time to head out and explore. I was rocking my shalwar kameez from Pakistan on this night.

Hans is pointing to a blizzard of kites. They look cool in the picture, but it was really awesome to be there in person and see them dancing in the wind.

hans haveron

Some Burning Man art under construction.

Some guys I met out on the playa.

Playa art. If you pushed some pedals in the front of this display, the detainee would be electrocuted.

A good way to catch a ride across the playa. These vehicles always featured great music – like the trio elétricos in Brazil.

A pretty cool way to get around.

Center Camp.

Hans in Center Camp.

Some of the decorations in Center Camp.

Art car? Mutant vehicle? Party bus, really.

Some more art out on the playa.

Yet another art car. The area in back would rotate as the vehicle was driven.

A great neighbor to have – Rob Andrews. Full of great stories, great energy and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

I told you Rob was a great neighbor. He took very good care of everyone.

Some other great neighbors of ours… Both Rob and these guys were from the Northwest and although we were technically part of the Hot Love Brigade, Ian and I both felt much more at home with the Northwest crews as they seemed much more real and open.

A camp greeting the sunset – sunsets were always met with wild cheers. It was time to come out and play.

Barbie Death Camp – tough not to appreciate this one.

I included this picture not because I thought the girls were hot (they’re not), but because unless a chick had a cool costume on, this was the default outfit of every woman at Burning Man.

burning man girls

Yet another cool camp.

Some of the costumes of Burning Man.

burning man costumes

Ian and I both really enjoyed visiting this camp – the Hookah Dome. As its name implies, one went inside and lounged around on giant pillows and puffed away on a hookah.

The interior of the Hookah Dome.

More art cars and mutant vehicles out on the playa.

Out on the playa at night. You can’t tell in this photograph, but this structure, named Babylon, was over 10 stories tall. Pretty impressive. And a pretty good cardio workout to get to the top.

Burning Man Part 3

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  3. There’s really no reason to put a picture up featuring the asses of two women who clearly did not consent to be photographed, and then explain how not hot they are. How would they feel finding this? Oh right, you don’t care, they’re objects to be rated, not people to be respected.

    • If they put it out there like that, they cannot expect to avoid being judged… We have merely observed what is already obvious to everyone. And spare us your pious commentary about treating people as objects. We find it very hard to believe that you are so enlightened that you have never rejected a guy that was hitting on you because he was not physically attractive enough.

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