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The Modified Volkswagens Of Bcharre, Lebanon

I’m not sure who is responsible, but the mountain town of Bcharre is filled with these severely modified Volkswagen Beetles:


They look like they could take a serious beating… Actually, they look like they already have taken a serious beating. But, they look like they could take another one:


They are an interesting local specialty. I would have enjoyed taking one for a test drive:

modified volkswagen

Talk about taking a vehicle down to the basics!


4 thoughts on “The Modified Volkswagens Of Bcharre, Lebanon

  1. I’m thinking… if these vehicles could be painted red or golden… and we put silver wheel cups on them… along with some nice seat covers… Fancy head lights… A hand painted bonnet… They would in fact start looking nice…
    Had you tried one of these… We might be reading something like “Jason Ames, last pictures few minutes before his fancy foxy jumped off the cliff” :p ;) ha ha

    • You know, that’s a brilliant observation, Naeem. And I like the way you think… Just imagine what the guys at some of the truck yards in Pakistan could do to these Volkswagens! They could turn them into works of art in no time at all.

      A solid suggestion…

  2. Cheap to buy, simple to maintain, can carry a decent load, easy to zip amongst the apple orchards, no rain in the summer so you don’t need to worry about a roof.

    What more could you ask for.

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