"Normal" Places We Go

Flaming Car Wreck

Mr. Downing and I were driving back to Atlanta at the conclusion of Day 3 on our adventure and exploration phase when we saw black smoke billowing up in the distance.


Frankly, it was difficult to imagine our day encompassing another element of excitement given what we had already experienced, but hope springs eternal.


Mr. Downing, who was doing an excellent job driving my rental car, ducked into a gap between the fire trucks which allowed me to snap this picture below. One of the firefighters starting yelling at me and the driver of the fire truck behind us blew the air horn on the truck.


However, the most priceless image was one I’m afraid I did not capture as I was so acutely focused on the accident scene. A fat, sweaty Georgia State Trooper that literally fulfilled every visual stereotype of the Southern law enforcement community (right down to the reflective aviator sunglasses and the handlebar mustache) began gesticulating wildly at us. The image of his beer belly swinging around within the confines of his uniform, coupled with the look of shock and confusion on his face – a face glistening with sweat – is one I will not soon forget. I’m sorry I can’t share it with you, my dear readers…

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