And I’m Back…

It’s been a hectic month, dear readers, but it has also been a very productive month. I’ll be in California for a little while before driving out to Toronto in January (which should be an interesting drive).

I’ve got more stuff from India to share with you as well as some new stuff from Romania, Moldova and Transnistria. As well, of course, as the usual miscellaneous stream of content…

Regrettably, no sooner had I departed London (on the 9th) than riots broke out along a route I walked almost every day for years. Why could that not have happened any of the literally hundreds of times I was there? The rioters did not even have the decency to wait until I had set foot in another country. I was still in the air when this took place. Sigh. Fortunately, our favorite correspondent was on the scene with her iPhone and sent these images to us:

Smashed windows at Topshop:

Top Shop smashed windows

Riot police out in force along Oxford Street:

Oxford Street protests

4 thoughts on “And I’m Back…

  1. London does not like the fact that such a great reporter left and went back to his primary citizenship country. That is way London decided to take its revenge. :P

  2. So where’s the latest on Transnistria? Just the other day I was lamenting the lack of the latest on Transnistria, and here I am, disappointed again.

    • My apologies, Mike. I’ll move Transnistria up the priority list as I do certainly hate to disappoint my readers. And you’re right, I can hardly go around acting as if The Velvet Rocket is a viable source for news and information when Transnistria is so woefully underrepresented, can I?

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