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Photos Of The Day: A Military Parade In Ukraine

We were fortunate in that our visit to Kiev happened to coincide with a series of military parades. Unfortunately, our Ukrainian language skills are non-existent and so I am unable to share details about the event, but it was photogenic and, with the recent advances of the Ukrainian military in the eastern regions of Ukraine, timely.

There were many thousands of military and law enforcement personnel involved in the event. The picture on Khreschatyk Street below provides a sense of the scale:


And all day, various units were forming up:


Ukrainian soldiers on parade:


Or were preparing to form up:





Before, the various units, once they were properly situated, would swing out and begin the march toward Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square):


Ukrainian soldiers on the march:


Periodically, a high-ranking Ukrainian military official would slowly drive down the street and stop in front of each formation:


After uttering a few words, the Ukrainian formations would enthusiastically scream something back and he would then move on to the next formation.

Below is the video of this:




If any of our dear Ukrainian readers can shed more light on the event or what was being said, I will happily update this post.

3 thoughts on “Photos Of The Day: A Military Parade In Ukraine

  1. Hi Justin,
    My friend might be able to shed some light on it. She says that the most likely day for a parade like this is Independence Day, on August the 25th. Is that when you were in Kiev and took these shots ? We are actually going to be in Kiev on that day this year, after visiting the long range aviation museum in Poltava and attending the Yarmarok festival in Mirgorad on the way there. (it’s about halfway to Kyiv, so we’ll stop off there for a week before heading to Kyiv)

    Also “Yarmarok” means “fair” and is just any fair or festival where Urkainian traditions are exhibited and celebrated and lots of wares and products are sold. Many are held all over Ukraine and even by Ukrainian diaspora in other countries, I think Canada holds some good Yarmarok fairs, for instance.


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