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Birthday Ultimateness (Do I have an awesome family or what?)

All of this took place in the span of less than 24 hours last weekend…

Brandon showed up early Saturday for his surprise birthday party (he thought we were going on a skiing trip).  Embracing the ambiguity of the situation (and wishing to continue the celebration), Brandon almost immediately proposed that we go shooting instead of skiing to bring along the numerous party participants.  Never one to turn down an adventure, I soon recruited even the more reluctant party participants such as my mother.  With a brief pit stop at Ray’s Hardware in Brownsville, we soon had $106.21 worth of ammunition and a trunk full of guns.

Kind of funny if you think about the characters and backgrounds here – A dentist, Stanford journalism grad, my refined English mother and all of us college graduates…

Returning to the Oregon House estate we kept the festivities going with some solid games of Murder played in absolute darkness and some field stripping races.

Soon it was late enough to head to the Willow Glen Saloon…  To make sure I was properly prepared, I slapped on a couple of fake tattoos and downed a couple of beers.

Now, every time we venture to the Willow Glen Saloon it is just awesome.  And it doesn’t matter whom I go with.  Naturally, tonight was no exception…  Shortly after Amanda and I performed a karaoke rendition of Kanye West’s Gold Digger, two chicks dragged me onto the dance floor (I didn’t resist too much) and were soon grinding up against me…  Oh, and check out the location of the chick’s hands at the start of this video.  Yes, they’re on my junk.

Turns out their names were Jessica and Sally, but I don’t remember which was which

Nice to know my dulcet tones can have that sort of impact on the ladies though…  Thanks, Kanye!

We got to bed late that night, so what better way to start the next morning than with this?

You’re probably wondering now what could possibly make this more of an ultimate birthday celebration, aren’t you? The answer is simple:  goats.

Well, we don’t disappoint in this family…

Unfortunately, this started just after Brandon and Amanda left…

10 thoughts on “Birthday Ultimateness (Do I have an awesome family or what?)

  1. Obviously, Rachel, it’s because you are still a taken woman. Dump Chris and become one of my concubines. Oh, and tell him I said that! Haha.

  2. Hey “J”

    Jeff’s pond is huge now. It was only a small water hole back in the day…. Very Cool Bday pics!

    Love “M”

  3. “J”

    Very nice shot gun by the way! It is just the model we shoot at work. I love H&K P2000 Vs. Ol’ German luger contest. Very Cool Bro! Love “M”

    • SPEED, I really regret sometimes trading my H&K 45 compact for a 1995 Suburban… That Suburban seats eight in plush leather, A/C’d when hot out and holds alot of gear on camp outs… But Brandon is right, SUPERIOR FIREARM!
      I enjoy my Taurus tracker .357, Taurus JUDGE & my concealed Taurus .38
      Revolverman at heart… Looking for a 9mm semi auto next. Stay Mach 5
      love RacerX

  4. Hello SPEED! I wish you a late Happy Birthday! Pops racer’s place looks great. I love the snow scenes! Smim across jeff’s pond isnt easy as it used to be huh old man? Ha ha… I really miss our shooting fun at the gravel pits. Wish i was there with Spridal & Trixie… stay Mach 5, love RacerX

  5. Dear SPEED, I often regret trading my H&K 45 compact for a delux 1995 Chevy Suburban. My gas guzzling road beast carries eight in plush leather while being cooled in A/C while pack with tons of gear on camping trips… My extra rig saves my ass when one of the primary cars go off line. I enjoy my Taurus .357, Taurus Judge (awesome home defense shotgun pistol) and my Taurus .38 conceal gun…. Revolverman at heart but looking for a 9mm semiauto next. stay Mach 5,
    love RacerX

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