Flying Over The Arctic

These were taken from a flight making its way to London from Calgary… We were along the edge of Hudson Bay – north of Churchill and at about the same latitude as Yellowknife – when the sun started to rise and I took these pictures:

flying over the arctic

Any time I fly over the Arctic regions, I am left with a deep sense of longing. I yearn to be down there exploring one of our planet’s last frontiers. I want to be out experiencing that stark, rugged environment:

flying over the arctic

The powerful words of Rudyard Kipling’s The Explorer spring to mind when I take in such scenes…

“Something lost behind the Ranges.
Lost and waiting for you. Go!”

flying over the arctic

One of the last real wilderness areas on our planet:

flying over the arctic

flying over the arctic

flying over the arctic

flying over the arctic

Those times when I gaze down with longing and melancholy onto the Arctic frontier, someone on the ground is probably gazing up at me slipping through the sky in my aluminum cylinder with the same sense of longing.

3 thoughts on “Flying Over The Arctic

  1. This is beautiful, I remember the same sort of landscapes when I flew over Greenland, which is really intriguing me. If you could choose between Antartic and Artic, where would you go?

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