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Tourism in Afghanistan & Pakistan (or The Iranian Odyssey May Have To Wait, But Pakistan, Afghanistan And Dubai Are Still Singing Their Siren Song)…

Well, dear readers, as long as we’re talking about Pakistan and Afghanistan, I’ll update you on my trip status. I have obtained the necessary visa from Pakistan and Afghanistan, but nothing yet from Iran.

Pakistani Visa…


Afghan Visa…


However, even if the Iran visa were to come through tomorrow, I do not trust that there would be enough time for me to receive my passport back before I am scheduled to depart on April 11th. You see, with the Iranian visa, you submit your information and wait for the centralized authorities in Tehran, Iran to approve you for a visa. Once this has been done, the authorities in Iran transmit an authorization number to your nearest Iranian consular office. In my case, that would be the Pakistani embassy in Washington DC as Iran does not maintain a diplomatic presence in the United States. Once the local consular office receives my authorization number, I then mail them my passport so that they may affix a visa to it and return it to me. As you can see, it is somewhat of a complex process…

So, I believe that since I have my passport in hand now, what I am going to do is forget about going to Iran and fly out of Herat, Afghanistan – likely to Dubai where I would like to spend a few days. Now, I am quite disappointed by likely not going to Iran on this trip (and not just because of the Persian women I will not see and meet), but such is life… I will assess the feasibility of bribing the Iranian border guards once I arrive in Herat, but do not view this as a likely course of action.

Meanwhile, I have been marshaling my resources… I have already purchased my airplane ticket to Pakistan on Qatar Airways, but I have not yet purchased a return ticket given the fluidity of my exit plans. Tonight I purchased two extra batteries for my camera, an extra memory card and a power adapter/converter. I also obtained copies of my passport and visas…



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