Cheap, Wholesome Fun in Target (or gettin’ the hotties home)

So, if you are a complete tightwad with money or just completely broke (or perhaps just bored) allow me to present the following idea, dear reader, with an illustrative personal example:

The other day my roommate and I ventured forth into Target to purchase a gift for a mutual friend of ours. Expected duration of our visit: 10 minutes or so tops…

This plan almost immediately went to shit when we strolled past the sunglasses section and I felt compelled to try on some of the more ridiculous pairs that were offered on display. This consumed a good fifteen minutes and was filled with lots of laughter and joyous exchanges.


Moving on, we then encountered the women’s clothing section where we both simultaneously spotted a pair of camouflage tights. I might as well present my bias right now – I’m a sucker for camo and think there are few situations that cannot be improved by a dose of camo. Cut to us dressing my roommate up like a doll – a doll with the most ridiculous outfit we could put together. This exercise in absurdity ate up at least twenty minutes and was again filled with a great deal of laughter and good times.

Justin Camera 044

I won’t bore you, dear reader, with a blow by blow account of the duration of our visit, but I present the prior two examples as an illustration of the spirit of our visit. Consider, if you will, how this evening we enjoyed might apply to and be carried over to your own life – the many delightful options presented by the camping supplies one could decamp with, furniture to lounge in, sporting goods to sport with, power tools to power up, magazines to read in the media section, video games to game in the electronics section, cards to peruse in the gift card section. Really, I could go on and on… One could spend weeks in Target and with the right attitude and a sense of humor provide endless entertainment to the hottie you’re trying to take home with you. So, there you go guys… Want to impress your hot date without breaking the bank? Take her to Target.

Oh, and, yes, I did take the hottie home with me, but since she’s my roommate I’m not sure that counts…

Ahh, and the gift for the friend? After almost two hours circulating through Target we ended up driving downtown and getting her a gift card at Macy’s.

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