Places We Go / Xinjiang (Uighur Tour)

The Oytagh Red Mountains

As something of a companion piece to the last post, I must include the Oytagh Red Mountains… The sharp-eyed and quick-witted readers of The Velvet Rocket will likely not find the mental strain of deducing where the “Red Mountains” in their name derives from to be particularly taxing in this instance:


The Oytagh Red Mountains are really the start of the famous Karakoram Mountain Range and prepare one nicely for the beauty that awaits them at higher altitudes:


The phenomenally rich, gray waters of the river in the foreground are streaming down from the glaciers of the Oytagh Valley:




2 thoughts on “The Oytagh Red Mountains

    • A fair question indeed, Major Downie. There are several iron mines in the area (which is not surprising given the red coloring), but it would be interesting to see the results of an assay as much of this region has not been explored very extensively. There’s plenty of water for processing…

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