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A Nomadic Watering Hole in Sudan

I’ve discussed these nomadic wells before, but given that their existence is absolutely essential to the nomadic community, it is worth describing another one. Ramadan spotted this one as we were driving back to Khartoum:


The depths of the well… Unlike the last well I described, the water was drawn out of this one by hand and so the Italian and I pitched in to haul a few bucketfuls of water out – much to the amusement of the nomads!


Some of the people present in the scene…

This cart is used for hauling plastic jugs of water back to their temporary homes which are sometimes hours away:


Yeah, that kid does have a messed up eye – probably onchocerciasis (although Amanda B. may correct me on that one):


Camels being watered:


These camels had not been given a drink yet and were desperately thirsty:


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