Tourism in Afghanistan & Pakistan – 3 (or More Internal Ames Family Memos Re: Justin’s Forthcoming Middle East Trip)…

Start at the bottom again…

Hello All –

Big brother, thank you for your email…

You should know that it is literally impossible to offend me. Seriously. So, no worries on that front. I was not offended or upset by your email as I understand and appreciate the concern that generated it. Feel free to vent your feelings anytime. I far prefer things out in the open…

I’m glad my response will allow you some inner peace if anything goes wrong. I assure you that I am doing what I love and even if some misfortune does befall me, my spirits will remain free in the clouds and I will not regret the course of my life (not to mention, I’m sure it will be an interesting experience).

I did, in fact, read the State Department warnings you forwarded to me. I can promise you that my “situational awareness” will be in overdrive and I have prepared for this as much as possible by doing everything from obtaining survival water filters to purchasing extra batteries for my digital camera to registering with the State Department.

On a different note:

Congratulations on your marriage and to Nicholas for his capable carrying out of the ringbearing responsibilities. I really like Hope and I am glad that both of you are happy. I look forward to Maui 2010…

Love, Justin


Michael Ames wrote:

CC: James Ames, Duane Julie Quade,

Dear Justin,
Thank you for the well stated reply. As your brother who loves you, I hope I did not offend you. My intentions were to air my feelings and after reading all those warnings this morning, I was in an emotional mindset of worry and concern towards your safety. I tend to be over passionate in expressing my thoughts but care deeply for you and I really want you to know how much I do respect you as a man, brother and friend. I might not agree nor understand your reasons, However, I do respect the fact that you live passionately on the edge of the platform of true freedom and will have few regrets at the end of life’s journey. I would like to clarify with you that after reading your very well written reply that I have never been disappointed in you, I over stated my point and after re reading my email hope I did offend you in any way. After reading your email I better understand the fact that you are happy and living your life without any future regrets. I get this… I have said my peace and wish you a safe journey bro. Your reply will help give inner peace to me if any tragedy strikes while you are away. I still will be very worried and will continue to very concerned about you until you are safely back home (USA). I support you but still feel very concerned for you. Please read the warning websites I forwarded to you. These website pages have many tips and helpful guidelines for travelers to such dangerous hot beds of violence towards Americans specially in today’s climate. Thank you for allowing me to vent my feelings and know that even though I might not agree with your life choices filled with risk, know that I Love you and support you in your quest for happiness in your life.

On a different note:

Hope and I married today. Nicholas was the ring bearer and the ceremony was simple but beautiful. I love Hope so much and feel somehow our love deepened towards each other today. What a day! We had to resister our relationship with the great state of Washington today for rather pragmatic purposes es. However, In 2010 we wish to invite you to Maui to attend a more romantic recommit wedding on the beach at sunset with Hope’s boys giving her away and any family and friends who can attend. We to our somewhat unconventional as well… There is know perfect life, only life as it unfolds. Live well, love well brother, PEACE. Now I sound like a hippy too. Love Michael.

P.S. You have my blessing to post our emails on your Velvet Missile.

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