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A Pakistani River Village

Most people don’t associate Pakistan with rivers and lush farmland. However, a large swath of territory around Peshawar is exactly that.

One river village (that I unfortunately don’t know the name of) left a particularly favorable impression on me:

Pakistan river village

It turned out that I was the first Westerner these girls had ever seen:

Pakistan River Village

So, naturally, they were shy… So shy in fact, that they bolted into hiding when they saw me.  And they didn’t start to emerge again until an old woman nearby told them to come out:

Pakistan River Village

Others in town were much less shy:

Pakistan River Village

A view of the town… The river is on the right:

Pakistan River Village

Pakistan River Village

A better view of the river:

Pakistan River Village

Pakistan River Village

Preparing lunch… Naturally, fish is a significant part of everyone’s diet here:

Pakistan River Village


4 thoughts on “A Pakistani River Village

  1. Not many people know about this side of Pakistan… your blog is an excellent tool for talking about “obscure” but “interesting” topics.

  2. Let me take this opportunity to say your blog about Pakistan, specially the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (formerly known as N-W.F.P.), is an excellent travelogue and you have written it well.

    And just to chip in the name of the river village you forgot, it’s called Sir-Daryab, it’s on the confluence of 4 rivers and Charsadda District. It’s famous for it’s Fried Fish restaurants on the banks of the river.

    Thank you

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